Sable Frame B2 Series Review (Fixed Frame Home Theater Screen)

Within this ever growing and advancing world creating its new wonders, no one can resist anything that can be a mark in their lives and homes.

The cinematographic experience is a stress reliever for many people and they derive satisfaction by watching movies and series on big screens. It is not always possible to run towards the cinema when you can create your 24/7 available cinema at your home.

Big Screen For Home Cinema

Introduction of Sable Frame B2 Screen

The Sable Frame B2 Series is an amazing solution to turn your TV lounge in a home based theatre. It is as elite as its name suggests and it will make you feel the same way. The projection quality takes you to a new world of vibrant colors and bright images.

To enhance your theatre experience this projector comes with a HD 16.9 aspect ratio and its sleek and slim design complements its appearance.

This screen will not only increase the value of your lounge but will do it in a handy and affordable manner. Your pocket won’t even know what you did.

Ideal users of Sable Frame B2 (Active 3D 4K/8K Ultra HD)

People who are a diehard fan of movies and cinematic experience simply cannot get their hands off this Elite screen.

Who doesn’t want an awesome cinema experience without paying for the ticket every time?

Elite Sable Frame B2 is ideal for any video presentation and is just the thing for home, business or office environments. You can watch movies, play games, make your slides and present your business presentations on a huge screen for a larger audience.

Because of the size and quality of this product people usually get confused whether they can afford it or not.

In short, the Elite Sable Frame projector is a luxury product affordable by all. The price of this screen is almost 259$.

An almost equal screen size similar to cinema screen which is 110inches is so easy for you to get if you are planning to get it for long. It pays off its price by the quality and reliability it offers.

Tools included 

The tools included in the product box are wholly and solely for the set up and installation purpose. You will find a booklet inside the box in which a detailed method of installation will be given.

The installation kit which is in the box includes: Woods screws & anchors, Wall Brackets, Screwdriver, and Mallet.

There are also wall brackets and holder clips for it to hold on to the aluminum curtain of the screen. You just have to assemble the wall brackets and attach the screen on it with the holders. It makes it so easy to set up anywhere.

This velvet coated 2.4 width frame design comes with free shipping.

Some Heavenly Features

The Elite Sable Screen Series features include:

  • Multi-layer PVC with Texture and Surface Coating
  • Installation hardware included
  • Compatible with Ultra/Short and Standard throw projectors
  • Full Lambertian Diffuser- no half gain drop
  • Lush Black Velvet Covered Aluminum Frame
  • Installation Hardware Included
  • 2-Year Elite Screens Warranty
  • 160 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Active 3D, 4K /8K Ultra HD Fixed Frame
  • Projector Screen with Kit, SB110WH2
  • Black backed for a bright image
  • Works with Regular, Short or Ultra Short Throw projectors
  • Spring Tensioned Screen Material
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Warranty from Elite Screens, for a period of 2 years and 3 years for products purchased directly by educational, non-profit, religious or government organizations
  • Sable Frame B2 Series includes Elite Screens’ CineWhite FRONT projection screen material.

Not everything is perfect

Not everything is perfect but some things are, if used in the perfect and exact way.

It is noted that many users complained about blurred images and disturbance in the screen projection. The thing is that the installation position is usually not adjusted rightly. The inconvenience occurs mainly due to this reason.

In order to avoid the hassle, you should make sure that the 1.5x image width Ambient light is not coming from the same direction as the projector.

The Angular Reflective material is incompatible with the ultra-short projectors. It will reflect at the mirror opposite angle which will blur the image quality.

Set up a general “eye level” for your audience at an appropriate projection level and then regulate the screen height level and projection angle accordingly.


After you know about all the speculations and characteristics of the Sable Frame B2 Series, you will definitely want to get one for you.

The quality is never compromised because of its affordability and shipping. The dynamic and magical experience will leave your audience stunned when you show it to them.

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