Delux Screens 120 inch 4K/8K Ultra HDR Projector Screen Review

Delux 120-Inch Home Theater Movie Projection Screen

The DELUX SCREENS Projector measures 120 inches and is known to be the future of home entertainment.

With a gigantic dimension and high-quality video display, it is known to go far beyond what you naturally have in your living room.

This Delux screen will offer you robust quality and experience through its Ultra HDR 3D and 4K viewing technology as well as a 180-degree viewing angle.

If you are looking for a screen to plan the best movie nights or game shows, this is definitely one product that will stand out.

To Whome This Screen For

With a massive screen and high-quality features, one would begin to wonder who this product is really designed for.

Is it for the elite who can afford it or for those who are technologically savvy? The answer is that it is for the general audience and customers!

Given its low price and the value it provides, this projector screen is cheaper than some of the smaller TVs out there.

It is designed to be afforded by the masses and the ideal customer is one who has space in their house to use this screen. Once bought, this is definitely something that you can show off.

What’s in the Box?

Within the Delux Projector Screen box, you will find the screen itself along with other equipment that are necessary for its installation. It comes with the necessary tools and items to hook up the screen to the wall.

This includes certain screws, a screwdriver, wall brackets, anchors, and all other necessary equipment for easy installation within your home.

Moreover, the manuals and installation guides are included within the box to help you install it by yourself.

Features Of Delux Screen

The movie projector screen comes with solid features that ensure high-quality display. It has a 180-degree viewing angle as well as a 120-degree diagonal angle. The screen has a 1.1 gain value that allows you to play videos in 3D as well as 4K Ultra HDR quality.

The product is outstanding in terms of its design. It is stylish and stands out in a room. The frame is made out of aluminum, and it comes with a sleek border with a velvet finish.

The Delux screen utilizes PVC WhiteOut technology to ensure a wrinkle-free experience with the display. The screen also comes with a 3-year warranty and an excellent customer support service.

With features like these, it is a definite investment for one to make.


If you are looking to invest in a cheap product that offers a high-quality home entertainment experience, this is your best pick.

Whether it’s a game you want to play or a movie night you want to host, the DELUX SCREEN 120-inch projector is going to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime!

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