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Who doesn’t like to keep their laptops safe? Especially when your laptop costs somewhat above $1000. 

Laptops are expensive. They hold the most private information about you and your business. It also contains personal information such as your banking details or tax return files, especially if you’re the professional who uses laptops for official purposes. Yet, the usage of laptops is simply undeniable. We take it along with us to coffee shops, food joints, symposiums, exhibitions, and just about anywhere we plan to go.

However, not every place is as safe as your home or your office. And especially areas where there are no cameras, there’s always prying eyes trying to get their hands on something valuable. Even if you’re in a trustworthy environment, it’s best to keep your stuff secure. Do you know that almost 40% of the thefts occurring in the technology stratosphere are laptops? 

Now you certainly don’t want that to happen, do you? You should buy yourself a laptop lock

Best Laptop Locks List

1. Kensington Cable Lock for Laptops

Best Cable Lock for Laptop
  • Compatible with any laptop
  • Works any device feature industry-standard Kensington Security Slot
  • 10,000 combinations
  • Cable made of woven carbon steel
  • Cable: 6 ft. long, 3.0/4.4mm
  • Warranty for 2 years

Do you think about security? There’s one name that stands a class apart from the rest in the laptop-lock market, and that name is none other but Kensington. These guys make one of the best laptop locks in the world. The locks manufactured by Kensington are quite popularly known for their strength & durability.

What makes this particular lock so unique is the cable through which it interlocks, which is made up of carbon steel. It is a very high resistance lock that does not break easily and laptop manufacturers who include them in their laptop product, always make sure to list them as a flagship. There’s a combination mechanism available on this lock so you can add whatever combination you think won’t be easy to break. 

2. FOLAI Notebook Lock Portable

Portable Laptop Locking Cable
  • 6.5 Foot Universal Security Cable
  • Lock offers 10,000 different combination codes
  • For iPad, Macbook and other tablets
  • Made of strong twisted steel
  • 100% Reliable and Anti Theft
  • Cable is cut resistant

If you’re searching for an excellent quality computer lock that is easy to set up and doesn’t ask you to spend a great deal of your precious time, the FOLAI Notebook laptop portable lock is the best choice. Here’s a lock that equates to other variants available in the market at twice the price this lock is available.

The lock is made up of pure metal (cable quality steel) and comes with separators, so just in case if you want to add a separation between the lock and your laptop. The plate on the lock is pretty decent, and the lock comes with the instruction manual included. It hardly takes any effort to set the FOLAI lock for your laptop. Once your laptop is secured, you can be mentally free. 

3. I3C Laptop Computer Lock

 Lock for iPad Tablet Laptop MacBook
  • Hardware cable lock fit for Mac Book and all the Tablets
  • 100% Anti Theft
  • Rotated in 360 degree
  • The cable stretches up to 1800mm(6ft)
  • Anchor plate with strong adhesive
  • 2 unique metal Key

Do you happen to carry Apple products on you, and you’re looking for a decent lock to look best with your silverware Apple products? I3C Laptop Computer Lock is a preferable choice that you don’t want to ignore. All you have to do is bound the anchor plate with the surface of your device and loop the cable around a fixed object to secure it properly.

If your laptop includes a Kensington lock type, then you should insert the lock head into the provided slot and loop the cable around the fixed object. The top is made up of stainless steel so you can rest easy once the lock is in place. It is a very sturdy lock design and will not buckle under any stress. The only downside is the adhesive on the lock is permanent.

4. RUBAN Security Cable (PC/Laptop)

Best Lock and Security Cable For PC
  • 6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable
  • Cable comes with 2 lock keys
  • Glue-on locking mount
  • 18 months warranty
  • Protect with affordable computer lock

If there’s one lock that is made up of premium quality steel cable, it is none other but the Ruban Notebook lock and security cable. Here’s a product that is specifically designed to offer you the best locking mechanism. It is one of the most favored lock types for all kinds of notebooks, laptop, desktops, etc.

Unlike other lock types where you only get one key, this particular lock comes with two separate keys. If you lose one, there’s always a secondary key available to access the lock whenever you want. The cable length on this lock is just about perfect. When you purchase this lock, it comes with an 18-month warranty. RUBAN is the best for you if you’re looking for a flexible lock & cable. 

5. Maclocks Ledge Security Laptop Lock

security cable lock adapter for MacBook Air
  • Security cable lock adapter for MacBook Air
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Cable length – 6 feet
  • Key Lock for MacBook Air
  • Not Compatible with the Non-Touch Bar Models

One of the most revolutionary lock products in the market, the Maclocks, is one of the smallest lock variants, which includes a security cable adapter. As the name suggests, the product is fantastic for all the Macbook Air lovers out there. The lock construction is of the high-quality stainless steel material. As far as the cable length is concerned, you get a good 6 feet cable to tie up your device safely & securely.

This lock type is best for those who want to have a minimalist feel when working on their Macbook Air device. A great thing about this lock is that it hardly affects any working functionality of the Macbook. So if you own a Macbook and need the perfect lock that goes best with your Macbook, here’s one for you. 

6. Kensington Desktop Peripherals Locking Kit

Desktop Computer Locking Kit
  • Compatible with laptops, desktop PCs, TVs, monitors
  • Also secures wired accessories like keyboards and mice
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Patented Hidden Pin Technology
  • Cut-Resistant 8-ft. Cable
  • Multi-Piece Security

Searching for a single professional locking kit to lock down your desktop computer and other peripherals along with it? Then look no further than Kensington’s computer & peripheral locking kit. The cable on this locking kit is made up of premium quality carbon steel, ensuring you perfectly secure all the items together.

You may also find an anchor plate which strongly secures the equipment and a powerful cable trap that works best to wire up the keyboard and mouse. It’s compatible with some of the latest modern design laptops but if you’re planning to use it with Dell devices that dates back before 2016, then my suggestion is not to get this one. Otherwise, this is a very reliable and interesting lock for your laptop and PCs. 

7. Kensington Desk Mount Cable Locks

Desk Mount Cable Lock
  • Secure anchor to any work surface
  • Tamper-resistant 2 one-way security screws
  • Built-in Kensington Security Slot
  • Industrial strength mounting tape provided

If you want to add a secure anchor to any of your work surfaces, which can ensure that your laptop stays ajar, then the desk-mount anchor, the necessary accessories, and cable are the best options for you. Here’s a professional cable lock that provides you the ultimate convenience when it comes to fixing your particular workstation.

The lock is very resilient and offers maximum stability for your laptop device when you use it. The lock features an incredible high-quality material cable that helps you keep the laptop in check. The anchor accessory on the lock is also made up of superior build quality, so whether you mount it on a desk or someplace else, you can rest easy that your laptop isn’t going to go anywhere. 

8. Kensington Universal Tablet/Laptop AC Lock & Charge Station

Universal Tablet and Laptop AC Lock
  • Charge up to 12 AC-powered devices
  • Security Door with Kensington Security Slot
  • 12 well-spaced outlets for protection against voltage spikes
  • Built-in Cable Management System
  • Portable Design

What more can you desire than a complete lock station to secure your entire laptop? And guess what, it’s not just a laptop lock but also allows you to charge 12 AC devices such as surface pro, MacBook, iPad, taps, laptops, and mobile. If you’re working in an office setting where your friends want to lock laptops in a single unit, then look no further than the Kensington Universal tablet and laptop lock station.

It is a portable station that is easily customizable and also includes slot dividers. You can accommodate a variety of devices within your station and have no problem in using it for multi-purpose requirements. So whether you need a station for charging or need one to secure laptops, buy this one. 

How to Use Laptop Locks?

Are you planning to purchase a laptop lock for yourself? Here are a few things that you need to consider before you make the purchase. The first thing you need to do is check whether the laptop you’re about to purchase is compatible with the device or not.

To check the compatibility, search up the security slot that is either available at the sides or the back of your laptop. The security slot looks like a round hole similar to a headphone jack. When you purchase a lock, unpack it. Start by wrapping the long cable around the stationary object. Once the metal chain is wrapped, now insert the lock mechanism in the chain to make a loop. Now latch up the locking mechanism on your laptop security slot and add the combination. 

There you go, all done. Your laptop is now fully secured with the best laptop lock that you’ve purchased.

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