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Despite what gender you belong to, we all want to look our best, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look dazzling. Looking good can boost your confidence, and being confident improves your mood. They help you look more beautiful and bring out the features of your body.

Best Womens Shapewear

You can get that perfect body shape that you have been dreaming of with body shapers, without having to follow any of the strict diet plans. These shapers exist to hide that extra waistline or to form the perfect thigh shape. Wearing a body shaper helps you fit your clothes better and makes you look good.

The demand for body shapers is very high, and there are different varieties available in the market. You will find them in various designs, colors, and sizes, but not all will make you look as you desire. So, you will have to consider a bunch of things before purchasing a body shaper, and you need to get the best body shaper there is for yourself and settle for nothing less.

List of Best Body Shapers

PostSurgery Postpartum Colombian Capri Body Shaper

Best Body Shapers For Women

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The PostSurgery Postpartum is a Capro Body Shaper, made in Columbia. The material of this shapewear is a Powernet fabric, and it has compression available on the abdomen, waistline, and thighs. It is incredibly soft, and the fabric is gentle on the skin. This body shaper helps you reduce size instantly and makes you look good. It’s stretchable, but the leg area might be short for big thighs.

The primary purpose of this shapewear is slimming the tummy, so it’s not recommended for pregnant ladies. There are six hooks available on the side and a zipper. The hook goes first and helps the zipper go ahead smoothly. It can be a little hard to use the bathroom in this body shaper but other than that it’s one of the best. It’s available in all sizes, from XXS to XL. However, make sure you to the store instead of buying online because the chart size is a bit confusing. The product has a higher content of Nylon; hence, it keeps your body in perfect shape.

  • Power net material
  • Available in all body size
  • Different compression zones available for the Higher content of nylon
  • The lace at the bottom may cause a problem to people with big thighs

Fajas DPrada 11052 Women’s Post Surgery Girdle

Laste Women Fashion body shaper

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The Fajas DPrada is for full-body coverage, and it uses Powernet material. There are several size options available, and it fits from skinny bodies to plus-size bodies. This body shaper is comfortable, and the material feels soft against the skin and the girdle trims and smoothes the waistline, thighs, and tummy. The Lycra concentration in this product is higher, and the lining on the side provides extra comfort. The design of this compression garment looks excellent under outfits.

The process of going to the bathroom has been made easier with the two-layered Lycra opening around the crotch area. It’s suitable for the recovery process after surgeries and is highly recommended by doctors. It can also be used as an everyday girdle. Again, buying it online can mess up the size, so make sure you get in from a store. The size of Columbia and the US differ, so make sure you do your research if you are ordering it online.

  • Made of a high content of lycra
  • The two-layered lycra opening around the crotch helps
  • Excellent product for the recovery process after a C-section or pregnancy
  • The upper part of the body shaper can be hard to cover in tank tops or blouses

Best Women’s Shapewear to Trim Tummy by Robert Matthew

Mid-Thigh Body Shaper Bodysuit

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The Robert Mathew shapewear is another one of the top quality body shaper, which is made of nylon and spandex material. It is one of the must-have accessories. To get the authentic product, make sure you buy only from Robert Matthew Official Store. This body shaper is for the people who want to trim out their thighs and tummy an inch or two. Its super soft and light weighted material is suitable for any weather condition. You can wear it comfortably under any outfit like a skirt, dresses, jeans or leggings, and it won’t show at all.

The material has a light and seamless compression zones around the crotch that provides extra comfort and is versatile under any outfit. It gives you the perfect shape by snuggling in all the right places, but the fabric is breathable so that you won’t be uncomfortable. The boning is available at the front and back, and it is present in the most non-obvious way, and all of this comes at a very affordable price.

  • Made of high-quality spandex and nylon
  • Soft and comfortable
  • It’s super light and breathable
  • Give you the perfect look
  • Reasonable price
  • It has no crotch opening

Gotoly Body Shaper – Best Rear Lifting Shapewear

Slim Waist Trainer

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This body shaper is another best Butt Lifter Shapewear available for women. It is made of very breathable and soft material and offers permeability. The fabric absorbs sweat also it never does any harm to your skin. This body shaper is made for the lower half of the body and helps you have a fit butt and flat tummy. It is available for various body sizes. The lace at the bottom makes it look pretty, and since the lace is elastic, it doesn’t cause any discomfort. The material works perfectly in summer; you won’t feel hot at all. Moreover, linen in the underwear is anti-bacterial, so it avoids any rashes or infections.

It is truly one of the best shapewear at an affordable price. It is advisable that you wash this product after every use. You can’t clean it in a washing machine; otherwise, the material might get damaged. It’s best if you wash it with hands in cold water and a little soap detergent. The seamless ultra-thin edges allow you to wear it under any cloth comfortably.

  • Spandex/ nylon Invisible under clothes
  • Anti-bacterial underwear linen
  • Extremely soft and breathable
  • Having to wash, after every use can be bothersome

SHAPERX Open Bust Bodysuit

Bodysuit Body Shaper

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The SHAPERX shapewear has the smoothest fabrics, and it is convenient to use. It is made of three slimming layers. These three layers include Latex, Nylon, and Spandex, which ensure to offer you maximized firmness control, and the mid-size latex lining helps boost weight loss as well. All three of the materials are breathable, and it also sweats free and absorbs moisture so you can wear it all day without being uncomfortable.

The shoulder straps have a secure clasp and are removable and adjustable. It mainly focuses on the tummy torso and comes in a thong style with an open front. There are cotton gussets available for easy bathroom use. The zipper at the front makes the putting on and off easily. It is a seamless body shaper and makes your clothes fit much better. There are compression zones present in the midsection of the shapewear that helps boost up the fat burning process and corrects postures.

  • Made with three-layered material
  • Nylon, spandex, and latex mid-size helps in burning the extra fat
  • Sweat-free and moisture absorbing material
  • Comfortable and soft Seamless body shaper
  • It’s doesn’t stretch and sticks to your skin when you wear it long.

Salome Fajas (0216) Body Shaper

best womens butt lifter tummy control body shapers

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Salome Fajas Body Shaper is one of the gorgeous looking shapewear. It uses Powernet material and focuses on tummy torso and hip areas. The Salome Fajas is super fit and comfortable and trims out all the extra weight around your hips and belly. It is a full-size body shaper except for the front; it is open. It’s like a swimsuit with a zipper in the middle that helps in wearing and taking it off quickly. You can use it as a body girdle after pregnancy or any surgery, and even doctors recommend it. You can wear it comfortably all day long, without feeling it.

The newest compression technology on this body shaper is impressive. The Powernet on the outside give you control over targeted areas. The composition of elastane and polyamide in the material of the shapewear makes it sufficiently elastic, which allows you to move around comfortably. The cotton lining inside the product feel softer on the skin and allows more ease.

  • Swimsuit full bodysuit body shaper
  • Made from a composition of elastane and polyamide with cotton lining
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Convenient uses
  • Crotch-less
  • If you order online, you might get used or malfunctioned product

Maidenform Flexees Body Briefer for Women

Body Briefer with Lace

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The Maidenform Flexees Women’s Body Briefer looks like an elegant lingerie type shapewear. It is 70% nylon and 30% elastane, which makes it lightweight and comfortable. This body shaper is very flexible, and it does not restrict your movements at all. With this shapewear, you can get that slimmer and trimmer body you wanted. You will have more control over your stomach, and you can wear all the tight dresses you wish to wear.

It comes with a superior quality strap, and it comes with lace lining all over it. It’s one of the gorgeous looking women’s body shapewear. The material is a premium washable fabric, and it feels soft against the skin. It’s a combination of hook and eye gusset. A power mesh liner is present in the midsection for targeted areas.

  • Made of 70% nylon and 30% elastane
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • The premium fabric feels comfortable against the skin
  • Beautiful lace lining
  • Perfect for all-over body support
  • Washable soft fabric
  • Hook and eye gusset
  • Lacks a crotch opening

Pop Fashion Women’s Shapewear Bodysuit

Best Womens Shapewear

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Pop Fashion offers the most amazing high waist body shaper designs for women. This shapewear is available in black and nude beige color and will help you fit into all the tight dresses that you want and help you look good. It focuses on trimming the hip, and the tummy area and light boning are present in the material that makes sure the tight body shape and posture stays in place.

The fabric of this shapewear is high-quality spandex and nylon, which does not roll down the stomach when you sit or walk. The main focus of a body shaper in always on the tummy and to give you firm control on the midsection but also doesn’t restrict any movements. The compression zones in this body shaper lift and tighten your thighs and hips, making you look fabulous. It’s perfect for special occasions because the material is thick, and it takes time to put it on, but the ones on it do its job.

  • High waist butt compression shorts
  • Give you full control of the torso
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • It might cause bulge’s marks on your thigh

Everbellus Cool Comfort Shapewear Top

Best Body Suits For Women

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The Everbellus Cool Comfort Top is like a lightweight tank top. It doesn’t have much control; hence, it has lower nylon material in it. However, the fabric of this shapewear is super stretchy and extremely comfortable, and even though it doesn’t have much control, it still works pretty well. This body shaper comes with shoulder straps, and the fabric is super smooth and breathable.

This shapewear from Everbellus comes at a reasonable price, and it is designed in a way that it becomes utterly invisible once you were it. You won’t even feel like you have a body shaper on you, and the light material helps you stay cool in summers. You won’t have to snug your body to look fabulous, and you can still get all that extra weight slightly trimmed without completely squishing your whole body. It is super flexible and doesn’t restrict any movement.

You can get this shaper in five different sizes and two different colors. Since it’s upper body shapewear, you won’t have to worry about the bathroom uses.

  • Super flexible and comfortable
  • Soft and stretchy material
  • Breathable and doesn’t restrict any movement
  • Keeps you fresh in hot weather
  • It isn’t suitable for heavy trimming purposes
  • Rolls up from the bottom

DIANE & GEORDI 2396 Mid Thigh Powernet Shapewear for Women

Shapewear for Womens

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This shapewear by Diane & Geordi is another one of the beautiful and super handy body shapers in the market. It adds a little dimension to the hip areas and control the tummy torso and trim the body in a perfect shape, which makes you look good and fits your clothes perfectly. The material has control with super comfort. You can wear it every day under clothes; this will help you gain posture and boost up the weight loss process.

Diane and Geordi designed this shapewear with Powernet material, which is the most breathable material. This body shaper is rich in elasticity, and it lets the skin breathe and helps absorb the sweat. The compression’s zone controls the extra weight, and it’s also pleasant to wear. Due to elasticity, there is flexibility in this shapewear. Hence, it doesn’t restrict any movements.

There is a broad perineal space present that gives you comfort when you need to use the bathroom. The inner hook eye and zipper make it easy to wear and take off.

  • Comfortable and soft
  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • Doesn’t control your movements
  • Perineal space available for bathroom use
  • Not suitable for people with big thighs.

Best Shapewear 2019

Shapewear Buying Guide

There are tons of choices nowadays to choose from in body shapers. Whether you went through a surgery and need something to help you recover, or you want compression and look slimmer, you’ll find a body shaper that best suits your needs. To get the best body shaper for yourself, you’ll need to understand a few things first. Here are some tips that you need to follow:


As women, we try to size down a little thinking that we’ll get extra fitness, but that’s not helpful. It will only cause discomfort and bulges, which will make you’ll look bigger than there is no point in wearing a body shaper. So when you go shopping, try on many pieces and get the one that fits you perfectly but also gives you comfort and lets you breathe.


Body shapers mostly come with nylon and spandex. These are both synthetic fabrics and heavy materials. The Nylon put in the product matters the most. First, decide what you need your body shaper to do for you.

If you want something that will help you alter all the extra weight, you should get the one with a higher nylon body shaper. If you want something lightweight and help you make you look a little bit better than get the one with lower nylon fabric. Plus size shapewear has compression zones in it, which help trim and suck the body into your desired shape. The information about the quantity of nylon in a product is usually written on the tag; make sure you check it before buying anything. If you want to get the shape you want without sacrificing your comfort then you should look for body shapers with a mix of cotton, it will help you cool off in the hot weather, and it also absorbs the sweat plus it controls odor.


Body shapers come in different types and sizes. They have been becoming so popular lately that there are body shapers available for every body type. Here are some of the body shapers you can find online:

All over control Body Shapers

There are two types of body shapers available if you want something that will trim and slim extra weight around the body. The first one is shaping slips. These are made of light fabrics for Trimming only a few inches here and there. These are specially made to wear under body-skimming dresses, forming a perfectly sculpted silhouette. You can find a further option of getting a half-slip style and whether or not you want an attached bra. Everbellus Cool Comfort is an example of a shaping slip shapewear.

The second type is the all-in-one body shaper. These are stretchable, and the fabric has high nylon or spandex content, which is why the product gives a firm control starting from the thighs to the tummy, uplifting and trimming out every nips and bit, forming a perfect shape. These are a multi-tasker, and you can wear them under anything, from dresses to skirts or jeans.

Tummy Slimming or Trimming Shapewear

You can also get a body shaper for simply trimming the tummy. These come with several options like cupped or wear your bra. The material is often soft and comfortable but gives firm control, and it’s invisible under dresses. You can wear them under short dresses or skirts.

Waist Trimming Shapewear

For waist-trimming purposes, waits nippers are available. These create an hourglass figure by trimming fat around the waist and tummy. The material used in them is a three-way stretchable fabric and is comfortable and soft and allows free movement. These are perfect for wearing under fitted outfits.

Thigh Trimming Shapewear

There are also options available for getting a body shaper that gives control over the lower body parts. Thigh slimmer is suitable for providing a firm thigh shape. They further offer options for firm control, extra firm control, and comfort control. You can choose from either depending on what you want your shapewear to do. The thigh slimmer also helps around the bun and tummy area and gives full body confidence. You can wear these under trousers or long dresses and skirts.

Butt Trimming Shapewear

Control briefs are another option for bottom or tummy trimmings. These are made of the smoothest material and are fit for any occasion. They offer a variety of styles like for everyday use or one with the firmest control. You can wear them under anything, dresses, or trousers. These briefs are incredibly comfortable, and everything feels better with them.

Which Body Shaper to Buy?

To help you find out which one of the shapewear is right for you, here are some of the body type examples that you can follow:


Everybody falls into one of the four standard body shapes. Women who belong to an apple-shaped or inverted v-shape category usually have a heavy upper body with a short torso and narrow hips. If you belong to this category, then an ideal body shaper for you would be shaping the camisole.


Women who belong to this category have a wider lower body, and their waist measurements are less than the rest of the body. If your body falls into this category, then the best option for you would be a thigh shaper which will help smooth out all the right places and will give you a sleeker look.


Everybody knows an hourglass-shaped woman has high and uneven measurements of the bust and hip with a small waist. The problem areas in these types are lower belly and hips. For these women, the best body shaper would be a full-body shaping bodysuit. The shaping bodysuit will smooth out all the extra weight and will give you an ideal smoothened shape.

Ruler shape

A ruler shape or also called a rectangle of an athletic are women that usually have a similar waist, upper, and lower body measurements. Those women who belong to this category experience more weight gain in the front and back rather than the sides. For such problems, control briefs are an ideal solution. Control briefs give comfortable, all day invisible tummy and rear end shaping, and it’s perfect for everyday use.

Type of Control

It means the level of compression a body shaper provides, and each has a different level of compression. Depending on the choice of body shape you want, you will have to consider looking for a different level of control in shapewear. There are a total of three levels of control you can find, and those are:

  • Light
  • Moderate
  • Firm

If you want something that does the job but also gives you comfort, if you wear it for long hours, then you should get a body shaper that offers light control. If you want a body shaper that gives an equal amount of comfort and compression, then moderate control shapewear is your best choice. The firm control body shapers are less comfortable, but they are suitable for extra firmness and can be the best option for special occasions.

Advantages and Benefits of Shapewear

Body shapers have its fair share of benefits, and here are some of them.

Easy to look good

With body shapers, you can drop 2 to 3 sizes instantly. It makes you look beautiful in just a few minutes and makes you get rid of all the unwanted fat. Body shapers provide an easy way to look slimmer and ready for any occasion. Getting into a body shaper can be hard for the first few times, but after using it for a few times, it merely feels like a layer of skin. It defines your key areas and contours you’re the way you want it.

Posture supports

A body shaper can also be very useful for someone with a back problem. It provides excellent posture support. It can also help in boosting up the recovery process after a postpartum surgery or pregnancy. There are many options of shapewear available in the market that you can wear even during pregnancy for posture support.

Boosts confidence

Body shaper gives you a beautiful figure and makes you look good and ready all the time and looking good boosts your confidence level and self-esteem. An increase in confidence means an increase in social life and increase social life will improve your mood and mental health.

Boosts weight loss program

Wearing body shapers can also help you lose some weight without doing any exercise if you wear it every day for 4 to 6 hours. Because wearing body shapewear makes you feel warm and all that compression produces heat in the body. It mainly boosts your weight loss program if you wear it during your workouts. When you wear compression shapewear during exercises, the heat stimulation and perspiration under the skin helps speed up the fat-burning process. You can achieve your most effective workouts with body shapers.

Body shapers can also keep you motivated if you wear them during your weight loss regime. The image of the slimmer version of you will make you less interested in unhealthy food. Also, the compression in the midsection will make it hard for you to consume a large portion of food, hence resulting in low less calorie intake.

Final Conclusions

Body Shapers are miracle workers. It trims your body into your desired shape and helps you look outstanding. However, with all the advantages it offers, there are also some disadvantages. Sometimes getting shapewear with higher nylon material can cause bulge’s lines on your body, which can later hurt. However, to avoid this, you need to check several body shapers and choose the one that doesn’t hurt when you sit down and always get your size.

Getting into shapewear at the start can be laborious and time-consuming, but once you get used to them, you’ll see that it slims all the nips and tucks and will help look amazing. All you need to do is be patient at the start.

Also, make sure to go to a store and buy one yourself. We all have gotten so comfortable with online shopping nowadays, but you need to go to a store if you want to purchase shapewear. The body shaper is something that you need to try before getting one; otherwise, you will end up with the wrong product. Go to a store, try one shapewear, sit and walk around to see if it’s comfortable for you and if it stays in the place. Don’t forget to do the sitting test; if you sit and it makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s probably not the right size for you.

Finding the perfect body shaper is not that hard, and it shouldn’t be difficult for you. You have to follow the guide that we have provided and do your research to get the best suitable for your needs. However, you may choose any one of the shapewear from our list. All the products mentioned above are the best, there is and gives impressive results.

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