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Ap Currently Not In Use

Ways to fix error [AP Currently Not in Use] Slow Internet Connection

Nowadays, a lot of people daily use the internet on their smartphones. People used to access and browse the internet on their mobile devices daily. Mostly are using stable internet in their homes and workplaces. If you have a network router at your home then you may suddenly find out the issue of “Internet has … Read more

Home Renovation Mistakes

How To Renovate Your Home | 9 Ideas For Home Renovation

Ideas on How to Renovate your Home Beautifully yet Economically Renovating your home can be a complicated task, one that demands tedious and very careful planning. There is no doubt that home renovation means a fully upgraded home which not only improves your personal living standards but also improves the resale value as well. By … Read more

how to learn piano notes

Learn How To Play Piano – Step by Step Guide

Many people who need to learn play the piano are put off by the thought of spending long, boring hours learning music notes. If you’re too serious about learning to play the piano. The first thing you’ll need to do is put those negative thoughts behind and begin with an open mind. It will take … Read more

How To Change Netgear WiFi Password

4 Easy ways to change the Netgear WiFi Password

Are you using a Netgear WiFi at your home or office place? If yes, then you are looking for perfect ways to secure it for better internet outcomes. Nowadays, securing your home Netgear modem is easy when you have access to it. There are some easy methods that will make things easier for you. Everyone … Read more

How to Install Projector Screen

How to Install a Home Theater Projector and Screen

How to Install a Home Theater Projector and Screen? Installing a Home Theater Projector is not difficult but is tricky. If you have already installed any projector, many points should be on your fingertips. But if it is your first time, you must answer several questions to yourself.  Which part to mount first, is it … Read more