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Why Use 4k Tv As Monitor

How to use a 4K TV as your PC Monitor

If you’re planning to invest in a 4K monitor for your PC, you might be spending more money than you think. A 4K or QHD monitor is going to cost you a lot; you might want to look into some 4K televisions too. Buying a 4K TV over a monitor for your PC might be … Read more

5 Reason To Boost wifi Signal At home

How to boost Wi-Fi around your home? | Complete Guide

Have you been staying home lately? If yes, then you might have noticed your internet isn’t performing the way it used to when you first got it. Are you getting a weak signal in your home? Are there any dead zones? No internet in the backyard or the garage? Is the downloading speed too slow? … Read more

How to Improve Wifi Signal At Home

8 Tips To Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Signal – Definitive Guide

Wireless connections have changed the way we operate these days. In the past, the internet was only accessible via Ethernet cables, which would connect the modem to your laptop or PC. But now, with the help of wireless technology, you can connect multiple devices to a single internet connection with the aid of a router. … Read more

How To Setup Motorized Projector Screen – Step By Step Guide

Setting up your motorized projector screen is very easy. Here is this video we will assure you how to set up your projector screen. You just have to be assured that your room space is enough to place your screen away from your eyes. Placing a screen away from your couch is a challenging setup … Read more

Ap Currently Not In Use

Ways to fix error [AP Currently Not in Use] Slow Internet Connection

Nowadays, a lot of people daily use the internet on their smartphones. People used to access and browse the internet on their mobile devices daily. Mostly are using stable internet in their homes and workplaces. If you have a network router at your home then you may suddenly find out the issue of “Internet has … Read more