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You may want to keep an eye on your home, kids, pets, or an exotic jewel collection to know what’s happening in there when you are away. Still, also you don’t want to invest in a home security camera system, a WI-Fi-connected camera is worth a look.

With the best security camera, you can do away your night thief problem once and for all.

May you look for the best surveillance camera reviews? Well, look no more we test and study good quality surveillance cameras in the market right now.

Some questions may arise in your mind. Why I need a surveillance camera? Buying a security camera worth it? Where to purchase a surveillance camera? All your queries will be answered in this Security camera guide below.

First, let me share a bit of basic knowledge about surveillance cameras and it’s working purpose. Then go to reviews.

A type of security camera to provide security to your place. It could be your home, office, farmhouse, or any other area of your concern. These cameras were long used by people to help identify culprits and finalizing clues. Nowadays, every important area is monitored through CCTV.

These cameras, mostly wireless, is attached to a power supply located near it. Many of them had a QR code to connect the camera to your smartphone or an LED TV. After connecting, you can monitor the activity on the other side. Some of them had two-way audio enabled in them, lets you use the camera as a type of doorbell.

Best Security Cameras For Home

The security of life, belongings, and loved ones is the main concern of humans. There are many types of security cameras available in the market. People get confused on which camera needs to buy. For this reason, we have collected a guide for you.

Some good IP cameras are discussed below, along with their features. You can look for which fulfills your needs in the best manner. This guide will help you in finalizing your choice.

YI Dome Camera Review – Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

Best Securtiy Cameras For Home

YI is a technology company, leading providers of visual goods. Different types of advanced, intelligent video, imaging, and computer vision products are provided by YI technology. YI Dome is a wireless IP security camera. The lens used in this camera is 112 degrees wide in angle with a professional-grade lens. Many cameras are single direction, which means move in only one direction. But this YI Dome has a bi-directional rotation range and captures panoramic scenes that, too, with 720 pixels HD.

Practically the camera has zero blind spots with an auto masking mode through which the lens goes undercover, and nothing will record when you want. Apart from this, there are other important features of the YI Dome camera.

Cloud recording rated as the best feature of surveillance cameras. YI Cloud offers a loop recording with no storage limit, which adds to the security level. If your YI Home Camera gets stolen or damaged, you don’t need to be worried about the recorded tape as it is saved in YI Cloud, and your footage is secure to be accessed anytime.

Financial industry-standard encryption is used for security purposes so the user gets a guarantee that they will have secure access to their footage. You can save money on buying the Micro SD through the usage of YI Cloud.

Detecting the moving objects is an essential feature of YI Dome Camera, equipped with advanced algorithms and 720 pixels HD. Which helps to identify and track moving objects on auto. The motion tracker can track and capture their movement. You can survey any desired location horizontally. This can be done quickly through Auto Cruise Mode of the camera. You can bookmark 8 sites and select to monitor any of them when desired. All of this is done with the tap of just a single button.

This wireless security camera and can be connected to your smartphone to receive activity alerts for real-time. Whenever there is an activity recorded, you will receive the warning directly on your mobile phone. The advanced algorithms of the security camera keep you up to date with the security, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

In past CCTV cameras were not equipped with a microphone, and thus, the user can only see what’s done. However, YI Dome Camera offers a responsive and advanced microphone. It has a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear two-way audio experience.

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Best Wireless Security Camera

Amazon is well known for offering the best Wireless IP cameras. You can monitor your desired place on PC, tablet, or a smartphone in your pocket. Through this camera, security to your office, home, or garage is made easy and simple. If you have a baby in your home, then amazon camera with full HD 1080 pixel works better as the best video baby monitor. Amazon also adds a Two-way talk and night vision feature to this camera. This IP camera is available in both Wired and Wireless giving the user a choice to choose the camera according to their needs and save money.

It has two pieces of an array of IR Led lights. The IR cut filter enhances the quality of the picture and its color. Night vision is a significant problem with Cameras, and many fail to provide it. However, Amazon IP Camera is best to provide this feature, and you will have a night vision of up to 26.25 feet.

The main feature of this Surveillance camera is its video quality, records full HD video of 1080 pixels. The camera quality is 2 MP with three different supporting measures. You can either use full HD or VGA or QVGA. The camera supports cloud storage recording and playback.

Amazon security camera has built-in mic and speakers. These are very responsive and equipped with advanced tech. An anti-noise filter inside enables you to record the voice more clearly and get you 2-way clear audio. In any case, built-in mic and speaker arise any technical issue, the audio jacks can solve the problem for you. Through these jacks, you can connect external mic and speakers with your cam.

This cloud cam by amazon enables you to have a wider angle of 120 degrees. It has an advanced glass lens to achieve the purpose. Combined, it gives 340 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical coverage. Hence the complete rotation creates a complete 360 coverage. It ensures you don’t miss a part from your area and having absolute security every time. Mobile alerts enable you to be in full control of your security. Each time any activity observed, you get a warning. It accurately detects any motion and makes you conscious of every movement.

Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor Weatherproof Bullet Camera

Security Camera For Office

Amcrest products are part of advanced generation products. It provides remote monitoring and systems to bridge the gap between you and tech. The cameras are of high quality and have a robust design which makes you securely monitor your home, office, or business.

Amcrest Pro HD is an outdoor camera. The camera is weatherproof and can be used effectively without the fair of weather conditions. While most of the security camera gives 2 MP images, Pro HD features 3 megapixels video.

The Amcrest Pro HD camera has a QR code on it. You need to scan the code through a mobile device using the Amcrest View app and boom you are secure. This app is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle; you can use your camera irrespective of the type of OS on your mobile. In earlier times, one needs to have a CS degree to set up a camera. This camera lets you get rid of the traditional and complicated setup process; you can set up quickly and easily. All you need is Wi-Fi and a mobile device. After a quick set up, you will start having live visual experience on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can log on to Amcrest Cloud through your PC, Mac, mobile device. Using the app, you can check the recorded footage anywhere at any time. It has an intelligent timeline display and has an intuitive interface. Through which you can easily play your recordings back in high video quality of 3 MP. You get 4 hours of continuous recording for free and never forced to pay a subscription fee. Once subscribed, you can start using the Cloud service risk-free. There are several storage plans include seven days, 15 days, or 30 days storage plans. You can use any of them according to your needs.

There are many storage options available, and you can select any of them according to your needs. These include a local Micro SD card, which can be attached to the device. Another option is the Amcrest Cloud service, which enables you to save the recording and view it anywhere in the world. The Cloud is a secure service that is of maximum benefit to the users. Apart from these two, there also is an option to store your tape on an FTP server. Amcrest gives the user complete freedom of how to use your camera.

Amcrest Pro HD has a cutting-edge tech available. Even if you are in total darkness, it will give you a crystal clear image of the objects. The camera features 30 IR LEDs, which help you to have a 98 feet night vision that is much more than what others offer. It can light up the environment even in complete darkness, the level of security is more enhanced.

Wansview Wireless IP Camera WiFi Home Security Surveillance Camera

Best Camera Buying Guide

Shenzhen Smart eye Digital Electronics founded in 2002 in Bantian Shangxue S&T Park, China. It has a professional experience of 10 years. The company has a mainline business of IP cameras and is an industry reputed company. Customers like their surveillance cameras because of high quality and competitive prices. Wan’s view is ideal for home security because it is equipped with Wi-Fi. It gives a video of full HD quality that is 1080 pixels. The camera has a monitor included for babies, elders, and Nanny.

Wansview wireless IP camera supports 1080 pixels Pro HD screen with two-way audio. It has three different resolution options available HD, VGA or QVGA, which you can select at your convenience. Say goodbye to blur and grainy images of old-school CCTV, as you will enjoy clear images. The footage is well illuminated, and you get true full HD.

Wansview camera has a two-way audio system in it. You can have a conversation with the person on another hand. Suppose you are out of home and want to know what your kids are doing, you can easily communicate with them through the built-in audio system. You will never miss any moment while keeping you in complete contact with your loved ones, Wan’s view ensures you had a secure outing.

Wansview security camera helps you to see even in the complete darkness. It has 10 IR LEDs in it which provide night vision of up to 26 feet. You can have full security even at night or other dark places, perfect solution for shady spots. You can also take a picture and share your memory on social media forums.

Wansview wireless IP camera supports a multi-device account view. You can view the footage through multi-devices at a time. It also has a multi-camera feature that adds to the Wans view app. You can save the recorded videos and pictures on different types of storage devices. These include PC, Micro SD card, Phone, and FTP. It has the option to add up to 64 GB Micro SD card. It seems to be a more simple solution rather than to go for PC or other methods.

KAMTRON Wireless IP Camera Video Baby Monitor

Best Ip Camera Reviews

Kamtron is established in 2008, specialized in the sale as well as the production of security-related products. The business concepts adopted at Kamtron are advanced and are new ones, the company aims to dominate the market through its products. The company has the idea that we can succeed only if we take into consideration what customer desires.

Many people had problems when they see complicated installations steps of any product. Some of them may need professional help for installing the specific product while many take this thing negatively and gives feedback according to what they faced. That’s why installing the camera is kept simple for the Kamtron IP camera.

You need to plug the camera and play it. The setup for the connection is kept quite simple, and the App is pretty much user-friendly. You can operate your camera through the App, which is readily available for both Android and iOS. It also has network access, and you will have a live view through your smartphone.

This camera is suitable for multi-functions, supports motion detection so you can track your babies through it. It supports Micro SD card max of 64 GB. Kamtron also has cloud storage through which you will have 24 by seven access to your camera. No matter where you go in the world, you can use the camera.

One thing to note is that the MIPC app is free for anyone to use. However, cloud storage is not entirely free. You get a month trial for the cloud through which you can use the storage for free. If you like the service, you can then buy a 1-month membership for a very low cost. The cost of membership is just 5 US dollars. Afterward, you will have one month’s access to cloud storage.

Security cameras meant for your security and are suppose to stop crimes rather than just helping the police. For this reason, the same has a 100+ decibel siren in it. Kamtron IP camera will stop the crime or any break inside the range by its siren. You can control the siren remotely or when any sound is detected. This is not a must to avail service, and you can turn it off anytime at your convenience.

Tri-vision Outdoor Surveillance Wi-Fi Camera System

Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Tri-vision is a vast business in the chain. They are designers, manufacturers as to good installers of different types of outfits. Given is a wireless surveillance Camera from Tri-vision, which is suitable for outdoor use. Because of the outdoor camera, the body is waterproof. This is the reason it will remain in working conditions in case of rain or other humid conditions.

This camera has superb quality with a high resolution of full HD 1080 pixels, and you will love the clear image. Its system is up to work and setting the camera is just a matter of some minutes. You can set it up directly on any iPhone, iPad, home personal computer, Android or Mac.

Many cameras claim to provide you clear day and night vision, but they fail. This camera will, however, give you actual day and night vision. It has an infrared cut filter in it, which enhances night vision up to 50 feet. There is a motion sensor in the camera to keep you in full control of the specified area. Image quality is so clear that you can even recognize the license number plate of any vehicle; recognition distance is 30 feet.

For storage purposes, you can use a DVR Micro SD card in it up to 128 GB space available for storage. Any time you can play it back to focus on some missing evidence. Almost all cameras support 64 GB Micro SD card, and this is a revolution over them as it provides space double than them. It also has internet access.

Amcrest IP2M-841 Pro Cam Best Security Cameras For Home

Security HD Cameras For Home

The Amcrest Pro HD camera gives you two-way audio support so you can always communicate in the best way. Speaker and Mic are embedded in the camera, so you get both functions. A state of the art noise cancellation algorithm is deployed to help you listen to the clear most voice. By using your smartphone or PC, you can always talk and listen through the camera. It will enable you to have instant support.

Now you can view all the surroundings of the security camera. Old cameras were a sort of fixed cameras or moving just in a random direction. However, the Amcrest Pro HD will enable you to have a 360-degree pan/tilt vision. A digital zoom function is also available to enhance and sharpens your video to get the best experience. You will have complete control of the camera through its 90 degrees viewing angle that is just enough for many situations.

Amcrest Pro HD is equipped with cutting-edge night vision technology. It helps you to get a crystal clear image of the whole place. The camera has 12 IR LEDs that provide you a 32 feet night vision. So you can look to distant images even at night or other low light situations.

Blink XT Best Weatherproof Professional Camera

BlinkXT Security Camera Reviews

Blink Home Security Group Limited is a professional high tech company specialized in both research and development, production, and sales of products related to security. Blink XT is an HD resolution Camera that is suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes. Giving you a night vision of 65 feet, this could be your best wireless surveillance camera.

Resolution is an essential feature to consider for videos in case of security cameras. These cameras need to give you a clear picture so you will know each and everything. In case of any mishap, identification of faces and number plates is a must needed job of security cameras. For this purpose, Blink XT gives you a quality vision of 720p HD with 110 viewing angles that equally helps you to view in both day and nights.

Blink XT believes that the best type of security is what makes you secure 24/7. They mainly has focused on night vision. Mishaps mostly occur at night, that’s what many cameras fail to provide. Night vision is essential for security cameras. The 2.6 mm lens of Blink XT Analog camera is equipped with 24 high-intensity infrared LEDs. More vision means a lot, and this camera designs to provide 65 feet of night vision.

Many people require a surveillance camera to protect the outer side of their apartment or office. The place is usually open and is exposed to rain, wind and other weather conditions. Since digital equipment doesn’t work in extreme weather conditions, many times security camera stops working. Due to this reason, Bink home security protects its cameras in a weather-resistant housing. A casing that is designed in a way to save your camera from outdoor conditions. It can withstand even the toughest of conditions to provide you with every time security.

There are no accessories given with the camera, and you had to buy them for you. Some essential parts like power supply and video cable need to be brought before using the camera. The company also claims a two-year quality warranty and is keen to provide you with lifetime tech support.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

Cheap Security Camera In Market

The owner of the Ring Company dedicates his success to his wife. His wife was very much conscious about the security of home and didn’t like any available tech. She evaluated the idea of her husband, and the business started. Ring aims to reduce the crime rates from society. Its security cams are well known because of the quality of service which they provide.

When we consider tech, no one can beat them because of the innovations introduced by them. Their cameras combine the concept of a security camera, doorbell, and street light. Given the camera is white and is very pleasant to the sight.

Floodlight feature makes the Ring security camera the best of its kind. Many cameras make the scenario complex by using a bundle of IR LEDs. The IR tech has its drawbacks, along with the safety they provided. Ring, however, simplified the situation for an ordinary person. It combines the concept of street lights to its cameras to give you a wide night vision. Two flood quality lights are attached to the security camera so you can monitor your entire property even at night. To make things simple for a common man, this is the best feature of a Ring security camera.

You can use this surveillance camera to monitor the entire place. It gives you a wide range of vision. The 270 degrees motion-sensing lights enable the camera to do even the extreme job. You can talk to an outside person designed to protect every corner of your property. The protection is ensured for both day and night so you will be tension free.

Many people rate the job of security cameras to help police catch the culprits. However, this is not the case. A security camera needs to be smart enough to help you control crime. A good camera always lets you stop crime before it occurs. For this purpose, the Ring security camera is equipped with a 110 dB alarm. If you find something suspicious in your area, you can sound it on to scare the person.

SMONET Wireless Security Camera System HD Wireless Network/IP

Security Cam For Office

Smonet Technology is new in the security systems industry, established in 2014. The company is new, but consists of experienced workers provide high-quality security systems for home, office, etc. Smonet Features 960 pixel HD quality and can access through the internet. It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor uses.

Simonet 8CH has an 8 channel camera with a viewing experience of 960 pixels. You can use the camera in your farmhouse, shop, or anywhere you need security with you. One important thing to note is that wireless does not mean that the camera is battery operated. Since cameras require high energy and can’t be plugged out for recharge for a single second, so wireless cameras also require wiring. However, this wiring is only limited to the power and can take from any socket located nearby.

Smonet 8CH allows you to view the live video anytime. Since it is a wireless Surveillance System, so the video is accessed remotely and can be seen anywhere. You can see it through a phone or pad. A little drawback of the camera is that it does not support Windows phones.

If you are an Android user or iOS user, you can download the free app “IP Pro” or “Esee cloud.” The app is available on Android Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You need to register your new device on it and add the device ID, and you will be able to have excellent features of your camera. The camera comes with a 2TB hard drive space, which is much more than offered by others. You can save your recordings for so long and view them when needed.

Simonet 8CH will pair automatically with your system. You only need to power on Simonet devices, and they are all set to work and provide you with the stream. The process is simple and easy.

The most important part of the camera is the whole system works even without the internet. Your security won’t stop if you are having a problem with your internet connection. The tech adopted in Simonet professionals system is Quick Link, which enables a robust wireless signal coverage. The connection is made quickly and is easy to set up. It works on the sideline and does not disturbs your internet speed.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Camera

When technology was not that advanced, security cameras are having a bunch of wires. Which needed detailed installation and were a type of fixed ones once installed. When tech advanced, the man was introduced to a wireless world. With every other thing, security cameras were also advanced and equipped with wireless technology. While people mostly prefer a wireless camera, a wired one still has some strong points.

We will discuss them both in detail to help you precise your decision.

A wired camera is the memory of the past. It has long wires attached to it and usually requires your wall to be drilled to pass wires. The camera is remembered because of it’s little or no portability. Once set, it is a type of fixed camera. Its usage is still active in offices, schools, big halls where one is not concerned with the timely moving of the camera.

These are fixed and connected to the visual product through proper wiring. A bunch of wires may seem unpleasant to sight, do the job of sending video signals. Therefore it is not affected by the Wi-Fi speed or limited connection. The cameras are hacking free and do not experience interference from nearby electronic equipment. It operates 24 hours, and no one needs not to be worried about the internet connection.

A wireless IP camera can be called as opposite of a wired camera. Except for the fact that both are for security purposes, there is no same point. These are simple to attach and simple to connect. Some of them are battery operated while others require a power supply to operate. The standard power supply is enough to run the camera, and you are always safe from the hassle of the wired camera. Easily connect with the smartphone through Wi-Fi connection, and the user is anytime in control of your security.

It has safety alarms in them to protect you automatically, which sometimes misbehaves. The camera can face interference from nearby equipment and is dependent on the internet supply. Wireless IP cameras are meant to be portable, and you can move them to any desired place quickly. They are mostly used at home because of the convenience they offer. You will always love the simple setup and usage of wireless cameras.

Security Camera Buying Guide

Security cameras are a wide field and the needs of a person vary from one person to another. One cannot rate any of the cameras as best because the BEST is what fulfills your needs. We have designed a brief buying guide for you to help you make a decision. You will know about the safety to see which points need to consider before buying a surveillance camera.

IP Cameras – You must buy an IP camera if you want to operate it from multi places. An IP camera enables you to view the footage from several sources. It easily connects to your smartphone, monitors, TV and other digital products. Your security is always at your fingertips. You must select the IP camera except if you do not require multi-usage.

HD Security Camera – Surveillance cameras in the past had a low image quality. Those were only able to provide you with a sketch of the place, and no clear vision was possible. However, modern Security Cams equipped with HD lens to choose to be the highest-rated cameras, the best of which is 4 MP. However, if you cannot afford that much expensive lens, you can select a lower quality lens. But it is highly recommended that only select HD camera, 720 pixels must be your last choice. Below that, you won’t achieve your purpose of safety.

Storage type – Storage type is an important thing to consider when buying your security camera. It is varied for each camera, and no one can claim which type is best. Security cameras are available usually with two kind of storage. One of them is Cloud storage, and the other is a Micro SD Card or Internal/External Hard drive.

In Micro SD card storage, you need to buy a Micro SD card to attach to the camera, and all the data will be stored in it. Most cameras are compatible with 64 GB memory cards while some of them can get 128 GB cards. If you are good with SD card storage, you should look for which camera can pick the large most card. The Large size will free you from tension for a longer time.

In cloud storage, you are free from buying and saving of memory cards. The company provides you with unlimited space in its cloud storage. This way, you can view and review your storage at any time without the fear of missing a single moment. You can control every moment from your smartphone. The company charges a small fee monthly for the service, and you can always modify your subscription.

When going to select a camera, you must consider which type of storage it is providing and whether you are comfortable with the service or not.

Two-way Audio – Many new surveillance cameras offer this service. It gives you a sense of an extra level of security. You can any time communicate with the person on the other side and can, of course, see him. The two-way audio system makes your cam behave like a telephone or a doorbell. If the camera is installed indoor, you can any time communicate with your family. While selecting a camera, you must consider this feature.

Night vision – Security cameras means to provide you with 24 hours service. A good surveillance security camera is the one that lets you a more vision. Its focus vision must be wide to offer you a vast place to monitor. A rotating camera is beneficial because it allows you to view the area in 360 degrees. This way you won’t miss any place.

Apart from a broader vision, your security camera must be able to let you monitor the place in the dark. Many cameras fail to provide view when it is dark outside. You should look for a camera that is equipped with IR LEDs. More LEDs will enable for distant view in the dark. Clarity of the image must also be taken into account.

An exception in this field is the Ring Security camera. It has floodlights attached to it that will enhance your vision. Floodlights had the risk of damaging but work quite well from standard LEDs. If you are good with them, you must try it. In short, you must decide how much vision you require and select the suitable camera.

Smart siren – A smart is a siren that rings automatically when it suspects an unusual activity. It informs you so that you take further necessary action. It is a must feature for security cameras as it eliminates the chances of crime. When selecting a suitable camera, you had to see if it has a siren available and whether it is manual or smart.


A surveillance camera is a must to have a thing in the modern world. Thieves are intelligent enough to track every level of your security and you must have a feature that will help you out in difficult situations. Home and office, indoor and outdoor cameras have their separate strong points.

When you decide to buy a security camera, you should do a lot of homework. This is because your future security is based on this simple decision. After reading this guide, you must have developed an excellent idea about your needs. You won’t feel sorry if you keep these professional points in your mind before finalizing your decision.

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