Best LED Monitors 2019 (Affordable Price) Reviews And Comparison

You may be searching online for best LED monitors. Well, we have reviewed top 10 best monitors in market for you. You don’t have to look more, because you are at the right site, trusted by hundreds of customers.

Yes these LED monitors we’ve reviewed are not for everyone because of price, some are high gaming monitor while some are high End LED monitor.

First let me clear, what Actually LED is? Are LED monitors are good enough to spend some bucks on it?

Read in buyers guide below.

Use of (LED) Light Emitting Diode is not a recent addition to the engineering field. Engineers around the globe were using it from long for their experiments and found it to be more energy efficient than anything else. It was much reliable than the previous tech and was easy to operate. They evolved the concept of LED Monitors.

Engineers were working on a lot of converting monitors to LED from traditional technologies. It was as early as 1977 when we had first LED monitor.

However, it took too long for the LED monitor to have a place in the industry. An LED monitor is simply a flat screen. You can name it a flat panel or television as it is pretty much same in function. What distinguishes it from others is its short depth and being light in weight.

After its advent, the thickness of monitor has reduced to just a few mm. Backlighting is a feature which makes difference between LED and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). People prefer it because of their reliability, being energy and environment efficient.

Top 10 High Quality LED Monitors List

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After reading it, you will clearly know about the trend which is being followed nowadays by LED making companies.

Dell Ultra Sharp U2715H 27-Inch Screen – Best LED Monitor In 2019

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Dell is a multinational computer technology company founded in 1984 located in Texas, a state of United States of America. Dell is well recognized in the whole world as one of the best technological company.

Dell ultra sharp is a 27 inched screen LED monitor. The aspect ratio of the monitor is 16:9 which is widely recognized for videos and is supported by famous sites like YouTube. This makes it perfect to be used for video editing and other arts purpose.

This LED-Lit monitor will make digital working more easily. It precise color detail will add reality colors to your work. It has a sharp quarter HD resolution that is one of the best technology we had nowadays. The monitor is equipped with a wide range of connectivity options like laptop connect and project handheld devices.

The screen resolution is set to be of superior quality. You will have near to reality view that is pleasant to the eyes. The monitor has a screen resolution of 2560 by 1440. The 178 degrees viewing angle enhances color consistency which is achieved by tuning each of the monitors at 99% standard RGB.

The monitor is designed with keeping the comfort of the user in mind. It has a full range of tilt, pivot, swivel and you can easily adjust for height. This is supported with easy connections for your PC and other attachments. The U2715H is VESA compatible so you can either mount the monitor to a wall or attach it to the Dell Single Monitor Arm. This is optional part and is done to increase viewing convenience. To have an enhanced viewing experience, it has a smooth pivot. You can rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The U2715H has an enhanced power management. It has a Power Nip that regulates the Dell Display Manager. Its function is to either dim the monitor to the lowest brightness level or switch the sleep mode on. This way you can save the energy when the monitor is not in use.

Samsung S32D850T 32inch WQHD LED Monitor in 2018

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Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational company. Situated in Seoul, the company was founded back in 1938. The company offers a variety of home appliances include TVs, Refrigerators, Mobiles and other things. Given is 32 inches LED monitor with an ideal response time of 5ms.

Samsung is well known for innovation in technology. This great LED Monitor is equipped with a picture by picture technology. This enables you to connect two PCs at the same time with a single monitor. You can then see the desktops of both PCs on a single screen that is divided into two. The multiscreen technology enables you to have a view of both screens at a time.

With its wide viewing angle, Samsung ensures you had a bunch of entertainment at your place. The monitor features 178 degrees wide viewing angle both vertically and horizontally. So will have an optimal screen experience from any of your desired position. This enables you to watch a movie with your family or enjoy a cricket game with your friends.

To increase your productivity, it has some best features in it. One of them is the wide range of useful and advanced connections. It aims to provide seamless connectivity with your Personal Computer and AV equipment. For this purpose, it has a triple interface in it. Which are Display Port 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and DVI-D supported by Dual Link.

The monitor features USB 3.0 Hub. These connections are total 4 in number which eliminates the use of a docking station. The monitor also has a supercharging USB port. It tends to provide faster charging for your mobile devices. The charging timing is 3 times faster than the same USB port of 2.0.

This 32 inches display monitor has Wide Quad HD to gives you the picture quality even 4 times better than that of an HD screen. The Monitor is equipped with a 100 percent standard RGB screen technology. This give you more details at a glance and you will have an ideal visual experience through it.

Acer G246HL Full HD Widescreen Affordable LED Monitor

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Acer Company first founded in 1976 with the name of Multi-tech. Now it is a multi-national company having its headquater in Taiwan. Acer is a name which is known to every person because of their hardware and electronic products. Today, the company is working on Internet of Things and is keen to provide new research contributions to the field of technology, especially in hardware and software. Named above is a 24 Inched display LED Monitor by Acer. Packed with the brand name of Acer, the Monitor has some classic features for everyday usage.

If you had ever a chance to view this monitor, you will be aware of its super slim body. Every of Acer’s G246HL Series monitors has a super slim profile. They are equipped with an X shaped stand. The stand enables them to fit nicely everywhere. No matter the size of the space, this Super Slim Monitor will get fit everywhere and will be ready to use.

The monitor has a host of ports in it through which you can connect every one of your important devices with it. These range from gaming consoles to media players. The best part of the Monitor is its MHL port 1. You can use it even while charging the mobile through its charging port. You can enjoy bigger screen display without the fear of going out of battery. This feature gives you complete control of your smartphone and the smart screen at the same time.

RoHS is a set of restrictions that are adopted to ensure that no activity is done on hazardous substances. Acer made its ABD series monitors compliant with RoHS. The white LED backlighting in these monitors is mercury free and equally, meet the requirements of Energy Star. These Eco Display technologies are meant to save the power. It gives up to 68 percent power saving. To add to the safety, the packaging adopted by Acer is done through recyclable materials. This way Acer contribute its part to the safety of the environment.

Asus VS239H-P Full HD LED Monitor

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Asus is a Taiwan based multi-national company with a rich history in computer and phone hardware and is also known in the electronics industry. The company was founded in 1989 and is one of the leading tech names from Taiwan.

The above Asus monitor has a display of 23 inches full HD. It has HDMI interface and is designed to achieve the finest quality image and color. The full HD LED display enables this monitor to be one of the leading choices for home users.

True-to-Life Image Quality – This monitor tends to provide its viewer a superb quality image. This is achieved with the support of 1080 pixels full HD. Also has an on-screen vibrancy, contrasted by the vortex pattern that is on the pedestal and also had a fingerprint-proof embossment at the back.

IPS Technology – The monitor is equipped with the latest IPS tech. It minimizes color shift on both vertical and horizontal planes. The view angle of the monitor is widely set on 178 degrees to have the best view at any of the direction. You won’t need to sit right in front of your monitor screen, as color shift problem is no more there.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology – The monitor features a splendid tech of video intelligence. It lets the monitor select some important features on its own to give you optimal viewing. Enhancing color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness values are selected to provide the best viewing to the viewer. You can select any of the six given preset video modes. These include Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, standard RGB and Standard. These preset modes can be selected through the onboard menu on the monitor. They aim at giving you the best performance in the most suitable manner.

VESA Mountable – Selecting the place for your monitor is always a difficult task to do. One needs to have their monitor mount at a height but are failed to achieve the desired height. This monitor by Asus is VESA mountable. Its base is easily detachable. The slim design and clean look of the monitor further enhance its flexibility. You can easily place your monitor at any desired location.

Dell S Series S3219D LED-Lit Monitor

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When it comes to class, no one can match to the standard of Dell. Every of the monitor is tuned at 99 percent standard RGB to amaze you with its high-quality colors. The 32 inches display means you can use it for any desired purpose. It is a companion in business, study and in entertainment too. No matter where you stand, you will feel the QHD resolution which will shift your viewing experience to next level. It has all necessary extensive ports in it. You can use them for charging, making connections, projecting your handheld devices and many other methods.

This monitor has a superior screen clarity, color precision is ideal so you will have an extra classic visual experience. This LED Monitor has a large screen of 32 inches. The resolution it features is sharp Quad HD and you have excellent clarity through its 2560 by 1440 resolution. It has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees by 178 degrees.

Each monitor is tuned from the factory at 99 percent Standard sRGB and you will get classic color accuracy and the consistency from your monitor. The monitor has a dual or multi-monitor setup in it to boost your productivity level as you will be able to do maximum jobs from it. It has an ultra-thin bezel which is perfect for you because it let you have a seamless and borderless viewing between monitors. The monitor also has an easily arrange feature. This feature lets you arrange all of your apps with the layout you want. The monitor will give you side by side view of every app, it is ensured that nothing gets buried.

This monitor gives you freedom of work to set the most comfortable position for your monitor. It has a full range of tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustments available. It also has easy connections two HDMI ports, a Display port full and a mini. Additionally, it has five USB 3.0 ports in it to give you complete access to any of your USB device. There is a USB 3.0 port on the rear side of your monitor to give high speed charging to any of your USB devices.

View Sonic VA2746M LED 27inch LED Monitor DVI, VGA

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View Sonic is well known for providing visual goods technologies. The company has expertise in making of liquid crystal displays, projectors and another mobile tech. View Sonic VA 2746M is a 27 inched LED Monitor will a full HD viewing of 1080 pixels.

This monitor features a resolution of full HD in it and you will get a super pixel by pixel performance through its 1920 by resolution. This monitor has both large screen and full HD in it which makes it an ideal choice for every of your need. You can do your office work, play your favorite games, or enjoy the thrill of movies. This monitor is designed to fulfill all your needs at a single place.

Many times we feel problem while changing the contrast ratio. In search of a large image, we had to sacrifice the image quality. However, this monitor by View Sonic has a superior mega dynamic contrast ratio tech in it. This will add colors to your images and make them look larger on its 27 inches screen. You get accuracy, rich and vibrant images all at a time.

Making easy connections is an important feature for any good monitor. The best quality monitor is of no use if it doesn’t match the input plug of your device. For this purpose, View Sonic has DVI and VGA ports in it to give you the option to connect to a wide range of devices and have complete enjoyment from your product.

You do not need to attach expensive speakers to your monitor to make sound better. The monitor has integrated stereo speakers, will add to the party through its stereo quality sound. Looking for wires, power sockets and space is not a problem when the monitor is giving you high-quality sound from its own.

AOC i2777fq 27-Inch Class LED Backlit Monitor

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Taiwan is well known for the production of quality monitors. AOC is a multi-national electronics company from Taiwan founded in 1967. This monitor is great for professional use because of its 2 MS response time and features 27 inches large screen. Also include two HDMI ports in it and an audio port of 3.5mm. This can be used to plug your earphone in it when need to watch something in privacy.

The monitor is designed with a glossy black bezel and base to display 16.7 million colors. It offers a response time of 2 MS. This ensures that you get crispy clear images even while watching fast actions of movies or video games. What makes it special is its contrast ratio of 50,000,000: 1. It is helpful in the vision of more depth and details of the darker scenes. Through its 3.5 mm audio jack, you can connect your earphone or external speakers to the monitor.

The monitor is VESA compatible, adds beauty to the room. This means you can use it in any of the desired ways. You can either place it on the desktop or mount in on the wall and let you save space for other things. The monitor has a slim and attractive appearance and you will love it throughout the usage.

The monitor has an on-screen menu system in it for adjusting any setting through it. The settings are available in 14 different languages include English, French, and Spanish which are widely used. One thing worth mentioning is its I-Menu feature. This feature allows you to change the monitor settings with the help of mouse and keyboard. Important settings like contrast, brightness, and other preset modes settings can be adjusted through it. It eliminates the need of reaching to the monitor every time you need to change the settings.

Everyone has his own taste when it comes to quality voice. Therefore the monitor doesn’t have internal speakers in it. This might be a drawback for a normal user as he will have to buy speakers for the monitor. However, a regular user feels much pleasure while attaching his favorite speakers. You can easily connect the speakers and enjoy the entertainment.

VIOTEK GN32C Curved Widescreen PC Gaming Monitor

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Viotek is simply an online warehouse, sell different tech-related products. Viotek GN32C is one the best curved screen monitor that will immerse you in a vivid, digital adventure like you have never seen before. This curved LED is carefully crafted so you will get a whole new experience and will love the way it exhibits picture. The combination of colors combined with curved feature will shift your viewing experience to a new perspective.

The monitor can easily handle all of your office work with a multi-tasking feature. This will let you analyze multiple objects a time and not to miss any single detail when preparing notes. The feature is equally suitable for professionals as well as movie lovers or gamers. The monitor has a refresh rate of 100 Hertz and an amazing feature of free sync tech. Unlike many other monitors who give 16: 9 ratio, this monitor tends to give an expanded screen of 21:9. You will be able to view many functions on a single monitor.

The quality of the image is eye-popping, colors are vibrant and the contrast ratio is just awesome. Combined with the wide quad HD of 1920 by 1080 pixels, this monitor is going to amaze you. The sharp curve of 1800 mm and the wide viewing angle of 178 degrees further adds to the party. In the end, you’ll experience what is called the royal experience. The DCR ratio of 20,000,000: 1 means you will have a perfect image. Viewing from different angles won’t affect the quality.

Many good monitors fails to achieve a faster response rate. Despite being good in quality, they fail to provide a natural view to the audience. However, the Free Sync tech of this monitor combined with a super refresh rate will ensure you won’t face the same issue there. You will love the smooth frame transitions. Hassle free play will add a new feeling to your visual experience.

Wide connection options are essential for digital products. A good monitor should have a range of these options so you can connect your product to many different things. This monitor has dual link DV1, HDMI, or DP1 ports in it. This let you play and connect anything you wish.

VIOTEK NB24C 24″ LED Curved Computer Monitor

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Viotek is known for latest quality monitors. NB24C is a 24 inched ful HD LED Monitor by Viotek, features a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. A unique feature of the monitor is its curved feature.

The screen size is 24 inches which is ideal for enjoying a family weekend. The feature which distinguishes it from others is its Curved display. A rare feature in LED Monitors and is useful in achieving wide viewing angle. It prevents distortion from happening and you will love the quality display it offers.

The contrast ratio is very much importance for a monitor. A high contrast ratio defines that the user will see images clear. This curved display monitor features 20,000: 1 contrast ratio means you will have a deep black and when it’s white, the shade will be much brighter. It also has a refresh rate of 60 Hertz which is good for the smooth image.

Manual settings is not a solution every time. When fixing certain settings, one might differ two opposite settings. A professional is well aware of what setting is needed for desired need. This is the reason, we have two preset modes in this monitor. One is the game mode, in which all the settings are adjusted as to provide assistance in playing the game. The other mode is the movie. Your entertainment will be optimized through these two preset modes.

Resolution plays a vital role in selecting a monitor. People prefer high definition because they need a high-quality image. Increase in pixels rate ensures you had a clear image. This monitor features a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080p to ensures you had no compromise on entertainment.

To let you have complete control of the product, the LED Monitor features a range of connectivity options. These include VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs. You can simply connect your desired device of any of given type to the monitor. It has a T-shaped stand for it to ensures you do not face any problem while allocating a space for your monitor.

View Sonic VA2855SMH 28″ 1080p LED Monitor HDMI, VGA

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VA2855SMH is a 28 inched LED Monitor. Its main quality is its full HD resolution which is now a mandatory feature for any good LED. View sonic features a 28 inch large screen in this monitor. A large screen enables user to work more efficiently and boosts their productivity. Viewing more than one app at a time is not a problem now.

When you sit at the front of the screen, your eyes start painting. It is because most screens emit radiations that are harmful to eyes. However, this monitor has flicker-free technology in it combined with a Blue Light filter. This feature is particularly helpful for gamers. Your opponent will be feeling uncomfortable because of eye strain and you can outclass him at the same time.

HDMI is widely used for connecting monitors to other devices. This is because they are known to provide good picture combined with clear audio. HDMI has a good future because it has the ability to connect to a variety of HD devices. You can connect with any gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and laptops or with your Personal Computers, digital cameras and much more.

The monitor features a Super Clear pro-technology. It aims to provide a true 8-bit color performance to display 16.7 million colors that too undistorted. The contrast ratio plays an important role in the vision of extreme scenes. A high ratio means you will have deep blacks and brightest image. This monitor features a contrast ratio of 3000: 1. You will have a consistency in colors. The widescreen helps to view image from any angle and ensures high image quality.

HP 27er 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor

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HP has a rich history in electronics. The company was founded back in 1939 in US state of California. Nowadays, the company is leading the market in every of its product. These include laptops, desktops, monitors, printers and other things. This is the thinnest LED monitor by HP, has a sleek design that is very pleasant to eyes. It gives a vibrant view from any of the angle. HP products are widely known because of its economic prices.

IPS is known for providing a better user experience. Hp 27er has a ultra-wide viewing angel to enhance the quality of image. Along with this much large screen, the monitor is equipped with a Full HD display. These two features combine to ensure you have a sharp and detailed view of the whole picture.

Bezel is the side area of the screen. You will see many traditional monitors with a large bezel area so to hold the screen in its place. HP has vast experience in bezel-less design of monitor just to maximize the viewing area. Also feature an LED backlighting to reduce power consumption. This LED has the feature of tilting. You can tilt the display from -5 degrees forward to +25 degrees backward and can be adjusted to best possible view.

Contrast ratio plays a vital role in giving depths to scenes. Typical monitors had their contrast ratios in several thousand. HP leads the industry in its high contrast ratio of 5,000,000: 1 (5 million by 1). This contrast ratio will give you amazing clarity of the objects to see the colors more richly.

There is two main type of connection options trending nowadays. While many devices support HDMI, there are still some which are VGA supported. HP solved the problem of selection by giving both options in its monitor. The HDMI port is also having HDCP support in it. This way the privacy is secured according to international standards.

LED Monitors Buying Guide

After reading all about the top LED monitors, you might have developed an idea on your preferred monitor. Those were combined features and a number of factors influencing the choice. However, we will discuss some key points below which you should note. These are the basics to remember at the time you are finalizing the choice.

These are the major features to know, the details of which are given below:

  1. Brightness
  2. Black level
  3. Contrast ratio
  4. Difference between Full HD, Quad HD, and 4K
  5. Price
  6. Pros and Cons

Brightness – It is the measurement. The amount of light produced by your LED is its brightness. It is a general view, that more brightness means the product is excellent. However, you should be aware of the type of environment. If you plan to place the monitor in a brightly lit room or outdoor, you need very much brightness. This is to overcome the brightness of surroundings. If that is the case, you must not compromise on it.

However, in other instance, if you tend to use the screen indoor, or in a room with little lighting; then you do not need extra brightness. A monitor’s brightness should be more than the surroundings. You can save on brightness if your use is strictly indoor.

Black Level – Black level is a technical thing. It is usually referred to the brightness with a slight difference. It usually determines that if you are viewing a dark scene on your monitor, then how much amount of light it will be emitting. A good monitor should distinguish the object black from that of the environment. If your monitor is not good, you will see both things black with no difference.

Let’s take the example of a dark place in the game or a night scene in the movie. A monitor with good black level will be able to show clearly every object in that scene. However, some displays may show everything black or merge black and grey. There is a test available online for black level. This is an important feature because people prefer monitors with good black level.

Contrast Ratio – It is simply a ratio. The difference between the deepest of the black and the brightest of white a screen can display. A monitor with a high contrast ratio means that the images will be more vivid and punchy.

However, there is a confusion in it. There is not any standard way to measure contrast ratio. Different manufacturers have their own methods. This is why there may be products having different ratios and same contrast.

For LCDs, the ideal contrast ratio was 600:1, LEDs having a contrast ratio of some thousands is preferred. If you proper attention on black level, a contrast ratio of 2-4K will be enough for you. However, an increase in the ratio is considered better.

Difference Between Full HD, Quad HD, and 4K

These are the names of different screen resolutions. You can understand it by the term definition. It is a multiplied term of screen definition and is often expressed by showing an ‘x’ sign in. Increase in resolution is considered good. Even a slight change makes difference.

Full HD: Full HD is the standard set in today’s world. If you have a large screen, your monitor must be equipped with a full HD. Its screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels (say 1920×1080). While simple HD is still applicable in many places, but if your large screen has a resolution less than Full HD then you might see blur images.

Quad HD: It is an update on 2K screens which are very common in cinema. Just imagine a large cinema screen has a resolution of 2K and your 25-35 inches screen has a Quad HD in it. Quad HD has a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. You will have a very natural view of the object with almost no blurs. Every image will be super clear and even the smallest details on the screen will be visible.

4K: This is the latest addition to the family of resolutions. Till today, there are very few monitors which have this technology. Its resolution is 4096 by 2160 pixels. If you are having this on your screen, believe me, you will have a supernatural view of the image with even the smallest detail visible. There will be no blur and the image quality will be excellent. A slight increase in the resolution of the screen means a big increase in the price of the monitor. Therefore you must be concise when making the choice. While a Full HD is enough at many cases, Quad HD is ideal for display lovers.

Price – When we talk about price, we include two things in it. These are Buying price and running price. If we compare LEDs from the previous monitors, there is a huge difference in price. LEDs cost much less than other monitors. You may be thinking about the instance where you had experienced it to be costly. Yes, but keep in mind the update in the tech. LEDs offer much more in technology. The there resolution, there picture quality, there contrast and the most important their reliability.

Every specific feature is an update and in return, they may cost some dollars more or less than other monitors. Running price includes power consumption and reliability of the product. LED consumes much less power to operate. In some instances, it is as less as 20 watts, the powerless than the energy saver in the home. This way it saves energy and lets you have a reduction in electricity bill.

LED Monitors are more reliable. They will work perfectly for a longer duration. The one is having in my house is from 4 years and with little to no difference in quality. You can name it as a long-term asset or one-time investment. So overall, you are financially up if you choose to buy LED monitor instead of previous technologies.

Pros and Cons of LED Monitors

LED is the latest technology. It has earned its place in monitor industry and nowadays it is used widely for the production of monitors. Given below are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of LED Monitors:

Last longer – They are reliable. If handled properly and used regularly, their lifespan increases and you will have a great time with your display.

Use less power – They are energy efficient. Use less power to help you cut the electricity bill.

Thinner – They are very thinner in dimension. Even some LEDs of HP are as thin as 6-7 mm. normally, they are measured in mm.

Greater contrast – LCDs provide a contrast ratio of 1000:1 on its peak. LED on the other hand generally has this ratio ranging from 2-5K. Greater contrast ratio means a more clear and deep image.

Mercury-free – LEDs are mercury free. They do not have any other component which is dangerous for the environment. This way you will have safe usage.

Disadvantages of LED Monitors:

LED is a new and improved technology. However, there are cons with every technology. Some cons of LED Monitors are given below.

Eye strain – When you use it regularly, you might end up in eye strain.

Backlights – Some people are sensitive to the LED backlights. For this purpose, they get a headache when using them.

Price – They cost more than LCD. If you are ready to do one-time investment, then it’s ok. But generally, it costs somewhat expensive.

Some FAQs About LED Monitors

LED monitor troubleshooting

What are LED Monitors?

An LED monitor is simply a flat panel display. There is an array of light emitting diodes which are used for video display. They generally have high brightness values. This much brightness allows them to be used outside. Advertiser uses them in their billboards while on public transport vehicles, their use is of destination signs. Their usage has increased in recent years.

What are VA, TFT, IPS, PLS monitors?

VA: This technology has been named Vertical Alignment. They are near to the quality of LCD displays (much less than LED). The color reproduction and viewing angles of VA panels are better than that of TN panels. However, the lag faster response time which is even less from TN panels (Twisted Nematic). When you see the specifications, these are pretty much similar to S-IPS.

However, while using you will note that the viewing angle and color reproduction are not that good. Their slower response time means they are not a better choice for fast-paced gaming or movies.

TFT: In the technology world, TFT stands for thin film transistor. In older technologies, it is used with LCD. This way it improves the image quality. The pixels of a TFT LCD has their own transistor. They are very small in size and thus consumes less power. It offers more control over its images and the display colors. They show very sharp images and this is the main reason these panels are being used.

However, their drawback is that their viewing angles are very poor. When you see one from the front the image will be perfect. While the same image will be difficult to view from side angles. This way the technology is much behind that of LED which offers viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. Some older smartphones and Televisions use it.

IPS: This technology is called In-Plane Switching. They are generally taken as the best LCD tech. They offer best image quality, color accuracy, and perfect viewing angles. Graphics designers and apps requiring accurate and consistent color reproduction had a wider usage of these panels. The viewing angles of these panels are best among all LCDs. It is up to 178 degrees.

The response time of IPS panels is enough for many users. It ranges from 6ms to 16ms. Their price is somehow more than that of VA and TN panels. Their only cons are their response time. Gamers might face motion blur or ghosting. This is the reason a gamer should avoid an IPS panel having response time higher than 8 milliseconds.

PLS: Samsung produces their panels which they claim to be advanced versions of IPS tech. It stands Plane to Line Switching. As claimed by Samsung, they have 10% increase in brightness, viewing angles and image quality is better, while the cost of production is about 15% less.

A user may not distinguish between both PLS and IPS. This is because they are pretty much same in overall features. However, speaking honestly, PLS are a mark above in overall tech over IPS. However, the improvement is not that much so you will make it a deciding factor for selecting a panel for you.

Why is LED monitor better than LCD?

LED technology is an update on LCDs in monitor industry. They had made some revolutionary changes in terms of brightness, quality and contrast ratios. The former is surely better than the latter. This is because LED backlit displays use less power as compared to LCDs. They are thinner and much lighter than the latter. Their lifespan is longer than that of CCFL bulbs and thus are more reliable. They also tend to provide more light on the edges giving you a complete view of the image.

Can I use my LED monitor as a TV?

The answer to this question is simply, yes. You only need to buy something like an external TV tuner card like a TV box. After setting that, a TV cable connection and a speaker for making the sound will be required. Some LEDs have built-in speakers in them that eliminate the need for an external speaker. Through these simple steps, you are ready to watch TV on your LED.

LED monitor or LCD for gaming?

LED monitors are well known because of their advancement in tech over LCD. These include more contrast, more brightness, less power consumption, and better response timings.

On the other hand, if we talk about LCDs, they are much cheaper than LED. However they have a lower response time, the contrast and brightness rates are lower too. But the pro is that they have a lesser chance of getting a burn-in. It is a phenomenon that causes an image to be formed permanently on the screen when you play the game for longer time. Since games have same images always, burn in is more likely to form an LED display.

If you are considering both screens for their overall usage, the LED is surely a better choice but not for gaming purposes. When it comes to playing games, many of the pros of LED become its cons.

Let’s talk about the higher brightness and contrast rates of an LED. This might be good for general use but a gamer might feel difficulty in seeing the scenario clearly and might end up tiring his eyes. You will cause a serious problem for your eyes if you use the LED screen for longer durations.

On the other hand, lower brightness and contrast rates of an LCD are its pros. They are going to provide a relief to eyes from strain and at the same time will be giving a better vision. A game has the same type of display i.e. darker or brighter and the high contrast ratio is of no use.

A safety from the black in is another pro for an LCD. This lowers the chance for a permanent damage to your product and you can use the display for longer durations.

The Higher response rate is a strong pro in favor of LED monitor but this should not be the deciding factor. This is because, in recent times, LCD has shown improvements in this field. This is achieved with the help of active matrix display. This also improves the refresh rate of the screen.

So we can conclude that despite LEDs are much better than LCD for professional or entertainment usage, for games an LCD is still a better option.


LED Monitor is a use of technology towards vision sciences. It solves many problems and gives you greater viewing experience. They are reliable, uses less power and are good to watch. They offer wide viewing angles which are perfect for watching movies with the family.

An LED Monitor can also be attached to several types of devices.

When you need to buy LED monitor, you must keep all above-discussed points in mind. If you keep these features in mind, you will result in buying a monitor which will last for long.

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