Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids to Buy in 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

Buying an electric dirt bike for children under age is a very tough one. Whenever you are going to buy a dirt bike for your kid, you must read the safety guidelines first. Safety is the first priority you should consider.

Our expert here reviews electric dirt bikes on the basis of Engine Power, Maximum Speed, Budget and Age Limit.

Every parent should consider this aspect when buying a dirt bike for their kids, also known as kid’s motorcycles.

When we talk about safety parents should really consider dirt bike engine power, not more than 20 to 30 Km/hr. This is enormous speed for kids under 10 or 12 age.

Must check for the budget when you buying one because these bike prices is not for everyone. Some have high prices while some bike is budget-friendly.

Best Dirt Bikes For Kids

Below is the list of top 10 best dirt bikes to buy online. Strong and weak points of each are discussed in detail. It will help you in selecting one for you.

An Electric Dirt Bike is designed especially for dirt riding. You can use it to ride while keeping the drama safe. It is an important step for kids to learn the bike, as it will help him to proper biking in the future. There are many youth dirt bikes. Each of them has its strong points and weak points.

Editor Choice – Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike

After considering all the necessary factors and features, the best dirt bike for kids has been found to be the Razor MX350. There are many other dirt bikes also listed in the list. But this doesn’t mean you have to check only this one. Every Bike has it’s own features, have a look.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Best Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is founded in 2000. Quickly it became an icon of American culture. It focuses on providing the best riding experience. Their dirt bikes combine cutting-edge technology, new and high-quality materials. These bikes are designed to suit the lifestyle of a rider. The above-mentioned bike is a miniature electric motocross bike.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is a scaled-down dirt bike. Its design carries riders whose weight is up to 68 kg. The bike is meant for dirt and has large 10+ inches pneumatic knobby tires. These are used for maximum power transfer.

The charging system is updated and the bike can travel more than 16 km on a single charge. It is having variable speed so you can decide what is better for your child. The operation of the bike is quiet yet very powerful.

Other features of Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket are classified below:

[wpsm_tabgroup] [wpsm_tab title=”Large Pneumatic Knobby Tires“]Razor MX350 is geared for dirt. For this purpose, it is having 12-inch large tires. This size is useful for maximum transfer of power. Thus you will enjoy your ride in a more powerful way. Since the bike is meant for kids, they will more likely love these big tires.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”High Speed “]Razor MX350 can speed up to 22 km per hour. This is much more than a pedal bike and relatively higher than other rival dirt bikes. With this much speed, your kid will fly with joy and will stand first. Your MX350 will leave other bikes in the dirt and stood first for you in every race.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”High torque, chain driven motor“]The motor attached with Razor MX350 is chain driven. It is a single speed motor with a twist grip throttle control. This is very efficient in making the operation of your bike quiet and powerful at the same time. Once you drive, you will love the chain driven operation of this bike.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Adjustable riser handlebars“]There are many things which you should keep in mind if you want to ensure a safe ride. The grip of the bike is the very important thing to keep in mind. Razor MX350 has soft rubber grips so you will be having a smooth ride. To make it more comfortable, there are adjustable riser handlebars. You can adjust them to reach at any level according to your ease.[/wpsm_tab] [/wpsm_tabgroup]

This bike is recommended for ages 13 and more. This is because it is safe for kids. Claiming to be the safe and high speed at a time, this bike is suitable for moderate usage.

Razor MX650 Best Electric Dirt Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

Razor is a famous company. It has populated homes throughout the US through its high-quality products. Razor aims to provide products that can be used by any age people. Its gallery has things for every person.

Razor MX650 is an advanced level bike, very high-performance and electric driven motorbike. If your kid has basic skills in motor driving, he will love to see the advanced features of this bike.

[wpsm_tabgroup] [wpsm_tab title=”Large Pneumatic Tires“]Razor MX650 is geared for dirt. It has large tires. Front tire is 16 inches while the rear one measures 14 inches. These pneumatic knobby tires ensure that maximum power is transferred. This way kids can enjoy the maximum from this dirt bike.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Authentic dirt bike frame geometry“]Dirt bikes are meant to drive in uneven conditions. These bikes demand a different type of structure. Razor MX650 is equipped with an authentic dirt bike frame geometry. It is equally useful for generating more power that will be used for uphill and off-road conditions. So MX650 is kids best companion for every type of road.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Folding metal foot pegs“]Most bikes had still foot pegs in them. This means that they are fixed at the same position. Razor MX650 has folding metal foot pegs which are useful in many conditions. When you want to use them, just on them. When the user finishes, you can off them and enjoy a pleasant ride. It is an important feature to help maintain your balance.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Twist-grip throttle and hand operated dual disc brakes“]Razor MX650 is meant for advanced level biking. This is the reason it has a variable speed option in it. The rider can decide what is suitable speed. It is a high torque, chain driven motor which ensures a quiet and powerful ride. The twist grip acceleration control makes this dirt bike just like a standard bike. Kids will enjoy more out of it.[/wpsm_tab] [/wpsm_tabgroup]

After using the basic products of Razor, when your kid develops the necessary skills of riding, it is the best option for him now. All the functions are updated and the kids will enjoy more speed and more control of the bike.

Taotao DB17 125cc Cheap Dirt Bike for Kids

Taotao is a US-based company. The important part of the company is that all parts of the bikes are manufactured by the company itself. Therefore, if you want a spear part, you don’t have to search for a reliable piece. The company will itself provide you with the genuine most part. So you can move to the road more quickly.

Taotao DB17 is well known for its cheap price. The price of the bike is less as compared to rival bikes. Taotao is one of the best dirt bikes for 8-year-olds. You should consider this if your kids is 8 years old.

[wpsm_tabgroup] [wpsm_tab title=”Engine power “]Many kids’ dirtbikes feature engine power less than 100cc. Taotao DB17 is the first one to introduce 125cc dirt bike. It is meant for kids who had developed basic skills of bike riding. This way they will enjoy the most joy of it. Through 125 cc engine power, kids will develop skills to drive a full standard bike.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Tires“]Taotao DB17 features long tires, front wheel lengths 17 inches while the rear is 14 inches. Since it is meant for advanced level children, they will enjoy riding on large tires.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Price“]The price of this dirt bike is very less as compared to other rival bikes. This bike is specially meant for those kids who are starting to develop advanced skills. For them, it is an excellent bike. You can buy related gears from the company itself and use the bike in its best way.[/wpsm_tab] [/wpsm_tabgroup]

Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike – Assembled in the USA- MM-B80

Amazon is the largest online seller company in the world. They sell products from many companies. Among all of them, Monster has been rated as the best seller.

Monster Dirt Bikes help you to make your vacation memorable. Its shape is just like the one’s man used in old times. The safety of the child is ensured and riding the bike is very easy.

Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike features an overhead valve engine of 80 ccs. The bike also has an automatic clutch system which will be useful for starters. Kids at an early age can use this bike to develop their basic riding skills.

Assembling the bikes is a very difficult task. However, Monster bike comes pre-assembled. All you need is to attach handlebars, add the gas tank and start your ride.

Powerful engine – Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike has a powerful engine of 80 ccs. It is a four-stroke heavy-duty OHV Gas engine. The clutch is an automatic no-shift centrifugal force. This proves to be a great bike for beginners so they need not worry about the clutch. Beginners can learn and have fun at the same time.

Build to last – The Mini Bike has a powder-coated gusset. It has a reinforced welded tube steel frame. The polypropylene fenders are tough and are no dent. So, the body of the bike is made to last with you for long. You will love to use this Mini dirt Bike for long without damaging the body or other parts.

Super grip tires – Moto Classic features tubeless pneumatic tires and steel rims. It adds to the grip of the tires. You can run the dirt bike without the fear of being fallen from the bike. This bike will ensure that you get the maximum from your bike. It comes with three different color themes, so you will select the one which you like the most.

If you wish that your bike lasts for long without denting, then you should buy it. The body of the bike is made to last longer and you will find a true road companion through it.

Pulse Performance Products Em-1000 E-Motorcycle

Pulse performance products are high-quality products that are suitable for kids of all ages and all skill levels. These are perfect for kids who are having a start in their biking career.

For beginner level, these are perfect bikes. Em-1000 is an electric bike that will allow you to ride break freely. You need not worry about applying breaks on the pavement because this bike is specially designed for off-road riding.

You are going to enjoy your rides with a top speed of up to 16 km. This is neither too little nor too much, rather a perfect speed for your child for his first ride on a dirt bike.

Durable 100-watt motor – Em-1000 is equipped with a reliable chain drive having a 100-watt motor. To get an instant response from the motor, there is a variable speed throttle. The motor is very durable and is safe to use for so long.

Comfortable seat – To add riding comfort for the rider, there is a padded seat in Em-1000. A full steel frame and fork combined make the bike extra rugged. This way you can use your bike on the most uneven surfaces.

Age and weight limit – This bike is very simple to use and is good for kids of age 8 years and above. Kids will love to ride this dirt bike until the time they are ready to ride a standard bike. The weight limit for this bike is 54 kg so it is strongly recommended to don’t use for adults. For small children, this bike is like a paradise.

Rugged knobby tires – Dirtbike is meant for the road surfaces. These are uneven and have certain problems to cause a puncture to your bike tire. Em-1000, however, features puncture-proof tires. The front tire is of 10 inches knobby and ensures you had a stable ride throughout the time. On and off-pavement add to the safety and you get safe and tension free ride throughout the time through this bike.

This bike is specially designed for starters and kids of a very small age. The stability features and comfort riding level are kept high so kids of small age will get benefited.

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

By using updated technology and quality materials, Razor is keen to provide the best riding experience to its users. SX500 features an authentic MX frame geometry. Through faithful reproduction of the big bike, Razor offers you the best product for your kid. It has many great features to make your dirt ride rock.

SX500 features motorcycle spec tires that too with both front and rear specified thread. Disc brakes and dual suspension adds to the parts of this bike.

Jeremy McGrath – Jeremy was the most popular of the motocross champion in the history of America. He won many titles and was known as the “King of Supercross”. Kids of that age idealize him when they want to ride. People still idealize him and his used dirt bike worth a lot.

The design of SX 500 is made after the inspiration from his legendary bike. Every part of the design is kept after clearly matching the giant one. This way SX 500 is soon going to rock the race as its giant model did in the 1990’s.

Battery usage and Speed – No matter how well you are at riding but problems do occur. One of the most common issues with the electric bike is that the battery ends soon. You can’t enjoy the ride with small battery power. This is the reason the battery with SX 500 is very powerful. You can have continuous 40 minutes of the ride.

Speed is kept higher than other rival bikes. While others are giving you speed around 16 to 20 km per hour, SX 500 is providing high speed of about 24 km. This way kid can enjoy dirt ride more quickly and in a joyful method.

Age and Weight limit – The dirt bike is suitable for the age of kids 14 years and older. Since the features of the bike are advanced, so it is not suitable for kids age under 14. When a kid riding this bike, make sure to had complete safety measures.

Dirt bikes for kids’ normally had a weight limit of around 50 to 60 kgs. However, SX 500 gives you a weight limit of 80 kg. Since the bike is meant for kids of older age, this weight limit will be sufficient for most of them. Kids can enjoy the ride without the fear of falling.

Frame Geometry – The frame of the bike is designed to keep the rule of mechanics in mind. The geometry is designed to provide maximum support for dirt riding. The frame is hard, looks good when seen and your kid will love it when using the bike or ride it.

Kids will love it when they know that the bike they are using was once used by a motocross legend. Advanced features make it a perfect choice for advanced level riders.

Say Yeah Dirt Bike for Kids – For Boys and Girls

Say Yeah aims to provide extensive mobility products. The bike should be for all ages and of all types. Their small dirt bikes are designed to be environmentally friendly and at the same time convenient. The price of this electric bike is kept low so a common man can buy them with ease.

Say Yeah give value to customers through high reputed customer service. They design a Junior Electric Bike to be used by kids. This bike is equally suitable for boys as well as girls. With its limit speed, young kids will love to ride the bike at min speeds.

To generate more and more power, the bike uses a removable and rechargeable li-ion battery to adds more power to riding the bike. There are other essential features that your Junior will love.

Parental control – Kids’ love fast speed and parents are always worried about they may harm themselve and the bike. To remove the concern of parents regarding speed, say yeah added a speed control in its dirt Bikes.

Parents can decide whether to allow their child for a high 20 km speed or just limit them to a low speed of 10 km. You can limit them to 6 km until the time they learn to manage the bike. So your child can run the bike safely. After that, you can remove the control, to give them the fun of the fast 20 km speed.

Protection for the kid – The bike has adjustable handlebars which you can adjust to keep it at the height of your kid. When a handle is too low, your kid might hit his or her knees on it. This is the reason, you had to take proper care of the height of handlebars. The padded seat will add to the long-lasting comfort and gives protection to your kid, with full protection.

Fully electric Kids Bike – This is a fully electric bike for your kids. No need to paddle the bike because it is designed in a way to give max fun to the child. The top speed of the bike is 16 miles per hour. The powerful lithium-ion battery makes you tension free from charging every time.

With a single charge, you can ride the bike for around 10 miles. The charging time of the bike is just around 4 to 6 hours. This way you can quickly go off the road again after charging the bike. These features make the E-bike, an excellent riding vehicle for your junior child.

Say Yeah aims to provide a new innovation in the E-bike industry. With parental control and protection to the child, it is probably the safest bike of all.

Razor MX400 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike

To provide the best quality riding bikes is the goal of Razor. It has populated the homes in the US through its high-quality products. Razor MX400 is a Dirt Electric Bike that is known for its rocket speed. It has certain features to distinguish it from all other bikes.

High Speed – Razor MX400 leads the E-Dirt bike industry through its high speed of around 22 km per hour. So kids can enjoy the thrill of speed. The bike is named dirt rocket because when kid rides it they will have rocket feeling of speed. This much speed is not suitable for kids who are starters. Kids must first learn basic riding skills and then have the thrill of speed through this Rocket E-bike.

Large tires – Razor MX 400 features large 12 inches pneumatic knobby tires. Larger tires mean large power transfers and kids can enjoy the best from the bike.

Single speed – It is a single speed bike that can carry riders of up to 63 kg weight. The bike is meant for advanced level bikers who had developed basic skills of riding. Single speed bike is a simple solution for your control of the bike.

This way you do not have to worry about adjusting the speed of the bike all the time. 63 kg weight limit is there so kids of all ages and weight can have fun through it. The chain driven motor ensures you had a powerful operation throughout your drive.

Razor produces a wide range of electric products and you can easily decide between them. If your kid has problems with this bike, it is time to upgrade him to another product of the same series. Speed is a thing which is claimed by razor MX 400. If you want high-speed, thrill drive is ensured by MX 400.

Razor MX500 Motocross Bike – Best Dirt Bike For Kids in 2020

Razor Company desires to fill every home with its products. This is the reason, they provide a wide range of products. Razor covers every age of people and all the units of the society of all levels.

MX 500 Dirt Rocket is an update for MX 400 and the features are quite advanced than its previous one.

Powerful Electric motor – MX 500 is a scaled-down electric motocross bike. This means it is a small version of the original bike used by professional racers. It is equipped with a 500-watt motor. The motor is intended to provide very high power to help kid feel the dirt of riding. It will generate enough power to make kids ride while having high speed. The geometry of the bike is kept as same to support high-speed following all the rules of mechanics.

High speed – The speed of the bike matters a lot. Every single kilometer increase in the speed adds to the thrill of the ride. MX 500 promises to be the upgrade from its previous versions, therefore, it has a speed limit higher than others. It drives with a rocket high speed of about 24-kilometers per hour. The speed and thrill are promised by MX 500 and you will get, what they claimed.

Recommended Age – The bike is meant for advanced level bikers, so they will enjoy the thrill provided by razor products. This is the reason, the recommended age for MX 500 is 14 and above. In this age, a kid had developed mental strength and physical abilities to handle high speed.

Give it your kid if you trust him that he can handle it. The high speed is a thrill but at the same time, it is very dangerous. The weight limit is higher because it is meant for kids of higher age. The bike can accommodate around 80 kg weight on it.

Easy to assemble – Assembling the bike is very easy just a few steps to follow which are provided in the manual guide. This way your time will be saved because you don’t have to spend a whole day in joining the parts of the bike. The weight of the bike is much more than a kid can control, so every time an adult needs to assist him to come off the road.

MX 500 is the upgrade version of its series. When your kid is old enough and has developed skills for riding a faster bike, you should switch to MX 500 to provide him the thrill of speed. It is a step towards proper dirt riding.

DR-X Holeshot Kid Bike

DR-X aims to make mini dirt bikes for kids with automatic transmission no need for kids to change gear. Changing gear for kids is a bit difficult task, kids need to draw attention to riding a bike safely. Holshot bike has rear suspension that provides a comfortable ride while racing through the dirt. Safety for kids is a must, that’s why come for front and back disc which helps kids to break whenever they wish.

This dirk bike is going to be a perfect solution for the traffic in the city. Many times you waste time searching through maps for a less congested place so you will reach your destination in less time. After reaching the destination the other problem is the parking of your vehicle. In huge cities, there is always a problem of where to park your vehicle.

However, DX-R bikes aim to solve all these problems for you. You won’t have to worry about anything because it will reach you to your destination in record time. Plus the simple design of this bike enables you to park it anywhere you desire. Parking the bike was never much easier.

Not like an ordinary kid bike, this bike gives you full control of the road. It gives you an exciting speed of around 40-kilometers when on top. It is the core reason, you will get rid of traffic tickets. To drive the bike, you require no license. Registration of the vehicle is also not required in most of the US states.

You just need to fuel your bike and ride on it anywhere you desire. It has built-in shock absorbers and two heavy-duty disc brakes. Through them, you can have greater comfort and can react to difficult situations more quickly.

This bike arrives pre-assembled and you do not have to worry about how to attach different parts. Saves time and effort. You just need to fuel the tank and take a ride on the road. Multi-functional display and handlebars are there. They ensure a safe ride throughout the town while being fun at the same time.

The bike is completely suitable for domestic use. You can take it just like a standard bike and can go anywhere on it. Going to the school, buying groceries from the store or anything is now easy. It rids you from heavy traffic and you get a pleasant ride in town.

Safety Tips For Kids To Ride Dirt Bike

Kids are not mature. They do not know what is good and what is bad. It is the responsibility of adults to clearly guide them on which steps need to be followed to ensure safe riding. Proper checking of his routine ride is the top of the list safety measure. An adult should ensure the safety points given below.

These are to ensure your kid won’t injure:

Choosing the right bike – You should select a bike that is just perfect for your kid. He should sit on it properly and his hands should reach the handlebars. The most important feature is that his legs should touch the ground.

Many parents suggest that a bike should be large enough so the kid will “grow with it”. This is very wrong thinking and it might be dangerous for the kid. If his feet will reach the ground, he can save himself from falling on the ground.

Wear a properly fitted helmet – You need to buy a helmet that fits properly on the head. It should sit on top of the head when in a level position. A proper helmet ensures your kid won’t have a serious injury. By wearing it, he will develop skills towards a law-abiding citizen.

Tune the bike often – Since it is a kid’s bike and he or she can’t respond to emergency situations, you need to properly check his bike. Check for whether or not the brakes are working properly. The position of tires is balanced or not, and other things to need to be checked properly by a mechanic. Hence, proper tuning of the bike is necessary.

Never ride in dark – At dusk or after dark, riding the bike is dangerous for kids. Night driving requires special skills that most kids do not possess. It requires special attention and fluency to electric parts of the bike. A kid, no matter how much develops, cannot manage the bike in dark. Therefore, riding after dark should be avoided.

Keep your ears clear – Don’t wear headphones or listen to any other sound at the time of riding bike. Since kids bike has slow speed, so he needs to be careful about the ongoing traffic. If a kid is listening to music, he might neglect the horn of a big vehicle and this can be fatal for him.

Follow the rules – This one is the most important of all the rules. Following road rules will not only keep him safe but also develop a sense of a responsible citizen. If he starts following traffic rules at a young age, he might end up as a responsible driver in older age. Aware him of the road rules and ensure he follows them all.

Unboxing And Assembling Dirt Bike

Here is the tutorial video of Razor Mx650 Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike as an a example.

Instructions For Riding Electric Dirt Bike

Riding an electric bike can be a dangerous activity. Even if you follow all the safety rules, you can still get injured. Below are some instructions that need to be followed when riding a dirt bike:

  1. Ride at your own risk and always use common sense each time you ride.
  2. Always use proper safety equipment like the helmet and other things.
  3. You must not exceed the weight limit of the bike.
  4. Obey traffic rules and see for your kids to do the same.
  5. Keep both hands on the handlebars to ensure balance.
  6. Do not ride in dangerous places like pipes, near swimming pools, etc.
  7. Avoid riding your bike on hills and over speeding the same. You may end up clashing with some unexpected objects.
  8. Do not ride in wet weather conditions like rain or snow.
  9. Keep your bike safe from water.
  10. Avoid sharp turns and other obstacles that may seem dangerous.

These were some of the safety instructions. You can search for others too. If you follow all the instructions, your ride will be a safe one. Otherwise, you can injure yourself.

Buying Guide For Electric Dirk Bike

When you want to select a dirt bike for your kid, you need to keep the following points in consideration. When you are reading the above reviews, you should keep in mind the buying guide. Do a comparison of these points with the bike which you think is right for your kid.

Given are the points necessary to keep in mind when buying an Electric dirt bike for your kid. It is ensured that you will be happy with your choice.

Things to note are:

  • Tires size
  • Engine power
  • Max speed
  • Weight limit
  • Budget
  • Age limit

Tires Size

Tires size is a factor normally influencing the height of the bike and its power. Normally large tires mean a high power transfer. If your kid can control more power, then you should opt for the large-sized tire. In other conditions, the small tire is preferable.

Engine power

Engine power is something must look at. Having an idea about engine needs greatly helps in deciding which bike you need. Higher engine power is needed if your use from the dirt bike is extreme. If you want to normally ride it, or just for learning purposes, then you must choose a medium power engine.

Max speed

Max speed is something you had to care a lot. If your child possesses beginner level skills of the bike and knows how to control the same, then you should opt for more speed. It will help him learn more and more. However, if he is a beginner, you should begin with 10 to 15 km per hour to ensure a safe ride.

Weight limit

The weight limit of the bike is an essential thing to keep in mind. You must had a clear idea of the weight of your kid and how much accessories he or she will be carrying at the time of the ride. The combined weight should not exceed the weight limit of the bike. The engine cannot perform efficiently when you exceed the weight limit. In some cases, the bike may occur some physical damage too.


You should keep in mind your budget. The amount that is available to you. Shortlisting 3-5 bikes is always a clever way rather than selecting a one. This way you will have the freedom of buying what suits your needs and at the same time fulfills your budget problems.

Age limit

Age limit is the estimated age, younger than that age kid should not use the same bike. It is an estimate of a normal kid of whether he or she can control the features of the bike or not. A younger child might not control the bike properly.

Wrapping It Up!

Selecting the manual functions also fall into this category. You must decide which features are those which your child can control now. Moving slowly towards manual is the best practice.

This was the buying guide for Electric dirt bikes. After reading all the reviews, you must have developed an idea about this industry. The buying guide will further solve issues for you and help you decide the one for you.

Remember a kid learns a lot in small age. Make your habit to monitor him and train him to obey all traffic rules. In this way, he will develop a sense of responsibility in him.

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