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Motorized projector screens are a type of projector screens that are mounted on the wall, with a motor that can be controlled with the help of a remote, also called wall ceiling mounted screens.

Projected screens are of two types manual and motorized. A manual projection screen is painted white walls that are permanently set up, generally seen in movie theatres. A motorized projection screen is portable with a tripod or floor rising models, generally can be seen in-office meetings, educational institutes, home. There is another type of portable screen or inflatable screen for the outdoor movie experience.

Motorized Projector Screens List

Given below are the reviews of the 10 best motorized projector screens. With a detailed buying guide which will help you a lot in finalizing your choice. We are sure, after reading this guide, you will have a much greater idea about projector screens.

1. Homegear HD

Motorized Projector Screen With Remote Control

Motorized Projector Screen Reviews

Important Features

  • Size: 16:9 110” Diagonal screen size (96 X 54in)
  • Case Size: 104 x Dia 3in
  • Product Weight: 20.3lbs

The first one that comes in our list is a motorized projector screen by home gear that measures 106 inches diagonally. The exact dimensions of this screen are 96 by 54 inches. The ratio of this screen is 16:9 so it will be good to play all HD movies. It has a screen gain of 1.3 which is very near to 1 and thus the picture will have equal brightness on all sides of the screen.

The screen has 1-inch thick black color borders. This border really enhances its contrast. Now, you will feel easy to concentrate on the picture because of the high contrast screen with the viewing angle of 160 degrees. This makes it perfect for any home or business use and many people can watch on the screen at a time.

The motor system of this screen is quite energy-efficient. When it comes to the controlling system, this screen comes with an RF system. It will work even from a distance of 25m. Adding to the party is its wall-mountable control panel. It lets you control your screen without remote so you are always in control of your screen even if you misplace the remote.

This motorized projector screen is compatible with projectors of all types like DLP, CRT, LCD, HD, 3D. It has Styrofoam packaging so you get an extra layer of protection. Overall, this CE certified motorized screen is worth buying.

  • Good gain
  • High contrast ratio
  • No light penetration from back
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Some wear and tears

2. Elite Screens 4K/8K

Best Motorized Projector Screens

Elite Foldable Screen For Home

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 100-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Ratio
  • Case Size: 49.0″ H x 87.2″ W. Black Case, 61.1″ H x 100.2″ W x 3.1″ D.
  • Product Weight: 20.1 pounds

This is a large Elite screen that measures 100 inches diagonally. The actual view size of this screen is 87.2″ by 49″. The aspect ratio of this screen, like all others, is 16:9. It comes in the black case while the borders are all black of this motorized screen. Unlike the previous one, this one is all black that enhances the screen contrast to a new level.

The screen material of this Elite screen is Max White while it has a gain of 1.1. It has 180 degrees wide viewing angle which enables you to sit at any place and get a high-quality image. The back of the screen is fully black which blocks all light coming from backward.

It has a textured surface and you can use front projection to project an image on the screen. You can watch high-quality 4K Ultra HD image on the screen, it has an Active 3D projection ready. The screen is resistant to mildew and can easily clean with the help of soap and water.

  • Max white screen material
  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • No light penetration
  • 4K ultra HD
  • Easy to wash
  • Pre-assembled
  • Bad service in case of warranty claims

3. Elite Screens Spectrum

Electric Motorized Projector Screens

Elite Foldable Screen For Home

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 125-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Ratio.
  • Case Size: 61.3″ H x 109.0″ W.
  • Product Weight: 30.9 pounds

Elite focuses on providing high quality at reasonable price. Since 2004, the elite is ruling the projector market globally, manufacturing through its headquarters in the US and branch offices in Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and China. They focus on making a projector screens in all ranges and for any projection environment.

This is exactly the same screen that we reviewed above. The only difference between both is that this one is larger and of course, will cost you more to buy it. This screen measures 125 inches diagonally and you will get a large image on your screen. The view size of 109 inches width and 61.3 inches height makes it perfect for high-class entertainment. It comes with a remote control.

In large classrooms, this motorized projector screen will be very beneficial, so all the students will be able to see a large image. In offices, this large screen will enable you to deliver your presentations in a more confident manner. Last but not the least, you will get in-depth details of all the media you see on it whether it be any sporting event or your favorite movie. Thus, by investing more, you can increase the size of your fun.

  • Very large screen
  • Perfect for presentations
  • More in price

4. Best Choice Products

Motorized Auto HD Projection Screen

Best 100 Inch Screen Reviews

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 92.5“(L) x 74.5“(H), Matte white screen
  • Case Size:  92.5”(L) x 4.75”(W), color white
  • Product Weight: 17.4lbs

A white color screen having black borders with a huge contrast in the picture. The gain ratio of this motorized projector screen is kept at 1:3 to produce bright and beautiful images. However, a high gain ratio has a major con. The quality of the image will be perfect in the middle and will start to degrade if you move away from the center. So you must sit at the front of this screen to watch good quality bright display.

The screen measures 119 inches diagonally, the exact dimensions of this screen are 92.5 inches length by 74.5 inches height. The display of this screen is not 16:9; rather it has 4:3 display. With all the features aside, this is a major con of this screen. After YouTube started a display of 16:9, this became the most common ratio for all types of videos.

This screen is operated through a motor and runs silently and smoothly. Remote control also included which makes using the screen much easier. You just need to sit on your sofa, control the screen through a remote and have fun. The screen can be used in homes, offices, classrooms and other places where you need to gather public often. The screen will work best if it is used from time to time. Well, am missing one point i.e. this screen is very cheap in price and you can easily afford it.

  • Easy to mount
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to afford i.e. low in price
  • High gain ratio leads to low viewing angle

5. Elite Screens VMAX2

Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Screen

Cheap projector Screen For Business Meeting

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 120-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Case Size: 58.9″ H x 104.6″ W. Overall Size: 70.7″ H x 117.8″ W x 3.1″ D. white case.
  • Product Weight: 26.5 pound

This Elite Screen features a metal casing that is very durable so it will serve you for long. It has a synchronous motor which is very quiet in its operations and consumes very little power. Thus, you will have an efficient and silent experience through this screen. The remote control coming with this screen are IR and Radio Frequency. Along with 5-12 V trigger input, it also has a Cat5 cable and 2-3 years warranty like others.

It features a durable metal casing with a synchronous motor that boasts quietness and low power consumption. Perfect for wall or ceiling installation. Also, Includes Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) remotes, detachable 3-way wall switch, a built-in 5-12V trigger input, and Cat5 cable.

  • Very durable
  • Perfect gain ratio
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Easy to clean
  • Some wrinkles won’t fix

Conclusion: MaxWhite Fiberglass is a matte white front projection material. The fiberglass backing yields outstanding strength and rigidity, and also the black backing prevents light-weight penetration.

6. VIVO 100″ Screen

Cheap Electric Motorized Projector Screens

Motorized Projector Screen Under Budget

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 100″ diagonal (80″ x 60″) at a 4:3 format,
  • Product Weight: 18.95 pounds

This motorized projector screen comes with an RF remote control. It has electric up/down stop limits in it which makes it easy to adjust projection on your screen. Thus, it has a smooth electric transition. Unlike other screens, the ideal viewing angle of this projector screen is much small. This screen diffuse light in all directions with an ideal viewing angle of 120 degrees.

The 1.1 gain ratio is perfect to give you the best image. The backside of this projector screen is standard black which eliminates light penetrations from the back and gives you high-quality images. Like every good projector screen, borders are black in color to enhance the contrast of the picture. This motorized projector screen by Vivo has a durable metal casing. You can mount on the wall or ceiling which makes it perfect for the home theater system. The projector screen is universally compatible, means it will work with a large number of LED, LCD or DLP projectors in the market.

The screen is large enough to let a large number of people watch through it because it measures 100 inches diagonally. The view area of this projector screen is 80 by 60 inches. The aspect ratio will, however, create problems because it has a ratio of 4:3. Most of the time, there will be some black areas on the screen.

  • Perfect gain ratio
  • High contrast ratio
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Low viewing angle

Conclusion: With durable metal casing with dual wall and ceiling installation, making it perfect for home and business use. The screen is cleanable with mild soap and water.

7. Elite Screens Evanesce B Series

In-Ceiling Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Electric Foldable Projector Screen

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 120 inches diagonal viewing size (104.6 W x 58.9 H inch).
  • View size: 16:9 HD Format with an 8-inch Black Masking Drop in a White Finish Case/Housing.
  • Product Weight: 37.8 pound

The next one is the Elite screens which measures 120 inches diagonally. The view size of this Elite screen is 104.6 inches in width and 58.9 inches in height. The aspect ratio of this elite screens, unlike the previous two, is 16:9. The screen has a white color case while the borders are colored black to enhance contrast.

The screen is composed of superior quality material. The gain ratio of this screen is 1.1 which gives it a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees, a perfect view of the screen even from the sides. The screen resolution is 8K/4K/Ultra HD and Active 3D projection is ready. The back of the screen is kept black with a textured surface.

The screen is designed by keeping in mind the interests of both commercial and residential users, suitable for everyone. You get a safe screen and your investment is secured with NFPA 701 Flame Retardant. The package includes a full installation kit, Remotes with IR and RF technology, and 3-way wall switch. Other things include Integrated RJ45 port and 5-12 volt trigger.

  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • Screen resolution of 8K/ 4K
  • Certified for safety
  • Lifetime tech support
  • Difficult to adjust

Conclusion: It is safe and secure with NFPA 701 Flame Retardant, Green Guard Gold Certified. Easy to clean and affordable. Mostly trustworthy with 3yrs warranty.

8. Akia 110-inch Electric Screen

Home Theater Motorized Wall Mounted Screen

Home Theater Motorized Wall Mounted Projection Screen

Important Features To Consider

  • Size: 110″ Diagonal, 16:9 Ratio,
  • Case Size: 95.5″(W) x 53.”(H)
  • Product Weight: 16 pounds

This is a large electric projector screen by Akia. It measures 110 inches diagonally while the actual screen size is 95.5 inches width by 53.7 inches height.

The screen color is Matte White which will give you a pleasant feeling. The gain ratio of the screen is 1.3 which means that brightness will be evenly distributed in the whole image just like the natural one. The viewing angle of this screen is 160 degrees. Nowadays, most good quality screens feature a whole 180 degrees viewing angle on their screen. However, it is quite an acceptable one.

The screen comes with 3 layers (black) in the back. Any light coming from the back, will be stopped and it won’t penetrate to the front and you will get an ideal picture irrespective of what is on the back of your screen. The image is of top quality and to enhance its contrast, the borders are black. These are 25 mm black masking on all the 4 sides of the screen. Light in weight motorized projector screen which weighs just 6.75 kg.

The screen can easily handle 3D and 4K projections from your projectors and you will get a high-quality image. Beside it lags in aspect ratio and viewing angle, a very good quality screen at the given price.

  • Good gain ratio
  • No light penetration from back
  • Easy to install
  • Not packed in a good manner, often comes with dents

Important Features To Consider

A motorized projector screen is just like a normal projector screen with the main difference that they are controlled through a motor that rolls them up and down at the time of use. The same features apply to them as in the case of the fixed projector or inflatable but the difference that now much focus will be towards the remote control type. If we conclude, below are important features to consider in any motorized projector screen.

Difference Between Motorized and Manual Projector Screen?

Motorized Projector Manual Projector
Problems Motorized Projector needs works on a motor which might need some maintenance and replacement. Manual projection screens rarely have any mechanical problems, although occasionally the retention mechanism that keeps the screen open can break or jam after many uses.
Cost More expensive than manual projector Less expensive
Complexity It is difficult to decide which one to buy because of the varieties available in the market. You have to just know you want it and you will.
Usage It is simple to use but a bit hard to maintain. As the motor used is complex and may require mechanics to fix if it is a problem. Very easy to maintain and use.
Durable It can get damaged and you have to replace it with a new one. It is however more durable.
Floor Mounted It is rarely available in case of motorized projector. Available.

Motorized Projector Screen Buying Guide

Selecting a motorized projector screen is not very difficult. You just need to be careful about some important points. If you follow them, you will definitely result in buying a projector screen that worth your need. These projector screens have fewer differences in each other because every company tries to follow the standards.

How To Install In-Ceiling Electric Projector Screen Step by Step Guide

Installing a projector screen is not that hard all basic installation guide available in box.

Type of Remote Control

There comes two different types of remote controls for controlling your motorized projector screen. These are IR one means Infrared and RF one means Radio Frequency. The universal remotes we use are IR ones, but RF is many efficient ones because you don’t need to point them and they automatically connect to the target antenna.

There are some, we must say, useless type of motorized projector screens which are only controlled through a button in the settings panel. You must avoid buying them because when all you need to stand and go press the button, then what is a problem with the manual one? So always go for one which can be controlled through a remote while most of these come with both IR and RF remotes.

Size Of  The Screen

Like every other screen, size is an important feature in these screens as well. Since these screens are used in large conference rooms and university classes, you need to be more careful about its size. If you are buying one for use in a large hall, then you should buy a large screen. On the other hand, if you are buying one for your home use, somewhat around 100 inches will be a perfect screen. Anything more than this will be a waste of money. Because you had to consider the size price ratio. A large projector screen means more money will be required to buy the screen.

Rating Of The Brand And Warranty

The overall rating of the brand plays an important role in buying any electrical object. This is because these products even small parts matter a lot and may stop working on the whole product or enhance its working.

A good brand knows about the quality of the inputs needed to produce a perfect screen. This is why it is beneficial in the long run to buy from a reputed name. You should also focus on buying a screen that offers actual warranty and must review if they fulfill their promise or not. Electronic items usually cause problems and a good warranty will save your money in this case.

The Color Of The Border And Layers On The Back

Both of these concerns with the quality of the picture. The color of the screen border has a greater concern with the contrast of the image. These screens are usually white in color so the borders must be black. A white screen in the black will produce high contrast and you will love the image. These screens are mounted on the walls, which are almost in every case, painted with a light color. So a black border will help you to differentiate between the projector screen and the background when viewing from a distance.

As long as the back of the screen is concerned, there must be thick layers of black color. Good products place multiple layers on the backside. These layers don’t let the light to penetrate from the back. Thus, you get a good quality image that is unaffected by what is placed behind the screen.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio has a different impact on this screen from another type of screen. If you are planning to use the screen for home movies, then you must select one with a ratio of 16:9. This will ensure that the picture fits on the screen. But, on the other side, if you are planning to use the screen for office or classroom use, then you must go with the aspect ratio of your computer device.

The Weight Of The Product

Well, this may be the only product where weight doesn’t matter a lot. You don’t need to port this screen from one place to another so no one cares too much about the weight. The only thing to care about is that the weight must not be too much for the ceiling or stands to handle it. If you have weak supports for the screen, then you must strengthen them to ensure the safety of the product.

Setting Up And Cleaning Options

Setting a motorized projector screen is very simple. It comes in the working condition. All you need to do is to mount it either on the wall or on the ceiling and plug it in the socket. Then you need to play it and it will start working. Almost all screens follow this standard, so you need not worry. You can clean your screen with soap and water. So no worries required.

FAQ’s About Motorized Projector Screen

How Motorized Projector Screen Works?

These are probably the simplest type of screen in setting up. Most parts of the screen come pre-assembled. You just need to mount your screen on the wall or ceiling. After you mount it, plug the screen in and play it. You can control it through remote control. They come with two types of controls i.e. IR remote and RF remotes. These will help you to scroll the screen up and down and also control other settings.

When everything else is fixed, you need to connect the screen with a projector. These screens come with universal compatibility with all common types of projectors. Once the projector and screen pairs, you are ready to start the entertainment. Just start the movie and it will be projected on the screen. You need to be careful about other necessities of projector screens like controlling the light indoor, managing the right distance and others.

What Is The Difference Between Motorized and Manual Projector Screen?

The difference between both can be classified under two broad headings:

  1. Potential Problems
  2. Convenience And Simplicity

Potential Problems

Firstly let’s discuss manual projectors. Since they have fewer mechanical parts, there arise fewer mechanical problems. However, you may experience problems with a retention mechanism that keeps the screen open when at work. It can break or jam after you use it several times and you will be left clueless when in need.

On the other hand, motorized projector screens don’t have any retention system. The screen rolls and unrolls with the help of a motor. When the motor is at rest, its tension keeps the screen in the place. This way there is less chance that you will be left clueless in the middle of important work. However, to avoid any mishaps, you need to do routine maintenance of your motor so the motor remains in the working condition and does not jam.

Convenience And Simplicity

Manual screens have fewer parts and simple design. This is why they are less expensive than the motorized screen with the same features. The cost saving is the main purpose of people going for a manual projector screen and this is much because of its simple design. The screen material depends on the company and is usually of excellent quality. To sum up, apart from convenience, these screens are a good choice because they are easy to maintain as long as the retention mechanism doesn’t flop.

When it comes to motorized projector screens, they offer great convenience. Sometimes, they even become a necessity. This is when your screen is in a hall and is pretty much above the normal human height.

Pros and Cons of a Motorized screen


  • The biggest plus point these screens offer is the ease of using them. Just push the button, and it will roll up or down.
  • They come pre-assembled. Unlike other projection screens, you don’t need to fit each and every part that takes a long time. Just mount it, plug and play.
  • A person spends money so he buys an object that will be pleasant to the eye. These projection screens are a lavish addition to your drawing room as they add to the beauty of the place.
  • They save the place at the same time. If there is no room for your screen, you can even place it at the front of a window. Roll it down when using (they have black back layers to avoid light penetrations), and after using roll it up and a window will appear.
  • You can have multiple activities at the same place. A user commented that he has placed his screen in front of the TV. When the need to watch TV, the screen is rolled up; when the need is to go big, roll the screen down and play your fav movie.
  • Controlling these screens is just fun through a simple IR or RF remote.


  • The biggest cons of these screens are that they are expensive. They are much expensive than other options available means less economical.
  • They have a complex design and are controlled through a motor. A single problem in the motor will make your projection screen useless for some hours.
  • Since they are rolled up and down continuously, they sometimes develop wrinkles. These wrinkles seem very awkward when watching a movie on it or using them for office presentations.


Buying a motorized screen is very easy. There are very few differences between different products. They differ in screen size, aspect ratio, color and type of remote control. You must figure out which one suits best for you and buy it. Because most features are the same for these screens.

After going through this article, you will have a clear idea about which product to select and why. If you need further help, feel free to ask.

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