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Isabella Products, Inc a mobile internet device company focused on developing innovative solutions for emerging consumer needs.

About Isabella Products, Inc

Isabella Products, Inc. was founded in February 2008 as a next-generation consumer wireless products and services company with a clear objective of producing high-value products for a variety of consumers. Isabella focuses on creating intuitive, simple and innovative devices by leveraging the very latest in hardware, software and wireless technologies to create a rich user experience.

Isabella is guided in technological innovation by adopting four core principles: (1) Modular Design; (2) Open-Source Software Development; (3) Touch Interface; and (4) Scalable Architecture. These four elements allow Isabella to rapidly design and develop new products and services cost-effectively.

Isabella is continuously exploring unique combinations of new proprietary devices and content utilizing digital photos, web content, digital media or internet services. Our seasoned team of professionals have built and managed some of the world’s greatest consumer successes at companies such as Motorola, Nike, Reebok and Bose.

The Company’s Namesake

Isabella Products was originally named after two women: Queen Isabella and Isabella Growney. Queen Isabella is often regarded as one of the first venture capitalist as she funded Christopher Columbus’s famous voyage in the late 1400’s, a figurehead to founder Matthew Growney who has been a VC for over a decade.

More importantly however is the fact that his daughter, Isabella, is Matthew’s first child and seen very much as an emerging and exciting start-up of sorts. She too believes she is a Queen. Isabella Growney was three years old at the time of the company’s inception and though a little person, she’s full of quite the inspiration like Queen Isabella, hence the perfect fit of the name “Isabella”.

Considering the company’s first product idea derived from Matthew’s mother asking to see more pictures of her adorable granddaughter Isabella, it seemed all the more fitting. While based in Chicago, Matthew’s parents were eager to take part in all the small details of their first grandchild’s milestones which were happening in the Boston area.

Matthew’s wheels started turning and soon a two-way photo sharing frame was born. The cellular photo frame, Vizit®, receives photos immediately by email, MMS, or direct web upload and can be managed from the web – keeping Matthew’s mom thrilled with daily updates (sometimes even hourly!) and allowing him to conveniently share photos of Queen Isabella Growney, now six years old, along with her two younger brothers.

ReviewsCon Acquired Isabella Products, Inc

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