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If we list out the most fire-spreading inventions of this century that, after its introduction, left the whole world amazed. Gaming culture is one of them. Within just decades. This culture has evolved the graphics and algorithms from Minecraft to Multiplayer online games with GigaBytes of storing and running requirements.  If you ask a gamer about what are the equipment that he wishes to have for the best quality gaming experience. Good gaming headphones would be at the top of his list, undoubtedly.

With the spreading craze of gaming, the craze to bring more and more high-quality gaming products(that include the gaming headphones as well) has also accelerated. With this competitive acceleration of quality up-gradation, certain brands came forward, and one out of them is SADES. Sades have come up with their high-quality gaming headphones with very light on pocket prices. The brand has been ruling the market for a long time.

Why Sades SA902 Headphone

The Sades SA902 comes with a lot of distinguishing features that make it a hot product for gamers all over the world. Its demand is increasing day by day because of certain un-parallel features that this product provides.

Imagine playing a game and getting the exact sounds orientations of the bullets being fired. That’s what gaming has evolved into. To bring more of the reality closed experience, The products like SA 902 of sades bring this Virtual Surround Sound 7.1. This is WoW! Like having sounds from seven different directions. It comes with separate levels of adjusting that will fully engulf you into that real gaming experience with full passion. And to mute the voice easily, the accessibility is improved here with a smart mute button and an inline volume controller to control volume with a single glide.

This Sades SA902 headphone packs your ear into its composite shape. To reduce any other noises and trap you deep into the high-quality gaming sound experiences: it comes with these comfortable ear cushion coverings and headband to position it precisely about your face. And give you the ultimate noise-free gaming experience.

While having an online game with your team: your communication with your team while playing is very important. You need to convey every single instruction, and for that, a proper noise cancellation microphone has been adjusted into this product. To let you communicate with your team in a quality sound that depicts the quality gaming you are doing. Its revoluting mic attachment makes it more adjustable and possible to place it close to your mouth. The mic swirls at the angle of 160° that can fit any position that you give.

Apart from these technical features, The product is easy to install. Just plug and play. It is already programmed to make it ready for instant use and enjoyment. It has high compatibility. With its working support with all of your PCs, Macs, and Laptops. In computers, it supports all the operating systems starting from Windows XP to the latest version you have on your PC.

Moreover, the Sades SA902 has an attractive blinking LED on its body. To give you more than just high-quality sound: a beautiful LED to provide an attractive look to your headphones as well as your gaming tactics. And not only confined to gaming. If you are watching a long Netflix series or any movie. This headphone will bring the best quality sound. It has metallic blending in its body to give it a more composite outlook. Moreover, the nylon protected cable with a strong USB head will make these headphones stand in front of you for a pretty long time.

With Sages SA902, you don’t need to install any additional software or hardware drivers to run these Headphones on your PC. It comes with a USB plug and play option. Just plug and enjoy the high quality sounds hearing every single footstep and bullet, being fired with the noise cancellation and high-quality mic to help you communicate noise-free with your teammates.


This fantastic economic Sades SA902 headphones come in the following colors:   Sades SA902, Black and Red


  • 7.1 surrounded sound channel to give a real alike gaming experience.
  • On cable sound and microphone controlling
  • High-quality noise cancellation microphone with 160° adjustability.
  • Attractive LED lights to give a cool look.


  • Though not supported to work with PS, The product can be used with Play Station using certain adapters available in the market.
  • These headphones are entirely around your ears. They are on your skull, leaving your ear in full comfort.
  • It can be used with glasses. Customers said that:  compared to other products, these work very well with the glasses.
  • High-quality sound experience
  • Market Competetive Price.


  • Noise cancellation is satisfactory. One can hear sounds going on in surrounding while playing games.

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