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Affordable 10 inch tablets

Best 10-Inch Tablets To Buy In 2021

Tablets have become popular owing to their two most worshiped features – portability and compactness. Although smartphones are in vogue currently for all portable purposes, business tablets are great substitutes for the otherwise heavy laptops used for work. If you travel more often for work, you’ll know how much effort looking after and carrying around … Read more

Socket AM4 Motherboards

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X in 2021

You must already know that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. What about the powerhouse of your computer? The answer is the motherboard – it is the centre of communication between your CPU and other parts of your computer. Every processor model requires a different motherboard – if you are looking for motherboards for … Read more

How to Convert Hdmi To Rca

7 Best HDMI to RCA Converter Adapters in 2021

Times are changing and so are the gadgets that we use on our daily basis.  Back in the days when we ached using gadgets that can provide us with exceptional audiovisual quality, RCA was the popular cable source that provided us with a three in one experience. Three cables sticking out of a single lead … Read more

Best Home Theater Systems Under $1000

Buying the best home theatre system in 2021 a bit difficult task. You may have seen a lot more sound theatre system out there in the market with different features, but choosing the best one is difficult. The criteria we used to choose the home theater is by using our self, price, quality, surround sound … Read more

Best WiFi Range Extenders

Best Outdoor WiFi Range Extenders Under $100 In 2021

Are you having a problem with WiFi speed, range coverage? Your fastest connection of the internet can be ruined by the poor setup of the home network, you will feel like it’s a dial-up connection. Is it because of your weak wireless router or you leaving in a large home or you want to stretch … Read more