Best Projector Screen For Homes in 2020 – Buying Guide

As far home theater system and projector are concern, digital projection is the main feature you should look for.

Projector Screen with Stand

Ready to transform your living room into ultimate multimedia viewing experience – So what next?

Why, Of course picking out a projector screen!

Whether you go for electric or manual screen, Fixed frame screen, or inflatable screen. Many other factors and features which separate best from the rest. Many people spent a lot of money on high-end projectors but often fail to acquire the experience they truly deserve. Some times it happens due to the lack of proper projection screens or proper equipment.

Unfortunately, a projector screen can’t be simply categorized by ‘bad’ or ‘good’. When it comes to choosing the best projector screen, there are many factors you should consider before going for one.

This review guide will help you cover everything from portability to screen size, and ease of use.

Best Projector Screen For Home Theater 2020

A top-rated projector is only good as the surface you are projection on, that’s why it’s important to invest in the best projector screen in 2020. Or even you may need a screen for the pico projector also.

There are literally hundreds of projector screens for home out there in the market, claiming they are best of them all. How this makes sense at all? Read our reviews on an affordable projector screen which you can own right now.

The list of these screens will surely help you in making much easier and better decisions.

Best Portable Projector Screen
Best Tripod Projector Screen Reviews

1. Elite Screens Tripod Series

  • Multiple aspect ratio adjustments 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, and 2.35:1
  • Best for presentations and big-screen projections.
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD Active 3D HDR Ready
  • Multi-layer weave

The portable screen comes with a 170 inches wide screen which has multiple aspect-ratio adjustments. With default ratio 1:1, you can adjust it on 3 other levels too. These include the 4:3, 16:9, and 2.35:1. You can do it to match the size of your video and enjoy an uninterrupted and lavish video watching experience. It can be done with the help of its adjustable telescopic support system.

With its 4K ultra HD active 3D projection ready screen, you can watch high definition videos with great detail being displayed on every screen. The 3D projection allows you to run 3D videos and you won’t have to purchase anything extra or a whole new separate projector to support your 3D movies.

Often people state that these products are hard to clean and they require a lot of work to be done when you are wiping it. This one comes with easy cleaning capabilities. It is mildew resistant and will keep working in moist conditions. Moreover, the product is fairly easy to clean as you can use soap and water to get rid of any dust or dirt on it.

If you are looking to rent it, the rental and staging applications will come in handy for you. It has a drape kit which is black velvet in color and some tools to enhance the aesthetics to provide a professional look.

3D Projector Screen
Best 100 inch projector screen

2. Elite Screens Sable Frame

  • 16:9 aspect ratio adjustment.
  • Angular reflective
  • Big Size
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Flame resistant

Although not as big as the one that you will find on stages, this one is perfect to be used in your backyards for a family movie experience. The Elite Screens 110 inch SableFrame Projector Screen is one of the best picks for you if you are looking to add some more spice to your home theater experience. NFPA 701 certified screen for flame resistance and is ambient light rejecting screen. Not only for homes but for media rooms that are non-dedicated, this project can work great.

The screen is 3D ready and you don’t have to do anything extra to prepare it for your 3D experience. With active and passive screen material that enhanced 3D polarization, the screen has an angular reflective property. It comes with silver-grey screen material which has 1.5 gain.

If you are looking to provide better cinema experience and absorb the projector overshoots, you will be glad to know that the product comes with a velvet surfaced frame. It is black in color and comes with 2.36 inches aluminum to absorb any overshooting light and give you an improved experience.

The projector comes with a 16:9 screen aspect ratio. Its drawback is that the screen aspect ratio cannot be altered to best fit your video. It measures 110 inches in diagonal size.

Fixed Frame Home Theater Screen
Cheap projector screen For Home

3. Elite Screens Sable Frame 2

  • 120-inch diagonal screen.
  • Cine white screen material.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Installation kit included
  • Compatible with different projectors.
  • Supports 4K & 3D.

The sable frame 2 series is a decent screen that comes with 120 inches diagonal length. It is available with various choices in projector screen material and is one of the most affordable projectors that you find with these many features in the market. The sable frame has a 2.36-inch aluminum frame which absorbs the overshooting of the projector to enhances the overall look of the projector and makes it appear elegant.

This screen has a fixed frame design which enables uniform tension throughout the screen. The backing features a fixed plate that is tabbed to assure that the screen gets secure tension and you have a flawless experience.

If you worry about the assembling, it is pretty likely that you won’t have to call any expert to fix this one for you. The projector comes with easy installation and includes everything that you need to assemble it. You can securely assemble the projector on your own without having and professional to help you out.

The projector features three different screen materials. First is the CineWhite which is 4K UHD material and comes ready for front projection. Second, it has a 1.1 gain with a 180-degree viewing angle. It is mildew resistant and has a multi-layer PVC along with a coating of texture and surface. Then you have the cinegray with 1.0 gain and wide 160-degree view and cinegrey3D with a 90-degree narrow viewing angle and 1.2 gain. The other screen material options include Power Gain and AcousticPro 1080P3.

Motorized 4K/8K Projector Screen
Elite Foldable Screen For Home

4. Elite Screens Spectrum

  • 125-inch diagonal screen.
  • Maxwhite screen material.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Infrared remote.
  • Compatible with different projectors.
  • 2-3 year warranty.

If you are looking for a screen with a solid screen design then perhaps the Elite Screens Spectrum can be the best pick. It has an all-steel construction housing which makes it one of the most durable screens in the market.

The installation is very easy and you can mount it on the wall or on the ceiling. These screens come with all essential hardware and you can purchase additional accessories for better support or adjustment according to your needs.

The spectrum comes in a black housing and there is a wide range of aspect ratios that you have at your disposal. It measures 125 inches in diagonal and this right here is 16:9 inches model. However, you can also opt for a 4:3 piece or a 16:10 model. You can also choose matte while or can get the transparent screen material.

As far as the screen materials are concerned you can purchase it in MaxWhile. The screen has a 1.1 gain with 180 degrees wide viewing angle giving you 4K UHD experience. It is HDR ready and has a black back with active 3D mode, you can enjoy a decent 3D experience. On the other hand, you have the Acoustic PRO UHD screen with 1.0 gain and 180-degree angle. It is freer and gives you 4K Ultra HD experience. The screen has active 3D and is mildew resistant.

Fixed Frame Home Theater Screen
Latest Projector Screen For Outdoor Entertainment

5. Elite Screens 135-inch

  • 138-inch diagonal screen.
  • Maxwhite screen material
  • Active 3D projection.
  • Durable metal frame.
  • Low power consumption.
  • 2-3 year warranty.

The Elite Sable Frame series is one of the popular ones by the company. It has some pretty good projector screen models and one is the Elite Screens Sable Frame ER128WH1-Wide. A simple 138 inches long screen (measured diagonally) and comes with 1:1 gain. It is manufactured with CineWhite screen material but you can also get some alterations and have other screen materials such as CineGrey, CineGrey 3D and others.

The best thing about this projector screen, easy to assemble, and is one of the most adjustable models in the market. The screen comes with plates that you can adjust according to your requirements to assure that there is equal tension throughout the screen. There are sliding wall mounts that stamp assurance on the fact that you can easily install by assembling them horizontally.

The light overshoot is absorbed by its 2.36 inches aluminum frame. It helps in assuring that the projection is appropriate and not only it absorbs excess light but also enhances the appearance of the screen.

Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Screen
Latest Projector Screen For Outdoor Entertainment

6. Mdbebbron Projection Screen

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Nylon silver screen.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Both for front and rear projection.

The Mdbebbron is a simple theater screen that comes with a lightweight aluminum frame. It is manufactured with the oxford nylon and gives you a decent viewing quality. The screen can be transported easily for outdoor use and you can use it for both fronts as well as rear projection.

The product includes the hanging straps with which you can hang the aluminum frame and proceed to start projection on the screen. Make sure that you tie it appropriately and have it stable when used for outdoor purposes. The easy transportation is accompanied by simple assembling and smooth setup which makes it a perfect choice for individuals that need a screen that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Mdbebbron screen has a 120 inches diagonal measure but many people argue that the screen is a little smaller than indicated. Well, it may be because the screen viewing dimensions are 101 x 57 inches. The aspect ratio that you can experience is 16:9 which is good for widescreen projections. It has a 1:1 gain and silver screen oxford nylon reflection material.

Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Screen
Latest Projector Screen For Outdoor Entertainment

7. Elite Screens VMAX2

  • 120-inch diagonal screen.
  • Cine white screen material.
  • 4K and 3D support.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aluminum frame
  • 2-year warranty.

Perhaps the most cost-effective motorized projector screen collection available in the market is the Elite Screens VMAX2. It is known for its performance and cost-effectiveness. The VMAX120XWH2 is a model from this category and has a list of features backing it up. This screen has the green-guard certificate in concern with the screen material. With black masking and smooth motor control, the product has one of the most durable casing and has a complete control package accompanying it.

The motorized operation is carried out by the help of its synchronous motor. It operates smoothly and silently which is desired by most of the individuals when purchasing a motorized screen projector. With a decent functioning life, the electric motor fitted in provides you a great luxury and amazing functionality.

The durability comes from its metal housing. It is particularly designed to be installed on wall or ceiling. The product is completely ready and is shipped as a plug and play item. To provide you more options for installation, the manufacturers also provide in-ceiling trim kits and brackets.

The VMAX2 projector screen is operated conveniently with the help of infrared remote control. There is also a radio frequency remote and may also be synchronized with the power cycle of the projector. For latter, you are required to use a 5-12 volt trigger. The optional accessories include the in-wall trigger and wireless switch.

Projector Screens Buying Guide

What aspect you should look for when buying a screen for the projector. Watch this buying guide before going anywhere.

Why Buy A Projector Screen?

A projection screen is an installation to project bigger images on a wall or surface consisting of a support structure. It is a white surface where big pictures can be projected easily for viewing. These screens can be installed permanently as in a cinema or movie theater but can also be portable with its given tripod.

The type of lens used to project screen determines how big the picture can be projected on the screen. This is referred to as the projector’s throw ratio. Some of the projectors need large distance while some of the projectors can be placed very close to the screen and would give a clear image.

Purpose of Screen

The main purpose of a projector screen is to display images and videos in a bigger, clearer and brighter way. It works with a projector and displays the content on the screen. They also require a dim light or a dark room to display the content and can be high as well as wide depending on the size one chooses. These are also called electric motorized screens for high definition home theaters, conference rooms, and educational purposes.

Basic Things You Will Find In The Box

  • A wall or a ceiling installation kit with the help of a simple plug that comes with the box.
  • Some of the best projector screens have a high-quality tubular motor for excellent efficiency and durability.
  • Remote controllers and control options so that you can control the screen from anywhere in the room.

Projector Screen Setup Explained

They work best when it has an accurate viewing angle, a distance of the projector from the screen and the amount of ambient light in the room. They can be installed when a person needs to view images, videos or presentations on a bigger screen and enjoy a full visualized view.

Choosing The Right Sized Projection Screen

What size projection screen should I buy is a question many enthusiasts ask themselves when deciding to make the leap from a flat panel display to a front projection setup.

Types Of Projector Screens

Different Types Of Projector Screen Are As Follow.

Electric Projector Screens

They are professional, neat looking and come with a remote control with sleek design. These types of screens can be mounted on walls or ceilings.

Electricity RequirementAdvantagesSpecial Feature

They work on 100 volts but some also works on 220 volts.

These screens are the best option if you want a large and convenient projection.  Mounted screen gives more accuracy and flexibility and gives a very stylish look. Mounted screens are best options if you do not ever plan to relocate your place or screen.

Very economical screens of this type are VMAX2 and Spectrum series of projectors.

Manual Projector Screens

A good alternative for those who look for economical and in budget projector screen. These screens have pulley at down of the screen which slows the operator to pull the screen up and down manually.

These are best pull-down manual projector screen, can also be mounted on walls or ceilings. Not much expensive but can be very irritating too if they bend down or fold due to folding of the screen more often. The best and the most popular models from these types of screens are the Manual series from the Elite screens which economically range between $250 – $440 on Amazon.

Electricity RequirementAdvantagesSpecial Feature

Best works on 100 volts but some also works on 220 volts.

They are very much lighter than electric screens because electric screens have motors to work with but they do not require any motor to work.

The size of these ranges is about 110- inch or 120- inch or 135- inch and 150- inches with 3-D projection and 160 degree viewing angle.

Another reason that they are better than electric screens is that they do not have a motor so there is no risk of motor breaking or repairing over time. These screens are in high demand in government offices, school, and universities or even in homes for home theaters.

They are light- weighted and build with aluminum frame with black velvet finish to increase the picture’s contrast. They come with 2- 3 years warranty and have a lifetime tech support by e-mail.

They are also water and soap resistant.

Tripod Projector Screens

The next type of projection screens is Tripod Projector Screens. These screens are one of the most demanded screens as they bound the operator to stay at one location and use but allow the operator to take anywhere.

They also have standard keystone which creates flexibility by correcting the pictures produced distorted. They have ultra HD 4K and active 3D projection ready screens. Their range starts from $42.

Electricity RequirementAdvantagesSpecial Feature:

Best works on 100 volts but some also works on 220 volts.

The Tripod Projector screens come with two parts, the screen itself and a tripod stand which hold up the screen. Both of its parts are very light- weight and can easily be folded and carried anywhere so these screens are called travel- friendly.

Very easy to set-up and are very cost-friendly and economical. These screen do not give the best picture quality but can be very efficient and in budget.

Basically one the most demanded projectors and the Elite screens Tripod series are the most economical and built to last long and are usually made in USA. They have an auto-locking mechanism which gives wide range of height settings.

Fixed Frame Screens

The next type of projection screen is Fixed Frame Screens and the more high-class projector screens. They are usually used for commercial purposes but also for very luxurious home theaters. These screens cannot be pulled down or up and are fixed in one place.

Electricity RequirementAdvantagesSpecial Feature

Best works on 100 volts but some also works on 220 volts.

Fixed screen have the widest variety of screen material to choose from and are the most lavish projectors. These types of projectors are very expensive which means a 135 inch fixed frame projector cost up to $259 with 4k/8K ultra HD and active 3D projection ready.

It has Cinewhite front projection screen and 180 degree viewing angle. The affordable and popular fixed from projector screens are ezFrame and SableFrame from Elite Screens.

Floor Rising Screens

The next type is Floor Rising Screens and they are even better than tripod screens as tripod screens can be bulkier because of the heavy stand but floor rising screen is more light- weighted and simpler. They do not even come in a case as the handle is attached in the base and it comes in one piece which means no further setting is required.

Electricity RequirementAdvantagesSpecial Feature

Best works on 100 volts but some also works on 220 volts.

Most of them come in a manual version and operator has to pull the screen themselves but some even come with a remote control to make it easier to control the screen while sitting anywhere in the room.

The best type of floor rising screen is the Elite screen ezCinema.

Inflatable Screens

The next type of screen is Inflatable Screen which gives the experience of outdoor movie-theater like drive-in movie theater. The projector screen self-inflate and can be adjusted to fit many types of angles and these screens are also weather- resistant.

Electricity RequirementAdvantagesSpecial Feature

Best works on 100 volts but some also works on 220 volts.

They give a very good picture quality and can approximately cost $250-$270.  The next type is Projector Screen Paint. It is the newest alternative to the whole projector screen and is very budget- friendly.

One gallon of Screen paint is more the enough to cover an area of 92” and 240” diagonally viewing space. It is usually used in classrooms, Churches or for home theaters and 2 coats is sufficient for a day.

The most best feature it has is that the paint is not permanent but you can put the paint on any surface or board anywhere and you just have to carry a gallon with you. Other projector screen requires one or two person to install but Screen paint is the work of only one person.

The one negative feature it has is that the image quality would not be as good as projector screen itself. If you want to buy a projector screen you should definitely check out its style and size. Your room should be big enough for the projector screen to work efficiently.

Projector Screens vs. Walls

Thinking that walls work for projection is not a good idea because of the following reasons. The recommended are the projector screens due to their high quality, frame, color and texture.

Frame: The dedicated projector screen is designed for better focus. However, size and wideness of a wall disturbs the picture focus. There are lots of technical benefits of a projector screen.

Texture: There are tiny bumps in normal walls. You would only feel them with hands. While the projector screens are very smooth. The tension created in them decreases the noise on surface and gives more sharpness.

Light & Color: Projector screens are purely white. They display the true color of the picture. While simple wall may look white but when dissolved with different colors, it does not give a good result.

Uses of a Projector Screen

Whether you want to watch sports or a movie or you need to display your presentations and projects in front a huge crowd you just want to do all this on a huge screen. The best option to do all this stuff easily is a projector screen.

Projector screens are the basic need in all kind of businesses, schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, small companies and homes. Projector screens can be very helpful in all kinds of businesses because all big firms and companies need to show their projects and presentation to a massive crowd and different other companies and firms.

Easy Folding

You can easily fold your screen in its bag and take it wherever you want to. Although projector screens are not light friendly so if you display in a room where there is a ton of light, a projector screen would not work properly.

However, it is quite difficult to set up a projector screen if you have no knowledge about it so it is not for beginners. They are nowadays used everywhere because everyone enjoys a big screen instead of small televisions.

Home Theater

They are also used in homes nowadays for entertainment purposes or home theaters. You can watch movies, play games, and watch news or sports on such a big screen with all of your friends. They can are a source to relax your mind with a big screen and good result. They work best with good angles and gives a more shaped and sharp image when the angle is right.

Projectors are used in cinemas nowadays to display different movies and documentaries. They are used for personal satisfaction and preference, as many people have different preferences and many people nowadays like big screens and home theaters have now become a status symbol. They are also displayed for advertisements.

Educational Institutes

So many educational systems now work only with a projector screen to make the student understand better because they believe a student can learn way better with pictures, videos, charts, and media. Big screens and bright pictures with a good sound system usually attract people so projector screens can be very useful to attract the public to a specific product or scheme.

They cannot be used in rooms with a lot of light or very small rooms because the main purpose of a projection screen is to give big screen which is not possible in a small room. They can also be painted on the wall instead of setting it with a tripod stand like in cinemas.


Projector’s screens are also used by different babysitting companies to attract children with big and attractive screens they have for activities like cartoons. With their high-definition screens, your kid can have fun watching baby rhymes, sports or play games on the big screen. It is easy to learn using a projector screen at home or office.


Hopefully, this projector screen list solves your buying woes, and you will be able to buy the perfect screen for your home or office use that will complement your watching style.

There is no denying that buying a big screen for projector is necessary for every person. Many people getting rid of small TV screens and going for big ones like a projector screen, also converting their garage or living room to a home theater system or small home cinema.

If you still think we miss some of the best screens on the list. Feel free to comment below or contact us.

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  1. Need some help, going a little crazy at the moment as I cant seem to find a projector under 2K US that will fit a 330″ Diagonal outdoor movie screen , although i have been recommended from a rental company ‘Air screens’ The Optima EH515, looking at the specs on this site it looks like it should work, when i put it into the throw calculator it recommends a brighter projector as it goes into the red. The question is how far into that red means that it will look awful in reality. Any advice or suggestions on other projectors really welcome.

    • Are you looking for a projector screen or a projector? If you need suggestion regarding a projector, i may recommend you View Sonic PA50S. For the projector screen, you can go for Elite Screens Tripod.


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