How To Setup Motorized Projector Screen – Step By Step Guide

Setting up your motorized projector screen is very easy. Here is this video we will assure you how to setup your projector screen.

You just have to be assure that your room space is enough to place your screen away from your eyes.

Placing a screen away from your couch is a challenge setup of screen. Because eye safety is first priority you have to do, then screen setup.

You can install your screen on wall or in ceiling. Mostly people install motorized screen on wall because of small space in room. While if your room or garage has enough space that your screen is far distance from your viewing point then you are good to go to install your screen in ceiling.

All the necessary thing you need for motorized projector screen is available in box. When you buy projector screen first confirm all the tool available in box or not.

Here in the video below a step by step guide is available.

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