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Does your mattress understand you? Does it adapt to your postures? You would know this when you wake up refreshed. For all your sleep positions, support should be excellent. Front and back sleepers have trouble finding a comfortable option. Most best-selling mattresses made of memory foam that can learn from and adapt to your postures.

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Firmness – The Key Deciding Factor

When it comes to choosing a mattress, durability is a critical aspect. What is in it for a belly sleeper? These firm foam mattresses are a boon for a belly sleeper. The right amount of firmness can help the mattress follow the contours of your body. Such designs make sure that you wake up feeling refreshed no matter what sleep posture you assume.

Design of mattress determines whether your muscle feels sore because it determines whether you feel tired after sleeping. Quality of sleep improves with the regular use of supportive mattresses. Hence, you need to ensure that you find the right choice. Even a front sleeper should feel relaxed while sleeping.

Why do Belly Sleepers need exceptional Mattress?

Most tummy sleepers often complain that even the most comfortable mattresses give them backaches. Sleeping on your belly has several benefits, which include reduced snoring. It also helps those with sleep apnea. So, if you are a stomach sleeper, then there is good news.

Finding the best mattress for tummy sleepers is easy. You would find many versatile choices that will suit all types of sleeping postures. Thus, everyone in your family would be able to use the mattress comfortably. The best mattress for stomach sleepers avoids discomfort while sleeping. With the right mattress, you can also avoid back pain. Further, when you sleep on your belly, you won’t feel any discomfort. The best mattress for belly sleepers offers excellent support for the neck and spine.

Most items on our list come as a bed-in-box design. Installation and movement of these mattresses are easy. Moreover, you will find them in varying bed sizes. Hence, it is easy to pick a suitable sized belly sleeper mattress. What’s even better is that the firmness in these mattresses is perfect for a tummy sleeper.

List of Best Belly Sleeper Mattresses

Here are some of the most dependable options for belly sleepers. We stick with the ones that deliver convenient trial periods. Stomach sleepers also need excellent back support. The ones on our list all offer firm pressure for back pain relief. Breathability is another significant aspect. We have rounded up products that ensure you do not feel too warm at night.

Most of the products on our list also come with custom dimension choices. According to your bed size, you can find a suitable size mattress from the list. Thus, the options will keep you comfortable and help relieve soreness in your muscles. A majority of the items on our list comprised of natural materials even. The use of organic components makes them safe for health and ecofriendly. These are also low maintenance mattresses suitable for full use.

1. TEMPUR-Adapt Hybrid Foam Mattress

Medium-feel hybrid foam mattress

With a thickness of 11″, this is a medium-firm mattress for tummy sleepers. You can feel the customized posture support that comes from the TEMPUR support comfort layer. A layer consisting of thousands of springs is present to balance this bounce with durability. Springs protect the mattress from losing shape, and foam takes care of comfort, thus giving you the real perks of a hybrid mattress. Further, there is the breathable cool-to touch top layer. Known for its durability, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

It can be helpful for all those who wake up due to a feeling of excessive warmth. On the whole, this one delivers a relaxing sleep for the whole family. When you toss and turn while you sleep, there is a lot of vibration. Therefore, Adapt blends all the comfort-oriented features with motion isolation. So, movements do not disturb the person sleeping next to you. You get a 100-nights trial period with the mattress. The brand offers a full refund if you are not satisfied.


bed-in-a-box mattress

Belly sleepers find this mattress from the fast-growing brand to be a cozy choice. To tackle the memory foam heating issues, there is a breathable base. Hi-core memory foam, which adapts easily, is the next layer. With this, there is an essential firmness to support the contours of the body. Besides this supportive foam, there is another gel foam layer.

The specialty of the design is its unique top cover. Offering softness and coolness, it comes with a smart quilted design. The top cover here is a combination of cooling layer and memory foam. All the chosen materials are layered to help prevent back and neck pains. These mattresses can, therefore, be useful in pain management. One of the perks of the design here is that it feels comfortable all year long. You get a 180-nights trial period to experience the mattress, and there is also a lifetime warranty.

3. Leesa Mattress

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Leesa is known for offering a variety of ergonomic design traits, reduced motion transfer being one. Leesa mattress comes designed as a family mattress suitable for all sleeping postures. With premium looks, it enhances the sleep quality for a belly sleeper in particular. If you suffer from chronic pain or tensed muscles, this mattress provides gentle pressure on the tension points. On the hips and shoulder regions, the mattress exerts excellent support. A soft bounce is what you feel the moment you lie on the bed.

The topmost layer on this is the 2″ foam layer, which stays cool. Below this premium foam layer is the memory foam layer, 2″ thick. The second layer supports the contours of your body. The core foam layer, which is 6″ thick, is the densest among the lot. Each layer is designed to respond to the position of the user. Breathability is an integral part of the design. Consequently, there is no worry about hot spells waking you up. The brand offers a 100-nights trial period with the mattress. You can initiate a refund within this time if you are not satisfied.

4. Brooklyn Signature

Pressure Relieving Foam

Brooklyn Signature is available in a variety of sizes for different beds and also different firmness options. Signature is a luxury mattress for tummy sleepers, most importantly. The innovative design balances a nice response to posture changes with the elasticity of the mattress. For the tummy sleepers, the mattress feels firm while also carrying a nice bounce.

The brand’s patented Titanflex foam is the topmost layer. You can feel the elasticity of this layer in the rapid response to posture changes. TitaniumGel is infused into the layer to enhance the cooling effect that the mattress offers. The second layer is a similar 2″ Titanflex foam like the top layer. After this comes a layer of 1024 pocketed coils that provide an extra bounce. The coil layer also acts as the firm support for preserving the shape of the mattress.

Along with the support, it also helps prevent mattress sagging with use. Below the 6″ thick coils layer is the support foam. Finally, at the base, there is the 1″ thick high-density foam layer. To wrap it up, ergonomic layers with effective cooling make this a great choice. Brooklyn Signature comes with a 120-nights trial period.

5. Tulo Comfort

stomach Sleepers mattress

‘Medium, firm, and soft’ are the firmness options available, and these are all equally comfortable. If you need the best belly sleeper mattress, then the medium firmness variant is what you need. Feeling excessively warm during sleep is one common complaint. Tulo Comfort takes care of this with their stay cool design. In terms of the ergonomics, this mattress feels firm and bouncy at the same time. If you change your posture often, it adapts and flexes below your body. At the top, there is the soft fabric woven cover lined by the 4-layer foam below.

Tulo mattress comes with CertiPUR-US certified foam. Hypoallergenic property of this purity certified foam makes it suitable for people with allergies. The topmost layer is 2″ thick. Titanium cooling particles blend with foam in the top layer. The medium firmness of 4″ core layer supports the responsive foam layer on top. Easy setup and durability deliver great value from this mattress. Plenty of features complement these positive aspects. Tulo offers a convenient 120-nights trial period.

6. LINENSPA Innerspring Mattress (10-Inch Latex Hybrid)

affordable low profile mattress

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The INNERSPRING mattress is one of the toughest contenders in terms of build quality. The heavy-duty tempered steel coil layer is used to achieve this competitive construction quality. Posture support with a pain-relieving pressure is, therefore, the biggest strength of the mattress. With a thickness of 10 inches, the mattress stays flat and fluffy for a long time. There is a combination of toughness from coil and softness from foam. Therefore, it suitable even as kids’ beds.

Topmost layer features a soft quilted pattern. Durable foam below the top layer conveniently hides the rigid coil layer below, making the mattress soft and cozy to use. To protect this top foam layer from being damaged by the coils, there is also a felt pad lining. Besides being strong in its build, this mattress is also lined with a flame resistance barrier layer. Compressed slim packaging is another added advantage of this product. You can enjoy a 100-nights risk-free trial period with this mattress. Along comes the 10-year warranty benefit.

7. LUCID Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Belly Mattress review

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As a thick 12″ mattress, this one comes with innovative foam layering for a plush feel. It is a great stomach sleeper mattress which promotes a relaxed sleep. For a better response to all posture changes, there is a supportive coil layer. One significant benefit of the coil layer here is that these are individually wrapped coils. They do not damage the foam layer above or the base layer below. The spacing of the coils ensures better airflow and long-lasting suspension.

Have you noticed that most mattresses sag towards the edges? To tackle this, LUCID Hybrid adds a 6″ additional support along the edges. The topmost memory foam layer is made of bamboo charcoal infused with aloe vera. A combination of aloe vera and bamboo charcoal helps keep the mattress cool and free from unpleasant odors. Transition layers between the top layer and coils comprise of 2″ foam. With them, the mattress attains a balance in transition. With a 10-year warranty, this mattress is a safe one to try. There is a 100 nights’ risk-free trial period.

8. Saatva Classic Mattress

hybrid innerspring mattress

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Among the variants in this range, the firm one is the tummy sleeper mattress. With a soft top cover, the construction offers a firm resistance. Both of these elements balance each other, and thus you get something that is comfortable no matter how you sleep. People with sore back and neck muscles experience immediate relief from the efficient spine support this mattress delivers. For a clean and sophisticated look, there is a soft to touch top cover. The use of antimicrobial cotton for the top cover is an added advantage.

Saatva Classic offers firm and supported edges which help improve the mattress durability. A layer of individually wrapped coils respond to the posture assumed and offers proper ventilation. Made of 13-gauge triple tempered steel, these coils provide strength for the mattress. If you are looking for the excellent support in the lumbar region, the durable coil layer takes care of that. You can also experience a visible improvement in back and neck pain as the design targets pressure points. Saatva offers 15yrs warranty with the mattress. Along with this comes a risk-free 120-nights trial period.

9. Loom & Leaf Mattress (Firm Model)

perfect mattress

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Loom & Leaf offers ‘firm’ and ‘relaxed firm’ variants in this range. If you are a stomach sleeper, then go for the ‘firm’ model. In terms of the mattress dimension again, there are plenty of choices available. For all those with concerns like excess nighttime sweat and poor back support, this one works well.

With the eco-friendly foam construction, the focus here is on health and hygiene. As a fire-resistant barrier, there is natural thistle pulp used without any harmful chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, then the lack of chemical treatments on the fabric comes as a plus. To complement this comes the organic top cotton layer.

Loom & Leaf makes use of a unique natural treatment called Guardian, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria. As a result, you get a mattress that comes with a top surface that stays hygienic. You also get the assurance that your everyday mattress doesn’t start smelling musty during the damp weather. As a low maintenance premium foam mattress, this one, therefore, it is a low maintenance mattress. As a premium foam mattress, this option comes with a 120-nights trial period and a 15-year warranty.

10. Live and Sleep

Memory Foam Mattress

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With its ergonomically balanced firmness, this mattress is a great belly sleeper mattress. CERTIPUR certified this mattress is free from chemical treatments. From top to bottom, this one is made of hypoallergenic materials with antimicrobial properties. A high-density core foam layer takes care of pressure relief. Made of flex thread fabric, the soft top cover is removable.

Live and Sleep mattress is another stay cool mattress to prevent hot spells from interrupting your sleep. As an all-weather mattress this one feels supportive for various sleep postures. Contouring support for the different postures comes from 2.5″ cushion layer. The pure memory foam layer understands and adapts with the sleeping position. Below this, there is the 7.5″ thick high-density foam layer, which adds to the firmness essential for belly sleepers. Combined with a 30-day trial period, there is a 20-year warranty on the product.

11. GhostBed Luxe

Coolest Mattress in the World

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The bouncer layer and ice fabric are among the signature features of this premium mattress. As a tummy sleeper mattress, this one is firm enough to help alleviate back pain and joint stiffness. Proprietary cooling technology makes sure that you do not wake up feeling sweaty.

The topmost layer comprises three elements of cooling. Ghost Ice Fabric is soft to touch and stays cool. The second element for cooling is the 1″ thick gel foam. Third, comes the ½” Ghost Hug top surface complements gel foam. Below this, there is the Ghost Ice layer, which helps with better heat radiation. Intuitively designed memory foam called the GhostBounce layer gives the mattress a nice bouncy feel. For core, support comes there is a 7.5″ thick high-density foam. GhostBed Luxe offers efficient motion isolation for uninterrupted sleep. It comes with 25 years warranty and a 101 nights’ trial period.

12. Tuft & Needle Mint

universally comfortable foam mattress

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Tuft & Needle Mint is another one on our list that is a luxury mattress for belly sleepers. Mint delivers dependable support by consistently adjusting to every posture. Comprised of knit fabric, the plus top cover stays cool to touch. It is this layer that gives the mattress that grand look! As a unique addition, this mattress comes with infused graphite in the top foam layer. The second layer comprises the cooling beads for the cushioning effect of the mattress.

The adaptive design of the foam layer helps respond better to posture changes. For belly sleepers, this design can be a boon. Two such layers of adaptive foam together make the bed feel firm and cozy. You get a 10year warranty on the product. There is a 100 nights’ trial period. You can use this time to check whether the mattress suits you.

13. Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Latex Foam

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Made of unique latex foam, it is a comfortable option. Pure Green comes with a blend of organic cotton and organic wool. Rubber latex without traces of chemicals and fillers is the reason behind the durability of this mattress. A soft, long-lasting cotton fabric top cover lines the mattress on the outside. As a natural fire-resistant lining, there is a wool layer that also takes care of enhancing temperature regulation.

Cotton and wool used in the mattress are both GOTS certified for purity. With these materials, the top layer also has a 2″ natural latex foam. The base is again the same natural latex foam of 6″ thickness. Moreover, Pure Green brings a 100-nights trial period and a 10-year warranty.

14. WinkBed


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‘Firm’ variant of the WinkBed offers a cozy, supportive platform for tummy sleepers. Eucalyptus based Tencel cover feels soft and provides a cooling effect. The euro-pillow top layer comes with gel-infused foam. There is a layer of individually encased coil system for better support. Reinforced edges avoid edge sag and also lead to overall stability. To keep the mattress cool, there are three layers to pull heat away from the body.

Durable in make, firm for belly sleepers, and cool to prevent excessive warmth at night – these features give this design a blend of ergonomic benefits. Motion isolation is another critical aspect of design. WinkBed is also supportive of relieving muscle tension, making it an excellent choice for pain management. WinkBed offers a 120-nights trial period and lifetime warranty.

15. Zenhaven

Luxuriously Supportive Mattress

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Innovation in the design shows this mattress is designed for stomach sleepers. The design features an organic top cover lining natural latex foam. The quilted cotton fabric of the top layer is gentle on sensitive skin. Zenhaven gives a design that delivers different degrees of firmness at five different zones. Extra firmness is incorporated at the shoulder and torso region for pain relief.

The primary foam used is natural Talalay latex foam. The base layer also comprises of the same natural foam. Lack of synthetic foam and fillers make this a clear choice from top to bottom. Solid construction avoids the feeling of sinking into the bed. Spinal alignment is such that you maintain a healthy posture all through the night. Zenhaven offers 120-nights of the trial period with a 20-year warranty.

Editor Picks” BedInABox Pacbed Original

best affordable comfort mattress

First one come in our list is Bedinbox bed, thick knit cover top looks and feels good. The firmness of the foam layers below balances the plush top cover feel and the breathability of layer helps regulate the heat. Gel foam Comfort layer lies below this and is 3″ thick. BedInABox promises effective contouring support for the body curves with the use of CoolRest foam. At the base, there is a 6″ sturdy SureAlign layer that holds the bed in shape for years together.

If you are struggling with healthy posture alignment during sleep, this mattress can be of help. No matter what posture you assume, the mattress adapts itself. For those suffering from chronic back pain, this one comes with excellent spinal support. Overall, the medium-firm feel is suitable for stomach sleepers. BedInABox comes with a 120-nights trial period and a 20 years’ warranty. Purchasing the mattress is, therefore, convenient and risk-free.

16. Helix LUXE Hybrids (Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, Dawn)

Mattresses For Every Body

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Helix LUXE is for those who like to lie flat on the stomach. On the top, there is a premium quilted cover. For maintaining a fresh feel, this layer features ‘Ultra-Breathable’ technology. High-density Helix Dynamic foam layer gives a cushioning effect with medium firmness. The overall design helps in relieving pain and accommodating different postures.

Durability comes from the layer of 1000 plus wrapped coils. For the shoulder, there is a softness, and the hip region features firmer support. Polyfoam acts as the transition layer for better ergonomics. To help maintain the shape, there is a strong DuraDense Foam base. Luxe Hybrids come with a 100-nights trial and 15 years’ warranty.

17. The New Purple

Hyper-Elastic Polymer Bed Supports

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Introduced after years of research, The New Purple intends to create a firm and comfortable mattress. The brand utilizes 30 patented technologies to develop the unique Purple Grid top layer made of hyper-elastic polymer. Staying cool, this layer feels soft against the skin.

With the Purple Grid layer, there is a non-toxic coating that helps protect the bed from wear and tear. There is also a fire-resistant knit barrier layer for added safety. A 1″ foam layer makes sure that the bed responds to every little change in your posture. For pressure at the painful joints, this mattress features high-density polyurethane. Finally, there is a 7.5″ thick layer of pocketed springs for better response. Air channels between the coils help regulate the heat and keep you fresh. New Purple comes with 100 nights’ trial and 10-years’ warranty.

18. Avocado Green Mattress


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Avocado Green is made without polyurethane and other types of synthetic materials commonly used in mattresses. GOLS certified rubber latex foam is the main element of design. Combining durable eco-friendly materials, this mattress features a high-performance construction. Safe on skin and for the planet, these mattresses are suitable for belly sleepers.

Tackling dust mites is easy, thanks to the organic wool layer. The moisture-wicking ability of the layer helps prevent excess sweat while sleeping. Antimicrobial properties help tackle infections. With the use of lint-free organic cotton, the mattress is suitable for those with allergies and skin sensitivities. Avocado Green also comes with a naturally treated fire resistance layer.

Firmness is distributed across the various zones for adequate pressure relief at different parts of the body. Sturdy carry handles allow convenient movement. Avocado offers an impressive 1-year trial period. Warranty extends to 25 years.

19. Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

Pressure Relieving Foam

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Organic cotton with quilted wool constitutes the 1.25″ top layer. Breathability and heat regulation are the significant traits of this layer. As a layer that quickly wicks moisture away, this one also stays dry. Below the top layer is the natural Talalay latex layer of 3″ thickness. Vertex coils are individually wrapped and form an 8″ layer. With noticeable motion isolation, this coil layer also offers a quick response to posture changes.

At the base, there is the 1″ layer at made of high-density foam. Overall, the design is such that the mattress is durable and long-lasting. As an all-weather mattress, this one regulates heat and keeps the mattress feeling cool. Shipped in a box, this one comes with a 120-nights trial period. After that, there is also a 10-year warranty.

20. Awara Latex Hybrid

Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress

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Awara Latex Hybrid mattress makes use of all-natural materials that are safe on the skin. Featuring a quilted design, the top layer is made of organic wool fiber. Below this is the 4″ foam layer made of Rainforest Alliance certified Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex layer provides contouring support for the body. To make the mattress feel more stable in all sleep postures, there is a 9″ innerspring layer.

Awara Latex comes with individually cased springs that constitute a durable layer with plenty of air pockets. Therefore, this layer combines strength with ventilation in all weather conditions. For safety, the top layer is treated with natural fire retardants. Lack of petroleum-based chemical traces makes this mattress a safe choice. Durability allows long term use. Awara Latex Hybrid comes with a 1-year trial period and a lifetime warranty.

21. Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep AS2 Review

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AS2 has an excellent cushioning effect for stomach sleepers. With its celliant top cover, which is a blend of 13 thermo-reactive materials, makes it durable. Further complementing the top layer, there is a Bio-Pur cooling foam layer featuring open-cell design. Bio-Pur layer helps keep the bed cool and draws heat away from the body. Next is the Affinity layer, which feels soft and plush. The affinity layer is firm at the pressure points for pain relief. Heat dissipation channels line this layer for added coolness.

Below the Affinity layer, there is a transition layer added with unique ‘Surface Modification Technology’. To prevent sagging, there is a durable Bio-Core foam layer. Made from plant-based products, it is an ecofriendly foam. AS2 is a long-wearing option for the family bedroom. A 100-nights trial period and a 20-year warranty period gives the confidence of buying the mattress.

22. BedInABox Pacbed Original

best affordable comfort mattress

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Thick knit cover top looks and feels good. The firmness of the foam layers below balances the plush top cover feel. The breathability of this layer helps regulate the heat. Gel foam Comfort layer lies below this and is 3″ thick. BedInABox promises effective contouring support for the body curves with the use of CoolRest foam. At the base, there is a 6″ sturdy SureAlign layer that holds the bed in shape for years together.

If you are struggling with healthy posture alignment during sleep, this mattress can be of help. No matter what posture you assume, the mattress adapts itself. For those suffering from chronic back pain, this one comes with excellent spinal support. Overall, the medium-firm feel is suitable for stomach sleepers. BedInABox comes with a 120-nights trial period and a 20 years’ warranty. Purchasing the mattress is, therefore, convenient and risk-free.

23. Boll and Branch

Best Mattress For Family

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Boll and Branch deliver handcrafted luxury in this mattress. The robust top cover is made of wool and poly blend, which retains shape easily. Below is the latex layer with infused graphite that stays cool. Motion isolation is possible with the natural Talalay latex layer below. Then comes the layer of micro-coils for durability and stability. You will feel comfortable with these reactive coils irrespective of body weight and posture.

Spinal alignment on this mattress is such that it helps relieve neck pain and back pain. It also has a layer of foundation coils encased individually and twice tempered. Edge reinforcement helps retain the firmness throughout. Boll and Branch mattress comes with a 30-nights trial period and a 10-year warranty.

24. Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate

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The top layer is made of premium natural blends of cotton fabric, which wicks sweat away and stays cool to touch. Quilt top layer comprises of 2 layers of natural Dupont Sorona fiber. Another natural material is the Talalay latex padding added for support. Besides being eco-friendly, it is also known to be supportive of all sleeping postures. Stomach sleepers and back sleepers can both benefit from this.

The stability of the mattress lies in the Active PowerCore2 layer of springs, which absorbs impact and prevents motion transfer. To enhance coolness here, even side panels are made of breathable fabric for better air flow. Reinforced gussets complement fabric border on the mattress. Sturdy handles on all four edges help smooth movement. Estate mattress comes with 100 nights’ trial period. With this, there are 5 or 15 years’ warranty options.

25. Ecosa Mattress

Best Waterproof Ecosa Mattress

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The top cover is removable for easy washing and maintenance. The water-proof liner comes with top cover to protect inner layers. Ecosa mattress is resistant to dust mites and thus makes an ideal choice for those with allergies. Are you someone who sweats a lot at night, then fear not, there is the G-7 gel foam layer. ECO-Tex memory foam for added bounce comes with an open-cell design for breathability. The base foam layer is firm and offers pressure at desired points.

In terms of ergonomics, this mattress scores high. Healthy spinal alignment helps in pain management. Ecosa mattress comes with efficient air circulation to prevent nighttime sweats and uninterrupted sleep. Ecosa offers a 100-nights risk-free trial period along with a 15-year warranty period.

26. Energie Opus by Essentia

Energie Opus where to buy

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Several layers of natural materials together help create Energie Opus mattress. Ease of maintenance comes with a removable organic cotton cover. Full zipper closure makes removal and installation of cover easy. Patented memory foam in a 3″ thick layer offers the depth of contouring. With this, your spine remains healthily aligned while sleeping. The elasticity of this layer helps the mattress regain its shape instantly. Energie Opus helps those with back pain and makes a convenient choice for stomach sleepers.

The dynamic cooling design allows maintaining a relaxed and cozy ambiance. Temperatures feel 3 degrees cooler than body temperature. With the use of hypoallergenic materials that resist dust mites, this one is designed to suit people with allergies. Organic materials and chemical-free crafting make this an eco-friendly choice. Energie Opus comes with an easy 120-nights trial period and a 20-year warranty.

27. Happsy Organic Mattress

Happsy Organic Mattress Reviews

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Happsy mattress is made of natural materials without chemical flame retardant treatment. Therefore, it is safe and gentle on the skin and makes an excellent choice for the family room and kids’ room. An organic cover made of cotton fabric wraps the mattress on all sides, complemented with wool batting for a soft feel. The combination of organic cotton and wool provides efficient temperature regulation.

For deep contouring, there is a 2″ thick natural latex foam. Its firm construction delivers pressure for pain relief at sore joints. Pocketed spring layer, 8″ thick, improves air circulation. Each layer compliments the other to create a soft and cool platform. Happsy Organic mattress comes with a 120-night trial period and a 20-year warranty.

28. Hyphen Mattress

Hyphen Mattress Review

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Hyphen delivers a 3-layer design in this versatile mattress. For experiencing a noticeable cooling effect even on a hot summer night, there is copper infused in the design. Body heat regulation becomes simpler with the use of a breathable foam layer. People who sweat excessively during sleep benefit from this design. Hyphen mattress remains free from allergens and pathogens and doesn’t form mold during the damp weather condition. Accumulation of dust mites is nothing to worry about in this case.

An optimal level of bounce makes the mattress feel cozy. Motion transfer is significantly reduced in this. To ensure that you wake up feeling relaxed, the overall construction is designed to be firm and supportive. Made in the USA, these mattresses are known for their long life. Hyphen mattress offers a 100-nights trial period. The added advantage is 20-years of warranty.

29. Latex for Less Mattress

Natural Hybrid Latex Review

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Latex for Less offers an all-natural latex mattress with customized degrees of firmness. It is a two-sided mattress with a firm side and a medium-firm side. Non-woven organic cotton top layer remains soft for a long time. To keep this top layer feeling cool always, organic wool fiber is blended into the design. Wool fiber also forms the fire barrier without the use of chemical retardants. For responsiveness, there is a medium firmness natural Talalay latex layer, which imparts softness to this mattress.

For firmness that complements this soft feel, there is the 4″ Dunlop latex layer. Wool fiber and cotton cover layers run on the top and bottom of this adaptive all-foam design. Keeping the motion transfer minimum, this mattress is known for its flexibility. You can use it on ant flat and slatted beds without the worry about sagging with use. Latex for Less offers 120 nights’ trial period. You can benefit from the 20-year warranty.

30. LUFT Mattress

The Luft Bed For Side Sleeper

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LUFT mattress is designed as a multi sleeper to deliver personalized support for different sleeping positions. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and belly sleepers can all find comfort in this. Luxury Firm multi sleeper variant is the most suitable choice for stomach sleepers with neck and back pains. You can easily use this mattress on flat platforms or even an adjustable base bed. Stretch fabric with excellent breathability wraps the whole mattress. To complement this, there are many layers of gel-infused cooling foam below.

For increasing the cooling effect of the mattress, there is the Graphene infused layer, which is 1″ thick. Temperature regulation is, therefore, quick and effective. The pressure at the tension points ensures that your pain heals while you sleep. Thus, it is effective for pain relief after a tiring day. The adaptive design of the mattress comes from the 2″ thick high-density foam. Stability and strength come from the Quantum coils, individually wrapped. LUFT offers 100 nights’ trial period and a 10-year warranty.

31. Luma Mattress

Luma Mattress Review

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Response to all sleeping positions is this mattress’s strength. Natural latex forms a 2″ layer on the top. Below this, there is the QE Bolsa coil system to make sure that the bed shape remains stable and supportive no matter how you sleep. 8″ thick, this coil system improves ventilation for preventing extra warmth while sleeping. For durability, this mattress features a Certi-PUR certified high-density foam base.

The design of the mattress combines health benefits and comfort that aids in posture correction. Moderation of temperature helps keep the mattress cool. Luma mattress feels firm enough to align your spine in a healthy position even when you sleep on your stomach. With this, there is no chance of waking up with a sore back or neck. Back pain relief and full-body relaxation are all possible with this mattress, thanks to the firm foam layers. Luma offers 100-nights of risk-free trial period. A 10-year warranty on these mattresses complements the features.

32. MemoryLux Mattress by WinkBeds


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Upgraded version of the conventional memory foam in this mattress comes with plenty of benefits. Back healing properties of the mattress help those with chronic pain. The layering of the foam layers in this design is intuitive. MemoryLux helps relieve soreness or tightness in the muscles. Tencel cover of the mattress feels 30% cooler than the body temperature and thus puts an end to night time sweatiness. To add to this, there is tufted gel foam for cooling. Sitting on the edge of the bed would not deform it as there is Atlas Core foam for resilience at the edges.

AIRCELL memory foam delivers pressure relief for your tired muscles. It is an eco-friendly mattress without chemical treatments, and durability comes with the promise of the least amount of sagging. Lifetime replacement warranty along with a 120-day trial period comes with this product. Such perks are unique and make these mattresses great value purchases.

33. Nolah Signature

Nolah Signature 12 Mattress Review

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Pressure relief and spine alignment are noticeable benefits. Back and tummy sleepers can lay flat comfortably throughout the night, without hunching. Stomach sleepers do not have to worry about a sinking feeling with this mattress. You can place this mattress on an adjustable base bed or a flatbed. Nolah Signature features a reversible design with different firmness levels on each side. Both the soft side and firm side are made of Nolah AirFoam for cooling. While the firm side is 1″ thick, the soft side is 2.5″.

Pressure relief for back pain is effective on the firm side, and this is also the most suitable side if you are a tummy sleeper. For those times, when you need a plush feel, there is the soft side. Contouring on this mattress feels deep and helps fill the curves of the body. Memory foam offers the desired spine support for those with back pain complaints. A supportive 1.5″ thick foam layer is added to make the mattress resilient. The responsive bounce comes with durability here thanks to the core foam, which is 7″ thick. Nolah offers a lifetime warranty on this mattress. Along with this is the convenient 120 nights’ trial period.

34. Novosbed Mattress

firmness for every sleeper

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Medium firmness suits the tummy sleepers. You get to choose from different dimensions available in this range. Easy maintenance designs are suitable for the long run. Therefore, Novosbed includes a removable, washable cover on this. The moisture-wicking ability of this cover is a plus. You feel fresh, dry, and comfortable all night. Thanks to this breathable top cover! Stay cool effect is also possible due to the advanced foam layer below the top cover.

For body contouring, the brand has added a transition foam layer, which takes care of motion isolation. The adaptability of the foam is good and, therefore, this mattress can be used in a family where different members sleep in different postures. Novosbed delivers a mattress that can adapt to all these. Bodyweight distribution is such that the pressure points are targeted. There is the convenience of 120 nights’ trial period with 15 years of warranty.

35. Plank Mattress

Healthiest Way to Sleep

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Healthy sleep is the core component of this design. All of the layers are designed to regulate heat. You can also add an optional cooling layer if required. Two-sided mattresses like this one are versatile long term choices for the family. To adjust the firmness when needed, all you have to do is to flip the mattress. The firm side and extra firm side lie on the top and bottom of the bed. Smooth stitching on the quilted top layer makes it feel soft against the skin. Below this, there is the TitanFlex layer, 2″ thick, for a profound contouring effect.

Each body posture receives the support it requires. Your spinal column is aligned in a way that prevents back pain no matter how you choose to sleep. For an overall solid feel, there is a firm base layer made of high-density foam, which is 7″ thick. Plank offers a 120-nights trial period. The safe 10-year warranty comes with the product.

36. Botanical Bliss by PlushBeds Mattress

natural Latex mattress REVIEWS

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Here is yet another mattress made of natural latex. Different height and dimension options are available. You can choose between Med-Firm and Medium-firm firmness choices. Med-Firm is particularly suitable for stomach sleepers. Even those with a heavy build find this to be a convenient choice. You can choose plenty of add-ons while purchasing the mattress. Some of them are latex pillows, luxury sheets, and mattress protectors.

Breathable organic cotton without chemical treatments forms the topmost layer. As cotton wicks moisture away quickly, you can stay relaxed and comfortable while you sleep. Temperature regulation is possible due to the organic wool layer, which also gives a plush feel. For firm support, the mattress includes a Dunlop latex foam layer. With this, you can wake up feeling refreshed. Botanical Bliss comes with a convenient 100-nights trial period. An added advantage is the 25-year warranty.

Buying Guide for Stomach Mattress

Best Mattress Reviews

Regarding Stomach Sleeping

Researchers have found that among the sleeping positions the least familiar is the stomach sleeping. It accounts for around 10% of the population sleeping in this way. Different stomach sleepers have different positions of their hands, neck, and knees. Which at times causes stiffness and back pain.

Most of the specialists consider stomach sleeping as one of the worst sleeping position because it can cause severe health issues. The only benefit of stomach sleeping is it obstructs the airway passage, resulting in less snoring. While keeping the health perspective in mind, it has many downsides such as undue pressure on the spine and stiffness in the neck due to its twisted position for hours.

Important Consideration for Stomach Mattress:

Sleeping on the stomach is considered tiring by the general public but for stomach sleepers, it is the most comfortable sleeping position. Being comfortable position still, it has many health issues. Therefore the sleepers configure their sleeping surface, mattress, and pillow, etc.

Some of the main factors which should be considered while buying a stomach mattress are discussed below:


The first and foremost factor is cushioning. A mattress should provide support and cushion your body weight and pressure. It should provide alignment to the spine without bending and twisting. The stomach sleepers should consider such a mattress which doesn’t sink their abdomen in it. The bristle should be aligned and it should be responsive enough to provide cushioning to the trunk of the body.


Usually, a mattress is described as soft or firm. The firmness of a mattress refers to the rigidity. From a comfort point of view. Stomach sleepers should not use plush mattress and should be alert about how soft their mattress is. It helps them not to sag into the foam because breathing would be at risk if this factor is not considered. From a scale from 1-10, stomach sleepers opt to buy 4-7 level firmness mattress. This means the mattress should neither be too firm that cause it is hard for stomach position, nor too soft which causes sinking in the mattress and eventually cause breathing problem.

Reliable sources

Before buying a stomach mattress, sleeper should consider asking other reliable sources. Different reviews of the verified purchasers should also be taken into account. Hence checking these will help you buy a better quality mattress. Other people’s experiences can help you predict how your foam should be.


The mattress is a daily use item often used for years. While buying a mattress one should check its durability and stability. If the mattress start is not of good quality, it fails to meet the purchaser’s demand. The abdominal place (center is the main place of mattress) which is very important for a stomach sleeper. Therefore, avoiding sagging in the center a buyer should check how durable the material is, else it can cause financial as well as health problems. Checking this will help the buyer avoiding the issues stated.


For buying any type of mattress body weight should be considered. The kind of mattress varies from weight to weight, likewise, a lighter person would have different requirements while a heavier one has different regarding stomach mattress. A lighter person needs less firm mattresses because he/she will not sink but a heavier weight stomach sleeper will need a firm mattress somewhere in the range of 5-6.

Adjusting torso and vertebrae

For any kind of sleeper, it is necessary to think about the spinal alignment, whether their vertebral column lies straight or not. this helps the sleeper in maintaining their erect position, relieving back pain. For a stomach sleeper, it is essential that their hips or legs do not sag in the mattress, else it can cause different ortho issues.

Sharing the same bed

In case a person is sharing a bed with their partner, then they should also consider their sleeping position. At times compromise is made caring is the other half. There are also types of the mattress where there is a spilled in between, so both the partners can achieve their sleeping position without disturbing each other. Firm-level 5 mattress is also a good option covering the stomach sleepers as well as the side sleepers.

Feature To Consider for Belly Mattress

There is a variety of things in the market. The same goes for mattresses, different kinds, and various functions. People get attracted to it, but certain aspects are important ones to look for, these are the essential features

Quality and Stuff

From buying a bobby pin to making large buildings, you always check the quality of the material from which the thing is made.
On the other hand, if you are served with simple rice and rice garnished with a salad, you will be definitely attracted to the garnished one because the design of it is eye-catching. The same is the phenomenon for a mattress while buying it the first feature you should be worried about is the material quality, from which fiber it is made. How far it is reliable.

The second thing is the design that is in which order it is made how attractive it is. A mattress that is made up of inferior quality is like to break easily resulting in a disadvantage. For this purpose, we need to examine the detail specifications of the mattress. If this a reliable company the specifications must be given, if not refrain from buying there.

Once you are done with checking the quality the next thing you will do is examining different layers of that mattress. If they are in equal proportion with the specs, then well and good but if they are not don’t waste money there. Check the ILD and density of different layers too.

Thick Mattress

Whichever mattress is thick in size is more comfortable as compared to the thin ones. If a mattress is made of very high-quality material and it is just an inch or half, it is of no use. As the essential purpose of a mattress is to rest on if it isn’t comfortable then how expensive it maybe it is not needed.


Buying anything, from small eating items to bigger households’ ones if not affordable not, right for you. Consider different options, for instance, different brands, compare the product its pros and cons. If you are getting the same material quality, then go for it. If buying expensive ones then make sure it has the best quality, design, etc. which is worth the price. Breaking up the bank would instead make the condition worse than being relaxed so always a pocket-friendly mattress into priority. Also, free shipping should be considered a feature too while buying a stomach mattress. Shipping charges are at the time more than the actual price so keep in mind that the company should charge shipping within the actual price.

Warranty and Return Policy

Many online companies have this return policy, which states that use the mattress in such condition and for a trial period of let’s say 100 days (varies from months to years). If the item is found defaulted the company will take the mattress again with refunding. But the refunding policy also differs from situation to situation, all money is refunded if the defect is not done from your side. Always consider buying that mattress which has a maximum warranty; it shows the durability of the item.

These sleep trails have then different policies, if you are dissatisfied with the item within these days without any significant defect, your money is refunded. At times half payment is done after these sleep trial periods.

Prime Stomach (belly) Mattress

There are different kinds of mattresses, some have one set of features while others have different settings. Reviewing these types of mattresses, we come to the conclusion that the following set of mattresses are best for the stomach sleepers, these are:

  • Foam mattresses (poly and memory foam)
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses

Pointing out the good and not so good points of every foam is necessary but as a general guide; we will categorize the best types of mattresses for stomach sleepers

Going from finest to good ones; the first stomach mattress is foam, sometimes called poly or memory foam.

These have different pressure points, which helps to relieve back pain. It has firmness level in the medium, which makes this quite has more elasticity as compared to the innerspring or latex which allows the person to come back to its original position in no time. It has cooling technology; this trait enables smooth breathing because heat is evolved. It has several high-density layers due to which it is called poly or memory foam, which helps in not sinking in it.

The second mattress that comes off as a buying options for stomach sleepers is Innerspring mattresses. These have steel coils and gauges in it. It provides consistent support and has greater conformity level. the conformity depends on different layers that are thin in size. Medium responsive level and greater permanence.

The third type is hybrid mattresses, as the name indicates it is the hybrid of both foam and innerspring. It has a combination of both springs and foam layers, but it is not durable and breaks down with time. It has thinner layers and provides good conformity.

Health concerns regarding stomach sleeping

Most of the advisors think that stomach sleeping is not suitable for health. Some ortho related problems are linked with stomach sleeping. It can cause spinal problems but at the same time if you are suffering from snoring, then it helps to reduce it.

In addition to that, if you are suffering from a gastrointestinal problem than stomach sleeping is for you. While in pregnancy sleeping, on the stomach seems a bit problematic due to which donut-shaped pillow is advised to the dedicated stomach sleepers, so that they can enjoy sleeping.

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