Best Projector Screen Paints of 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

There are many methods available to project an image. Starting from projecting on a simple wall to having a fixed home projector screen system. At each step, there is a difference in quality, dedication, and price too. The quality of the image however, will depend directly on how much you invest in it.

A projector paint is, relatively, a cheaper method to watch high-quality media on a large screen. Its biggest benefit is that you can paint a wall in any dimensions. So, no worries about the aspect ratio. This reason, along with low price makes projector screen paint a great alternative to a regular screen.

Given below are the details of top 5 paint brands which promise HD projection on the surface. Have a look at the buying guide and decide about your options.

Projector Screen Wall Paint List In 2019

Projector Screen Paint G005
Projector Screen Paint 4K Ultra White
Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint
Elite Screens ChromaFlux Paint
Smart Surfaces Projector Paint

S1 Screen Plus by Paint on Screen (G005)Premium Paint For Screen Wall

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Painting your wall for projector screen is a good option if you want to go big with a limited budget. You are never bound of any surface to place your screen. Any wall, ceiling, window or any flat surface can be easily turned into a projector screen. It seems beautiful while Paint on Screen allows you to have an effective HD projection. You have the option of projecting huge by painting the entire wall. Contrary, you can paint a part of the wall with a painted border to have a real screen like impact. Bigger is better, is the slogan of Paint on Screen PS painting.

You can use the painted surface for TV, any other type of media, or use it as a theater room by projecting your favorite movies. Since this is just a paint, so there is no mess of wiring or electrical connections. You can create any size of the screen as per your need easily and go bigger even with a limited budget. The big screen is useful not only for movies, but also for games, designing, and much more.

Paint on screen has a gain of 1.5 which means the image will be brighter than the normal, but not too much bright. The color shift is neutral. Paint on screen lets you watch media of up to 4K HD resolution. It works excellent on dry walls, no special preparation needed for applying this paint. It produces solid and accurate results on the surface. Viewing angle of the screen is up to 160 degrees so every person sitting in the room will see a clear image. This paint is enough for painting 240 inches to surface diagonally.

  • A wide variety of gain available
  • Largest coverage area
  • 160 degrees viewing angle
  • The most expensive screen paint
  • Requires a primer
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Digital Image Ultra White Screen Paint Best Paint For Projector Screen

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Digital Image comes with an HD solution for your screen problems. This projector screen paint has a high contrast resolution. A single gallon is enough to paint 16 by 10 foot surface. Digital Image is liked by many people because they have a wide range of products; not only paint, but other products too. So, even though they don’t specialize in any specific field, people like to shop all the necessary screen painting items from a single, reliable place.

If you ask me about what is best in Digital Image projector screen paint, I will simply say the best thing about this is VOC free (volatile organic compounds). It is very important because the presence of VOC is a risk to safety. Digital Image is thus, a safe to apply paint. This High Definition paint comes with a large coverage area. In contrary to 20 inches diagonal coverage by Paint on Screen, Digital Image offers 19-inch diagonal coverage. So, this one is best as the previous one when it comes to coverage area.

Well, the paint is very easy to apply. This projector screen paint acts as its own primer. You only need to apply 2 coats of a single product. This will make your white wall 50% brighter and will be ready for projection in a day.

  • The large coverage area of 19” diagonal
  • Can be either sprayed or rolled on
  • VOC free
  • This paint acts as its own primer
  • Max gain offered is 1.5
  • Somewhat expensive

Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint for Home Theater

HD Wall Paint For Projector

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When you use a projector screen paint, the first thing to check is the brightness. This is because it is not a regular screen with mechanical features to give you a perfect experience. Your quality of viewing will depend greatly on the gain of the screen. This Ultra HD premium quality screen paint lets shine a wall 50% more than an ordinary painted wall and is very pleasant to watch. This is because there is no reflection or hotspot on the screen. A hotspot is a part of the screen which is very bright, so it causes a problem for the people in the room to see it. Since this screen paint has no hotspot and the brightness is evenly scattered, so no problem at all while watching long movies on it.

In past, we were ok with normal images. Now, we like to watch images or videos in at least full HD. This Ultra HD screen paint can project an image of up to 4K on it. which is enough for all your HD demands. This one is Acrylic latex water-based paint, very safe to use and easy to apply on any surface.

Latex paints mean the addition of vinyl which increases the coverage of paint. On the other hand, it makes the paint more prone to environmental effects. There is no restriction on how to apply this paint. You can either roll it over the surface, or just spray it with a spray gun if you are aware of how to use it. Remember to use it on a smooth surface for best results.

  • 50% more bright than an ordinary wall.
  • Up to a 4K resolution
  • No reflection, no hotspot
  • Prone to environmental effects, more suitable for indoor use
  • Not good for 6K and 8K

Elite Screens Chroma Flux Paint Water Base 3D/2D Ambient Light RejectingProjector Screen Paint Delux

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When you are searching for projector screens, you will find that Elite screens are the Elite option available among all. They sell screens of each type and all of them are superb in quality and features. However, when it comes to projector screen paint, there is no other reason to go for Elite screens except this is the cheapest paint available in market.

However, this is still a better option if you compare it overall. This can project images from full HD to 4K. However, Chroma Flux is not enough to project media of 6K and 8K. In the list of all projector screen paints, Elite Screen offers the lowest gain of 1.4 which means the image on the screen will be less bright than other screens. This projector screen paint features Ambient Light reflecting properties. It allows you to watch the media perfectly in a room even if it has some light coming from external sources. The coverage area of this screen is the lowest of all. You can only go 140 inches diagonally through the available amount of paint. This should be enough in most cases.

The story doesn’t end there. There are two more issues with this projector screen paint too. First one is it is only available in one size i.e. 24 oz. This amount of paint is just enough to paint 140 inches diagonally. The paint should be applied through a spray gun. If you are efficient with a spray gun, then it is good. If you don’t know how to use a spray gun, then you need to hire a professional painter. You can’t waste any amount of paint on testing because it will further reduce the coverage area, so you are left with no other option except taking help from a painter. Low cost was the only benefit in this product, but this will surely increase the cost of having your screen.

  • Ambient Light reflecting properties
  • Suitable for passive and active 3D
  • Less in price
  • Needs to be sprayed, no other method
  • Very less in quantity

Smart Projector Paint by Smarter SurfacesProjector Screen Paint Review

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White color is natural to our eyes and feel comfort in seeing, perfect in filling max brightness in a picture. It also lets you see an image with the same brightness level with which it was created. This projector screen paint has a Matt white finish, so you have the fun of high brightness. Matt white also allows “Smarter surfaces” to have unique brightness features in this projector paint. This is a high opacity paint and is water-based which eliminate any hotspots it has. Hotspots make it difficult for a person to focus on the screen because it is an area of intense brightness. So, no hotspots mean that you can have long hours of fun.

You can transform any area into a projector screen. If the surface is smooth, you will have an HD quality screen. Use it as long as you want to use it; with interactive and standard projectors. This is low in cost option for your media needs without compromising on the quality. The main pro of this paint is its white color which lets you paint any area and transform into a projector screen. After you are done with the usage, paint the object over to make it just normal. This is one of the biggest benefits, as most people use a wall in their room as a projector screen. So, the wall can be used for other purposes too in the future.

  • Matte white material
  • No hotspots
  • Low in cost
  • Ambient light will not be absorbed, but reflected back

Frequently Asked Questions for Screen Projection Wall Paint

What is projector screen paint?

If you don’t want to purchase a special screen for your projection, you can still watch high definition media through your projector. For this purpose, you need to paint any object, mostly wall, with special paint. This will let you go HD or 4K (depending on the type of paint used) without spending extra. Remember projector screen paint is different from ordinary paint we use in homes.

What is the best paint to use on a wall for a projector?

The best paint varies from person to person. But, in general, the best paint must have several attributes. It should offer a variety of gains, so you can have the brightest available image. A single gallon should be enough to cover a large square foot area. This will reduce paint usage and of course, price too. It should support Ultra HD, 4K, 6K or as much as it can. The paint should have multiple ways to apply so you do not stick to a single method. On the best, it should be its own primer to reduce the cost and time.

What color projector screen is best?

White to grey is the most preferred projector screen color. This is because the light grey color is known for absorbing extra light in it. This makes it easy for you to have HD fun even with some light flashing on the screen. A white is also acceptable, as long as the scene is not too bright. However, never opt dark colors or you will have picture clarity issues.

What is projection screen material?

A projector screen is a light, opaque white material. It is actually used for curtains to block light coming from outside. It is made from cotton and polyester material. It’s one side looks like a woven cotton. The other side of the curtain looks just like it is plastic coated. If you want to save the cost of buying a projector screen, you can actually purchase this material from your local store and prepare one for yourself.

Here are some option for best projectors you can use on wall paint have a look.

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Buying Guide for Projector Screen Wall Paint

Selecting a good screen paint is not very difficult. There are some basics to follow and have your screen ready. Let us discuss all those points in detail which needs to be kept in mind when selecting a projector screen paint for you.

Wall painted with the Best Projector Screen Paint

Type of Screen Paint for Projectors

When you go for buying a projector screen paint, first check its paint type i.e. from what it is made of. Nowadays, most paints are made up of water-based formula. They are easy to apply, and easier to clean and maintain. Easy maintenance allows your screen to last longer.

Another type you need to look is, whether the screen is Acrylic or Latex. The Latex doesn’t contain Latex rubber, rather it is just the addition of Vinyl to the pure Acrylic that gives it name Latex. Let us see their features below:


It is a superior type of paint based on the performance. Acrylic paint type has less vinyl in it. However, it has some other chemicals in it to make the paint more resilient. They are less affected by environmental changes and thus these are a good choice for outdoor usage. However, using them in the close area is not safe. Acrylic may cause the problem to the respiratory system, so you must wear a mask before applying them.


It is another type of paints. Actually, some amount of vinyl is added to Acrylic to give it the name of latex. You can say it Acrylic Latex. Since vinyl is easily available in the market, these paints cost less in price. Additionally, vinyl molecules are larger, so it gives you more coverage area than a pure Acrylic. You will find Latex paint 50% cheaper than a pure Acrylic one. However, Latex paint is not good for the outdoor environment. This is because they can’t bear humidity or temp fluctuations and will lose quality.


It is an important aspect to consider. However, a simple one to understand. If you have a projector that can’t project more than full HD, you are good to go with a paint that can display full HD. However, it is recommended to have a paint of up to 6K even if your existing projector is not that much good. This is because, you may have a better projector in the future, and at that time you won’t need to repaint the surface.


Since projector screen paint is not a screen itself, rather paint, you need to go for paint that provides a high gain. This will let you have a brighter image. Low gain on the surface will produce dull images. Match your projector gain with the paint and have the same gain for brighter pictures and perfect experience.

High gain has a drawback too. Too much brightness will cause light to reflect back and cause problems in the viewer’s eyes. To eliminate this problem, use Grey light screen which absorbs ambient light. This way, you will have bright images without too much reflection.

Final Words on Best Projector Screen Paints 

These were complete details about projector screen paint. In simple words, if you want a screen with the best quality, go for “Paint on Screen”. It has largest coverage area with the widest range of gain. So, can have a screen at any desired gain. However, it costs more than others financially. If cost is your main concern, then go on other options and buy a screen that best suits your needs.

This was all about projector screen paint. I tried to answer all of your queries. Still some left? Feel free to contact.

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