Best Gaming Headsets in Affordable Price 2019

A best gaming headset delivers an awesome sound to get you into gaming mode.

If you are a serious gamer you would agree with me if i say “without a rich gaming sound effect a gamer won’t play any game“. Basically sound is a major factor when you playing games on your Xbox, PC or PlayStation without sound no one play game.

When  it come to hardcore game players they really need to hear every single sound effect, then there come gaming headphones which can deliver rich quality sound effects to your ears. The category of gaming headphones emerges in past few years and now tech giant companies are offering some of the best dedicated headphones for game lovers.

The best gaming headphone will give you biggest advantages in some of the competitive games like Counter Strike, GTA V, Fotnite, PUBG etc, where in these game surrounding and detail sound play a vital role. Although gaming control and visual (Gaming Monitors) are the skeletons of gameplay, high quality sound complete the gaming experience.

In a hurry….

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Have a look at the detail guide on why owning a good gaming headset is necessary, also checkout some headsets we reviewed for you to make your gaming even more fun.

You may still thinking, what gaming headphone should i buy? Why I need gaming headphone? What are the benefit of gaming headphone? Well don’t look more we reviews one of the best gaming headsets in 2019 for game players and also for normal users.

Best Gaming Headsets in 2019

Once you pick any gaming headset from list below you will get maximum performance advanced visual and sound features.

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There are more options, you can go for the competitive gaming headset for FPS (first person shooters) like CS: GO and Team Fortress.

All these headphones are not for everyone some of them might high in price while some don’t meet your requirements, so pick one which best for you.

Logitech G533

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Logitech items are conveyed in more than 100 nations worldwide through retail channels or using over vital organizations with top-level PC makers. Logitech has deals workplaces in significant urban areas in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

LOGITECH is an excellent company to launch fabulous headsets.  Its G533 DTS is a stupendous headset with a sound field of 360-degree this rare quality that can hardly be found in any other headset. Its full blast audio makes it superior to other headsets. It is an affordable headset with maximum suitability. Its Dolby technology made it top most headset.

You need a USB port and PS4 in stereo mode to get advantage from this headset. Works better on Windows 7 and onward. Its driver is of 40mm with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. Its impedance is 32 ohms, and sensitivity is 90Db SPL/mW and microphone pickup pattern is cardioid.

Its type is pressure gradient electric condenser with a frequency of 50-20 kHz, test conditions are 3.0, 2.2K Ohm. Comes with a 3 year hardware warranty. No other company offer such warranty and serve its clients, but Logitech does this.

Dolby and DTS modes will get you hear everything. You will be able to clearly hear the lowest game sound as well as a loud sound. It has rotating ear cups at a 90-degree angle. When you need a break, you can rest it around your neck. It’s light weight will not make you feel any pain around your neck or on your ears. To play your game attentively, you need a lightweight headset and logitech g533 is the best option for you.

It has many advantages over other headsets. With this headset, you will hear everything in detail as the game developer wants you to understand. It has a boom microscope that has various advantages one of which is noise cancellation. Its earcups are made of soft, washable cloth. You can wash it multiple times as per your need. With the help of its 40mm driver, you can quickly and clearly listen to the multi-channel sound.

The most important feature is that it has a rotatable mic. You can adjust it to the position where you will be able to listen X 7.1 surround sound. Available in pretty black and attractive blue color that add charms to it. The  performance of this headest is breathtaking. Its mic makes you indulge in the game and you won’t lose it and will make you feel pleasure like never before.

Conclusion – Everyone wants to have a headset superior to others, and this headset is the best example of it. You will never find its match. People who use it one time, wish to have for a lifetime. Every game lover knows that playing games are enjoyment for them and you can say this headset a key to happiness.


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SADES is a masterful production that has a practice of almost 20 years. It is a powerful technical strength which is magnificent in the spiral of gaming. They have spent their whole life to give sky-high quality and polished accessories.

SADES sa902 is an excellent production of this company. Its diameter is 40mm, which is loudhailer diameter with a sensitivity of 11.2dB +/-3 dB at 1kHz. Its highest input power is 30mw. Sound effect, which is vital in it is 7.1 simulated with a frequency span of 20~20,000 Hz. Its Impedance is 32 Ohm +/-15% mic dimensions are 6.0*5.0mm, and Mic frequency is 50-10khz with Mic sensitivity of -38 dB+/-3db. Its input plug is USB and cable length is 2.2m.

It is omni directional. Its mic is convertible so that you will not be disturbed by environmental noise and will listen clearly. You can move it up and down according to your need. It’s perfect sound effect made it one of the best headsets.

Due to its leather foam, you can use it for hours without feeling any pain in ears. It will keep your ears pleasant, and you will enjoy it by efficiently focusing on your game. You will not have any irritation. It’s excellent decoding chip, and sound effects with LED light give you an immense pleasure, and you will soon get addicted to it and in future, you will feel yourself incomplete without it while playing games on PC or ps4. It will let you hear which you are unable to see.

Its salient features are that it generates clear volume and is vigorous and sturdy. Available in two most lovely colors red and black. Its utmost smooth, relaxed and protein lathered ear cushions guarantee you to feel comfortable for hours. The spotlight is designed on its ear cups that has increased its charms.

This headset will stop the outermost sound, and you will only hear your gaming music. It is well-suited with vista, windows XP and windows 10. All game lovers must have this headset. Buy it now so that you will not be disappointed in future that you lost a worthy thing. This appreciable headset has mic resolution volume control in it that has no other match.

Conclusion – SADES brand is an excellent company to launch this unique headset. If you are searching for top most advised headset to use during playing games, then SADES wired PC gaming headset is best that requires no drivers and have red and black LED lights. Once you have this, you will admire the quality of this product throughout your life.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

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A game cannot be enjoyed without its music and to play music on speakers, can not give you pleasure. Every game lover wants to have a headset through which he enjoy the game properly. An amplified stereo gaming headset in attractive black color by Turtle Beach launched this good headset.

They first launched X11, and after its success they made am improved version, X12. Turtle beach x12 has an in-line amplifier. Its speakers are great that has a frequency response of 20hz-20khz. Microphone frequency response is 50Hz-15 kHz. Cable length is 16ft (4.87m) and weight is 6.4oz (233g). It requires no batteries because it is USB powered.

Its height is 5 inch (1.27cm), width 2 inch (5.08cm) and depth is 75 inch (1.905cm). Its headphone amplifier is Stereo DC-coupled and speakers are of 50mm. Bass boost of this headphone is variable up to +12dB@150hz and mic is a mute switch.

This headset produces crystal clear sound and a matchless quality. It’s in-line amplifier gives you Independent chat volume control. Due to its 50mm speakers, its sound quality is of professional grade. Some sounds are missed on TV speakers, you can hear them on this headset.

This gaming headset ensures you to listen to high quality sound.  If you are serious gamer then you should be serious about sound. You will be relaxed while wearing this headset because it will cut out external noise and you won’t have any anxiety. Because playing games with external noise can cause a headache. So to prevent it and enjoy everything you should have a headset of high quality. You can play extended games with a great comfort and you will experience a superior audio.

The best thing is this headset requires no batteries and has microphone monitor with a variable bass boost that will make you feel a real sound and you will completely indulge into it and will forget the surrounding world. It is compatible with Xbox 360 and PC.

It looks more beautiful with a turtle beach logo. Its ear cups are soft enough that will make you feel comfortable with it. It has a flexible mic that cannot be detached. it’s tough to find a headset that you can wear for many hours and will still make you feel comfortable, this headset ensures comfortablility. You can fit its ear cups according to your need they can move slightly at any angle.

Conclusion – Ear Force X12 is an excellent gaming headset you will never find a match of it. Once you have it, then you will dream to have it till last. It is vigorous and sturdy you can use it for years. Every real gamer should have this.

Hyper-X Cloud Stringer

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Hyper-x cloud headphones are very light weight and have ear cups with the ability to rotate at 90-degree. These headphone shows a very excellent compatibility with different devices. They have all the functions that are required by any gamers.

Adjustment of different things at one place in a stylish way is the most important aspect of any product. This product is one of them and has an amazing appearance. These headphones have soft pad covered the ear cups, and this feature make them more comfortable than any other product. They are very much light weight, and we can comfortably wear them for hours without any discomfort.

These headphones have 18 Hz to 23,000 Hz frequency response. Its audio type is stereo as mentioned in its name. Its frame is made up of Steel Slider, and its ear cups have memory foam ear cushions covering. The cable that is used for extension is dual and 3.5m in length. Swivel is the type of its microphones, and have noise cancellation mic.

Many professional gamers use Hyper-x headphones because of it’s compatibility. Compatible with Xbox, PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Its extension cable consists of dual 3.5mm stereo and plugs on the mic. It has 50mm drivers parallel to each ear to place sound directly to the ear without any disturbance for gaming-grade sound quality.

These headphones consist of 90-degree rotating ear cups. You can put out one ear cup when you want to bring off the headphones, but with this, it enables you to listen to both surroundings as well as the game sounds. Professional gamers play for hours, and they need a kind of comfortable headphones that does not disturb them while they are playing, so these hyper-x cloud are best for gamers.

Conclusion – The Hyper-X cloud gaming headset is very much beneficial for the professional gamers, and they prefer such kind of headphones which work best for their gaming purpose. These headsets have vast no. of features which enable its users to work more efficiently than using other products. Headphones should be long lasting for working and contain original accessories work best, and they have all these features in them preferable for best gaming results.

Logitech G230

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Graphics are important in games, but it makes a part of it. The gaming sound makes Another part. Clear graphics with clear sound is necessary to enjoy the games completely. A burden on ears while playing games cannot make you feel good and you will be irritated. A bulky headset will cause this irritation.

A lightweight headset with high quality is hard to find, but then  Logitech company made its most beautiful headphones. A stereo gaming headset that gives you all the feature which every gamer dreamed of.

Logitech G230 has durable earpads that are exorbitantly soft and smooth.  It has powerful 40mm neodymium drivers that are important in producing clear sound with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. Its impedance is 32 ohms and sensitivity is 92dB SPL/mW.  The pickup pattern of microphone is unidirectional of pressure gradient electric condenser. Frequency of microphone is 50-20kHz with a sensitivity of -40dB/Pa re: 0dB = 1 Pa, 1KHz. It has some system requirements like Windows 7 and above or microphone inputs or Linux operating system.

It has a stereo sound system that helps you in listening clear sound.  It has incredibly soft earpads made of cloth. The lay-flat earcups can move at the angle of 90 degrees. Logitech made these revolving ear-cups for the comfort of people. Because anyone uses these headset for hours without having any pain.

Its most important feature is that it has a rotating mic for noise cancellation. There is no use of a headset if it does not have a noise cancellation mic. With background noise, you cannot focus on the game and you lose your focus. It has volume control on its cable so you can easily control it without any disturbance and can adjust it quickly.

This headphone sound stage is detailed.  Its swivel earcups are very useful because you can change them when you wear it and when not it will get flat to protect your earcups. Its build quality is excellent with affordable price. Your comfort level will be high with this headset.

Its cloth earpads can be washed that is a very significant feature in it.  It is the most demanded and recommended headset due to its washable quality and soft earcups. Its earcups will cover your whole ear and will not press down on your ears.

Conclusion – A great headset of a great company is available to make your life comfortable and to assist you in fulfilling your dreams. Only gammers know it’s worth that what a soft and lightweight headset is for them. Every game lover should have this to make his mind fresh and to entertain himself.

Logitech G430 Review Headphones

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Logitech G430 DTS headphones are most advanced and modern type of headphones. They are designed according to the technology and requirements of the users. Logitech G430 have various type of functions in them and allow their users to work in a peaceful environment. Several functional instruments are also designed to make these headphones more useful and attractive.

The mic in these headphones is very much advance for its users as they perform many useful functions such as mic can be folded easily for the comfort. Its primary ability is voice canceling in the background. Rotation is up and down and also you can adjust it according to your need. You can quickly pick up any call and listen to the voice of caller clearly without the disturbance of background noise. Canceling the background noise is the feature that introduced in these headphones for the first time, and this feature makes them more unique.

These headphones are the most stylish headphones you ever see. They are very light-weight and attractive in its appearance, available in several colors in the market. It has soft cloth for the support of ears in ear cups with 90-degree swivel for the comfort of its users. The foam padding makes it more comfortable to wear for a long time without any irritation or discomfort. DTS headphones have a 360-degree sound field from which it will make you able to listen to the things which you can’t see.

These headphones have On-cable sound control system from which you can minimize or maximize the volume. The button to mute the volume present near the hand to perform volume adjustment quickly. It can deal with almost all the advanced windows in the computers such as Windows 7, 8, 10 and PS4. These headphones are also good for the bass sounds, you have to tweak the settings before listening for complete enjoyment.

It is a kind of headphones which also performs the gaming functions for cinematic sounds in games. They give you full bass sound in games, and you will hear voices from different directions. There are different and new sounds launching day by day in games to make them as real as they can, and these headphones are fulfilling all the requirements for such sounds. Gaming performance should be sound in a headphone, but in G430 this performance is incredible. It makes you feel that you are not playing the game, you are performing the action on your own.

Conclusion – Logitech G430 DTS headphones are competing for almost all the headphones in the market these days. These headphones have all the features which are required by its users. Its attractive appearance and outstanding performance increase its demand in the market. We conclude that G430 headphones are best one till now because its many new features make it unbeatable and competitive.

Sennheiser GAME ONE

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Sennheiser is honored to launch its most useful and demanded headset. This headset is available in dark red and shiny black color with a unique look. A headset with various qualities is now on the list of top recommended headphones.

A USB headset which makes it superior over other headsets, USB cable is 9.8 feet and has inline volume control. The most worthwhile feature is that it has a retractable microphone which is very helpful. It has both left and right drivers of 40mm. Its length is 10″ width is 9″ height is 4.1″ and dimensions are 250×230 x 105mm, microphone is of 6.0 x 5.0mm. Compatible with windows 7,8,8.1 and windows vista and 10. Its cable is red in color, and its length is three meters. It is from elite series and has a warranty of one year, with 350g weight. Its impedance is 32 ohms and speakers have a frequency response of 15~25kHz and output power is 200mW.

This headset has red lights that looks amazing. Its headband is made of leather that is incredibly soft and comfortable. A USB cable helps to cancel noise. A headset cannot be useful without this feature because as long as you will hear the external noise, the more you will get annoyed.  This USB connector helps to produce a clear and vibrant sound that will attract every real game lover.

To win a game attention is critical and this headset with its excellent sound will make you attentive by giving you a sense of relaxation. It is light weight and will make you feel good to that extent that you will feel like you have nothing on your ears but only a pleasant sound of games.

A real gamer’s life is nothing without a hight quality sound effect and this headset provide you an excellent and clear sound. It is an affordable headset. Players want to have a stupendous headset in low price but not every company avail this offer, but the sennheiser is providing you this facility. You can easily use this headset for 5 to 6 hours. It will keep on giving you relaxation even after this much time.

Elite Series recommend this headset to use for gaming on PC. A clear sound is necessary because it will motivate you to win the game.

Conclusion – A real gamer who never wants to leave his enjoyment, should have this headset. Its sound will develop your more interest in gaming with a deep and real sound. You will pray for this company to remain for a longer time when you use a breathtaking headset.

Razer Kraken

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Razer Karaken headset specially introduced for the best gaming performance. These have several and different functions in it, designed for the fantastic gaming results. It shows many features to fulfill the requirements of its users. Its volume control system, bass system and other systems such as mic system have different and unbeatable latest features that attract users more.

Razer Kraken Analog headset has an aluminum frame and is very light in weight. Its body is flexible to more and durable. It has several colors and buyer firstly attract towards anything from its appearance. It contains cushions in ear cup for maximum comfort and for long time usage. Its ear cushions have full sound isolation due to its covers, and its cushions are changeable with two choices of oval or circular shape cushions. They also have the ability to twist quickly, and by pulling them, you can switch out the headphones.

Its mic has new functions to control the volume through extension cable by which you can fully concentrate on your game. As its name suggest that these headphones are specially introduced for the gaming performance that’s why they show all the functions required for playing a game. When you connect it with desktop PCs or computer/laptop, then they show separate audio output and headphone input.

Microphones are unidirectional, and its purpose is to make you feel free and comfortable. This quality of one-direction function is necessary for playing the game because during the game you should feel relaxed so that you can focus on your game and if the microphones are not comfortable then you will waste most of your time in adjusting them. Another purpose for its one-direction system is clear communication. They are flexible, and you can adjust them according to the position of your mouth.

Style – These headphones are best to meet the requirements of the modern games in the new generation. Because they providing all the features that are required by a professional player. Its stylish body not only attracts users because of its appearance but also a large no. of outstanding functions it performs. It is made of Bauxite aluminum, and its improved headband is very much flexible so you can easily use headphones for a long time.

Conclusion – As we read before all its features and amazing functions, so these headphones are best for a gamer that play games professionally. They are made by keeping in view new technology and requirements of the users. They will surely consider as the best gaming headphones.


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These headphones have the ability to wear prolong without any discomfort and irritation. The HS50 technology present in it enables the user to control the volume quickly according to their need. These headphones also have high bass sound quality in it that immerse the user deep in the game and user can concentrate on the game more than surroundings.

Anything can attract peoples with its appearance. The body shape of these headphones is amazing and unique in style and comfort. The required functions of professional gamers all are present in one product.Many features introduced in this product after testing them by gamers and the manufacturer added many new features to complete the desires of its users.

These headphones have compatibility with PCs, Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Mac. Headphones are mostly used by the gamers on PCs so it must be compatible with PC and current Windows. When they are connected to PCs, they show separate audio output volume option to control the volume in PC. Bass system in these headphones enables the user to focus on the game entirely. No matter how long you will wear the headphones its primary purpose is to make you feel free while you are wearing it.

It contains 20Hz- 20 kHz frequency response. They have 10mW speaker input power and 30mW speaker maximum power. These headphones are lighter in weight and weigh about 12.2 ounces only. The cord attached to these headphones have a length of 2m approximately.

Corsair Hs50 headsets have an adjustable and twisting microphone. They can be rotated easily according to the position of your mouth or the need of the user. Microphone have a high bass quality that also enables its user to be immense in the game deeply. Microphones can be worn out easily by pulling them up. They can be easily fixed on the ear, and you can wear them for a long time without any discomfort.

Conclusion – These headphones are fulfilling the requirements of its users completely as they have all the features required by the users. Mostly professional gamers use these headphones and this headphone firstly tested by them, and then some other functions also added to maintain all the desires of buyers. Attractive body shape, twisting microphones, adjustable ear cups and high sound quality, all these features make this product comfortable in use and beautiful in appearance.

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Sound

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Name of the headset shows that the headphones are covered with Chroma light and have an outstanding sound system in it. It also includes the sound from surroundings and causes the listeners to be aware of surroundings. These headphones usually used for gaming purposes for professional gaming. Razer Kraken chroma headset have an excellent compatibility with PCs and other devices. They also show various new functions according to technology and fashion.

Chroma lightening present on ear cup. These headphones offer both color and personalized surround sound. The 7.1 virtual surround sound engine found in these headphones make you feel that you are not playing, but you are doing actions on your own. Audio source to stimulate 360-degree surround sound experience, and it is only possible when there is more than one positional driver present in each ear cup of the headphone.

Everything attracts people from its appearance first and then its functions. These headphones have a large variety of colors in it. Whether you choose dark or light colors, they give you the freedom to choose. These headphones are performing their best functions. Razer Kraken headphones are unique in their style and performance.

Razor Kraken were tested by many professional users of headphones and gamers to enhance its support and gaming abilities. These headphones have a twisting quality that makes you feel comfortable to wear out or to carry the headphone. They are covered with plush leather pads that are meant to comfort users. No matter how long you wear these headsets, you will be convenient and comfortable with them.

These headphones contain digital microphone on its left ear cup, and you can pull it out when you need it. Microphones have a mute button for the time of need and also easily moveable according to the position of yours just to make you comfortable. These headsets have an ability to twist and pull in or out when you want quickly.

These headphones are capable of showing the frequency between 20-20,000 Hz, and its microphone have the frequency limit between 100-12,000 Hz. Its hardware has the inner cup diameter about 50mm, and it’s cable length almost 2m. It contains the connector that is known as Gold-plated USB.  The Chroma lightening has a vast no. of colors nearly about 16.8 million customizable color options. Its specifications are amazing, that’s why it is performing the best.

Conclusion – These headphones showing all the functions required by the users and its digital microphones, Chroma lightening, and its other new features make them unique in the market. The functioning power and the twisting body of theses headphones increase their demand in the market. These headphones introduced by keeping in view the technology and generation needs. Also by testing the instrument by its users to add more functions in it for the comfort of its users.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Revolver

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Hyper X Cloud has a wider audio range to create depth and width for the best audio precision. Its re-engineered audio profile creates a larger sound that is concert a half like experience while listening the music. In the market with latest technology and is reliable for you PC and console gaming. It has also a wider audio range to listen the more. You can get the competitive edge by listening your opponent location more accurately when they are further away. Various new and most followed functions are being introduced in this headphone to give more ease and convenient to the users.

Cloud series has one of the most comfortable and most valuable audio quality with its popularity. By identifying your needs and demands Kingston and its HyperX are trying to show more new brands and qualities in the market.

Features of HyperX Cloud Revolver

  • A wide range of sound just like as studio grade sound.
  • Durable and reliable steel frame that is long lasting.
  • Its microphone is detachable noise cancellation that is anti-noise.
  • Best product for the next generation and is most followed nowadays also.
  • It has also multi platform comp ability to give best results to the users.
  • Come in the market with two meter audio control box extension with stereo.
  • Compatible with PC, Xbox one, PS4 and Wii U.

This new headset is very light in weight and very easy to use. It doesn’t have any side effect to damage your ear drum because it is made up after identifying the ear problems and its sensitivities. It has some special functions that others have not such as it is in closed back type with the 12Hz-28000Hz of frequency response and the sound pressure level from 104.5Dbspl/mW at 1 kHz that is very good to the users. Very light with the weight of 360g that is adjustable anywhere.

After plugging in you can play game comfortably and kill enemies, because there is no software required Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset is in the market with its best qualities and functions. It has also backlit buttons to mute it instantly so after you being free you can start it again.

Conclusion: Hyper Cloud Resolver Gaming Headset is the best product especially for the young generation because of its unlimited and durable qualities. It is programmed in away to give you ease and peace of mind while using it.

Editor Verdict’s on Gaming Headsets

A headset combines a headphone and a microphone. These are made either with a single ear piece or double. Either you are a gamer, music lover, Skype addict, or fond of listening to nature apparently; you will be well aware of the headset. They are used to combine all sound at a place that is, in the headphones. This way only you will hear the sound and the people in your surroundings won’t get disturbed.

On the other hand, a microphone is there so you can transfer your voice to the listener at the same time. It’s a multi-tasking device. While choosing for a suitable headset, there are many things to consider. The important of them is location. It is entirely necessary to decide what will be the usage area. Are they for office use or just to use at home? This great efficient headset will be desired for office meetings and calls.

Sound in gaming, play an important role which deserve it’s own guide which we will cover in a short time. But having a basic knowledge of why headphone really need in gaming play is much important while buying headphone only for games. To understand how much a headphone have effect on your game play and how much you are spending on it.

For home use, on the other hand, one can rely on a headphone which is just more than average. Connection type is also an important factor. You had to check that the device on which you want to use it either supports USB port or not.

In any of the cases, a standard 3.5mm audio jack will be on-risky option. To be used for gaming purposes, one needs to ensure a headset with high-quality efficiency. It is to ensure you won’t miss a single detail about a game rule or opponent strength.

Final Conclusion

Basically choosing a gaming headphone is someone personal preference, it’s very important to know which headphone should you go for?

Reviewing all the gaming headset above is wisely selected on the base their performance, specification, personal experience and last but not the least price. So it’s upon you which you like the most, everyone has their own choice. Choose wisely.

As you can see Logitech G533 Gaming headphone is our personal choice because of their performance and stylish look. Once you get hand on this amazing headphone you will love it and will enjoy excellent gaming experience.

If you still think we miss one the best headphones for gamers please comment below or contact us.

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