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Best Tablet with usb port

Best Tablets with USB Port in 2021

Considering the fast-paced technological we are living in; Tablets gradually penetrated in the market and are not taking over laptops. With the different types of Tablets, you can now find plenty of features that a computer or laptop would have, which makes it a device worth having. Unless you are someone who needs super-fast and … Read more

Best Drawing Software

15 Best Free Drawing Software For Graphic Designers in 2021

Check out the list of free software that you can draw your favorite character on iPad, Android Or Laptops. Most of these software’s are free for students. Painting and drawing were limited to pen and paper as physical tools, but times have changed. Technological advancements have revolutionized every aspect of human life, and drawing has … Read more

Best Laptop WiFi Cards

Best Laptop WiFi Cards in 2021 [WiFi 6 Laptop Card]

We live in a day and age where everything we do is through laptops. We rely on these portable machines more than we rely on our desktops or smartphones. One of the features that make laptops such versatile for use is it offers maximum performance when it comes to handling official tasks at our home … Read more

OSU Tablet Reviews

Best OSU Tablets in 2021 – Ultra Graphics Tablet

For those of you who aren’t quite aware of what OSU is, it is a fast-paced music rhythm game. A player is required to tap on a device when a rhythm gets played quickly, and by tapping the right keynotes, they can create a beautiful tune and score high points all at the same time. … Read more

Best Charter Spectrum router for Home

Best Wireless Router For Charter Spectrum (100, 300, 600 Mbps Internet Plan)

You all may have heard about Charter Spectrum routers, renting routers from your internet service providers. You may find it great to know that the charter spectrum charges no monthly fee for their routers. But, then you’ll think how’s that possible, not charging any payment for their modem.  The catch is that they’ll make you … Read more