Intel and Facebook To Design New Processor Cooper Lake CPU

Facebook is going to help giant processor makers Intel’s in their new upcoming processor Cooper Lake Xeon. Facebook is helping Intel to add new touch and deep learning to the Copper Lake processors to improve the performance.

This has been announced at the Open Compute Project Global Summit, Intel said the Cooper Lake processor will feature Bfloat 16 for deep learning training.

Intel said this new processor will be called as Bfloat 16. This new Bfloat 16 is the representation of a 16-bit floating-point which improves the performance by offering the same dynamic range as standard 32-bit equivalent FP and can be used to accelerate artificial intelligence training models.

The acceleration model can be use to improve workloads such as speech recognition, image classification, recommendation engines and machine translation, Intel said.

Copper lake following Intel footprint from last year and is fabricated with a 14-nanometre process. Intel is expected to release the Copper Lake processors at the end of this year. This new design can have up to 112 processor cores in a 2U design.

Mostly known Companies like Dell, HP, Hyve Solutions, Lenovo, Quanta, Supermicro, Wiwynn, and ZT Systems are expected to showcase servers based on the reference design later this year.

Via: IT News

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