Free Drawing Softwares for Beginners

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Free Drawing Software for Beginners


GIMP Free Download

If you are a budding animator, the chances are that you have honed your craft, at least initially, on Photoshop. If not that, you are aspiring to get Photoshop at some point, so you need to practice on something that has a similar interface but is not so expensive. GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is perfect for this because it has a similar interface and offers a surprising range of customization for something that is available for free. It also supports a lot of image formats, which is good if you are starting out with freelance work as clients often ask for random file types that you will have to cater to.


Artweaver Free Download

While it is true that there is a paid version of Artweaver out there, you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to. There are a lot of different ways in which you can make use of your talents with the free version just as well as with the paid version. This is primarily because you have a wide variety of brush types including rarely found features such as chalk, charcoal, and crayons. Hence, this is a great option for people who want to experiment with a variety of different drawing utensils, as each of them offers a unique benefit that the others might not possess. It’s also a great way to assess the utility of the program before you spend any money on it.


My Paint Free Software

If there is one problem that a lot of people have with free drawing software, it is the fact that many of them do not detect the amount of pressure you are applying through your stylus. MyPaint changes all that, allowing you to put in all of the subtlety you desire while you are creating your work of art. It also has a multitude of brushes along with some very nice practice exercises that you could take part in, making this a brilliant app for someone who is just starting out.


This app is primarily a graphic design tool, but it can be used just as, if not more, effectively for drawing anime-style art and creating animations in the same vein. One of its more interesting features is the fact that it provides vector tools to help you draw the right lines and curves. These vector tools can really help you improve the overall quality of your drawings. They can also provide you the motivation to try bolder and more adventurous concepts that you might not have attempted if you didn’t have these tools to help you.


Inkscape Free Download

A common trend among artists today is to draw what they want to create on a piece of paper, scan that image and use effects on it after uploading it to a computer. This app is perfect for things like that, and it really helps you improve your chances of breaking new ground when it comes to your art. You can break the image you are creating into its various components and alter each one of them individually, thus helping you create new works of art from the original image you had created.

Should You Go for Free Software or Paid?

Money is a problem for many, as most people don’t have the sort of financial situation that would enable them to buy expensive animation software. However, we live in a world where anything good will cost money. Hence, if you are a beginner trying to learn or you are just doing this to pass time, you can go for free tools. However, if you want to create something of substance, you are going to have to make an investment and buy paid software simply because they will offer more options and will allow you to create higher-quality products.

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