Best Handheld Clothes Steamers for 2019 – Garment Steamer

A clothes steamer is also called a garment steamer. It is a device which is used to remove wrinkles from garments and fabrics. Clothes steamer uses high-temperature steam, and this is the reason the product is rapid in removing wrinkles from clothes or garments.

A traditional iron flats the fibers. The best steamer for clothes, on the other hand, relax fibers. This process is gentler and is quite useful in eliminating scorching.

Unlike iron, a steamer is also effective on delicate fabrics. It can be used to remove wrinkles from silk quite easily. Handheld steamers are very common nowadays because of their ease of use.

Best Garment Steamers in 2019

Below is a list of top 10 garment steamers and their qualities. After going through them, you will have a fair idea about steamers and their important features.

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There are many different types of portable handheld cloth steamers available. They differ from one another in heating time up, the size of the water tank or the latest technology.

Pick the best one for your need and have a look for price if affordable. Otherwise go for cheap clothing steamers also available in market right now.

SINGER ESP-2 Review – Best Clothing Steamer In 2019

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Many times, iron catches rust since their front is exposed to environmental changes, the chances very much. This way iron can damage your clothes and may leave stains of rust. This is a challenging situation because removing rust stain is very difficult.

Clothes steamer, on the other hand, is safe to use. It is because a cloth steamer doesn’t make physical contact with clothes. Passed over the cloth and steam from its head penetrates the fibers of the fabric from a distance. In this way, a steamer is very safe on expensive clothes as chances of damage is rare.

Singer ESP-2 is the most awaited steamer of Singers. An ideal press for your clothes. It uses 100 pounds of pressure, and you need to insert pressure from your fingertip. Different type of clothes requires a different level of steam. For this reason, this press has a variable mode in it. You can either choose No steam option or electronically pumped option.

Many time clothes burn if you forget your press on it. Singer garment steamer gives very much importance to the safety of the consumer. For this purpose, the unit shuts off if the handle is left up for 15 minutes. It also features next level safety by switching the unit after 10 seconds if the handle is left down, singer ensures safe pressing.

Extra-large pressing surface – Pressing area is always an issue for press users. Singer esp-2 steam press, however, features a 24″ by 9″ pressing area which is as large as 14 times of a conventional iron. The magic steam press of ESP-2 reduces iron time by 50%, and you don’t have to shift cloth time to time, and will save time.

Electronic Fabric Temperature Settings – ESP-2 steamer features an Electronic Fabric Temperature setting. It comes with different type of parameters for different clothes. That is a temperature setting which is unusual for nylon than that for linen. Singer ESP-2 features an electronic alarm. If you by mistake put the handle down, the automatic alarm will beep after every 10 seconds to remind you. It ensures fabrics are not exposed to heat for so long.

Easy access – Filling the water tank of this steamer is quite easy. Portability is another important feature of ESP-2. It only weighs 22 pounds which make it easy to transport. Whether you need the press at one place or want to shift it to the other, moving the unit is never difficult. Overall, ESP-2 ensures ease of your use.

Die-cast Aluminium Base – Pressing is an art. You need to be conscious of the way in which you do press. Selecting an area for the base is an essential step in pressing. If the base is not smooth, there may occur flaws in your pressing that’s why it features Die-cast Aluminum Base to ensure you get quiet and steady press.

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer Review – Plastic Steam Head

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Steaming the clothes is environmentally friendly. While removing wrinkles, it also kills germs from your clothes and does not leave any residues or stain on clothing.

Using expensive chemicals is also not recommended, and many steamers freshen clothes on their own. In these conditions clothes steamer is a perfect device for pressing dress.

Commercially, where there are bulk of dresses to be pressed, a clothes steamer will not only save time but will ensure safe ironing. Eco-friendly is a feature, which is preferred by many people. You do not need to buy expensive solutions and buying clothes steamer is a one-time investment.

The J-2000 suits perfectly for home or light commercial steamer use. A wide variety of applications makes it suitable for many conditions. It is pretty much helpful in removing wrinkles from clothing, steaming bedding, table linens and much more.

Durability is an essential factor for steamers, and J-2000 steamer is a highly durable steamer. Its unique high impact plastic housing adds to the sustainability of the press.

Mobility is an essential factor, and the steamer has wheels to swivel for movement. The J-2000 is very easy to heat and gets heated in just 2 minutes and remains in the job for about 1.5 hours per filling. It fills with a convenient ¾ gallon water caddy. It fits securely into the base of the steamer.

As it also recommended for both home and light commercial usage, J-2000 Residential garment steamer features 1300 watts of steaming power.

Some essential features of J-2000 are:

Brass Heating Element – J-2000 is included with a solid brass heating element and has the power of 1300 watt and standard 120 volts. Which makes it perfect for use in North America.

Durability – Experts at Jiffy are very much concerned about high quality. Therefore special care is done to increase the longevity of the product. J-2000 has a plastic outer housing a high impact plastic and durability is ensured.

Quick heat up – Quick heat-up is a significant factor for electronic appliances. If the specific product heats quickly, this means it is saving power. J-2000 has a quick two-minute heat up which ensures you get maximum work in less time and less energy, which makes it more economical to be used by an ordinary person.

1.5 Hour Steam Time – Steam time is crucial because it decides how frequent you had to refill your steamer. Many great technologies fail to attract the public because of their low steam time. J-2000, however, ensures maximum use of steam by giving you 1.5 hour steam time per filling. This way you do not have to worry about filling and refilling the equipment all the time. Maximum usage is ensured in little maintenance.

5.5-foot hose with 6-inch steam head – This Jiffy steamer has a 5.5-foot hose. Which means you should not worry about the length of clothes. Changing the position of cloth is not necessary because the large tube is enough to move to the desired location. 6-inch steam head ensures maximum pressure and is inserted to get the best quality press.

Beautural Steamer for Clothes

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Using a high-quality steamer for clothes is safer, and there is less chance of burning cloth. Since there is no physical contact between the fabric and steamer, you are in complete control. You decide the right distance and steam regularly. It takes the wrinkles out and ensures the safety of your clothes.

The steamer is the best solution for pressing expensive clothes. It is different from iron, where there were higher chances of a person leaving hot iron on the fabrics. Burning the clothes is at all rear, if not 100% solved.

Beautural steamer is the best clothes steamer and is specially designed to take attentive care of your clothes and helps protect your precious garments from scratch.

Through its smooth surface and high-temperature steam, it gives high-performance press. This is made possible by softening clothing fibers quickly. This steamer also does sterilization and deodorization, which kills up to 99.9% of germs and gives you germ-free clothing.

Press with Beautural garment steamer leave a clean and sterile wardrobe for you, so every time you press it ensures good health for you. That’s why consumers around the globe like this garment steamer.

It has some outstanding features for you, some worth mentioning features are:

Four steam levels – You need a different level of steam for a different type of clothes. High-level steam is best for hard clothes but is entirely unsuitable for soft cloth and vice versa. Beautural cloth steamer gives you full control over the quality of fabric to press by giving four steam levels. Which makes you deal with any clothes more efficiently.

Easy Cleaning and adding water – Beautural steamer features a 260ml gallon transparent detachable water tank makes you in full control by viewing water level anytime you need. Cleaning the tank and adding water is very easy and is very important because many people feel lazy because of complicated steps. But quick cleaning of the tank makes beautural a perfect choice.

Quick heat up – In today’s commercial world everyone wants devices which save their time. Consumers love machines which are easy to start and require little maintenance. Beautural cloth steamer suits perfect for modern day use. It heats up as quickly as just in 30 seconds which makes it almost ready to use anytime. The machine gives 40 minutes of continuous steam until it requires a refill means you should not worry about its operations.

Durability – Beautural steamer has an intelligent anti-dry, overheating protection system for you, which ensures the safety of your cloth during the press. Protection makes this machine safer and more durable than any other press.

PurSteam Fabric Steamer Perfect for Home and Travel

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Many clothes steamers control internal temperature which is an essential feature as over-heating might damage your fabric. It is the primary feature of many garment steamers to have a temperature control system in them. In this way, they immediately shut off the unit if it gets heated so your cloth will not get damage and you enjoy safe pressing.

There are many types of cloth steamers available in market and PurSteam is one of them. It is beneficial in removing wrinkles from your clothes. Whether it is work clothes, play or formal dress for special occasions, PurSteam fabric steamer will bring the crisp back to your clothes and will make them wrinkle-free.

Besides, removing wrinkles from cloth, it has another essential side use. The machine can be used to remove stains from different household items. PurSteam has some best features which make it leading Handheld Cloth Steamer in the industry.

Of them, the most important are:

Temperature Control System – PurSteam features a temperature control system. It is an essential part of the product as it helps to tackle with a different type of cloth. Whether you are using it on tough fabric like linen or a relatively soft material like nylon; you can easily adjust the temperature to the desired value. This ensures safety when you work on different type of clothes and provide high-quality work.

Lightweight and compact – Mobility is an essential feature of PurSteam cloth steamer. Experts had taken notable efforts to make it compact, and as portable as possible, so you can take it anywhere. Whether it is a business trip or a vacation picnic, you can take this cloth steamer with you. It is a perfect travel companion and will de-wrinkle all types of fabrics.

Technology Leader – While concentrating on design, experts at PurSteam are also conscious about the latest technology. With its most recent design, PurSteam is designed to deliver steam more effectively. Up to date technology enables you to remove most powerful stains from many kinds of fabrics.

Automatic Shut Off – PurSteam features automatic shut off which prevents your device from overheating if you mistakenly left it on. Safety is the most important feature, and through automatic shut off, PurSteam ensures the safety of the machine and also of the consumer.

Kazoo 1580W Large Capacity Professional Garment Steamer

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A garment steamer is the best tool because it makes your cloth look like a new one. Since it reaches the areas where a traditional iron can’t reach, it works best on clothes.

If applied on stretched clothes, a garment steamer makes them look like the new ones, done by penetrating deep inside fibers to have complete work. Wrinkles removed gently, and cloth looks just like a new one.

Kazoo is a brand name in electronics and home use appliances. Kazoo is a professional garment steamer recommended for household or any garment storage place. It has triangle ironing brush and has a broader coverage area specially designed for a collar like places.

This steamer features 360 degrees rotating hook and an adjustable hanger. This can be moved 180 degrees up and down for adjustment purpose to suits perfectly for different sizes of clothing. Kazoo 1580W is well known for its large capacity. Apart from this, it also has many amazing features and attributes.

Important of them are:

Easy and Eco-friendly Clean – With the help of dimensional steam and strong penetration, it gives high-quality pressing. Since harsh chemicals or cleaning agents are not required, Kazoo 1580W gives you an eco-friendly way of cleaning garments. It removes wrinkles by instantly softening clothing fibers.

Large and safe handle – Kazoo 1580W features a humanized handle design of 1.45” length. It is very comfortable to hold the handle because it dissipates heat and hence is safe for your hand. Materials used in it are suitable for environmental health, are non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Compact size and wheels – Portability is an important feature for any product. Consumers love that product which is easy to move from one place to another. Unlike many other steamers, Kazoo steamer features wheels which make it easy to move the machine from one place to another. The compact design enables you to store it at a suitable place to ensure safety from environmental features.

Commercial garment steamer – There is a different type of clothes. Some are having thick fabrics while others consist of soft materials. Many steamers fail to attract consumer interest because they don’t distinguish between these two types of fabrics. They are either ineffective on thick fabrics or damage soft fabrics. Kazoo cloth steamer features four steam levels which make it perfect to use for any material. A simple way of usage makes this garment steamer consumer top choice.

Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Fabric Steamer – White

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Hot steam is very dangerous to handle. You require very much care and need to be completely aware when steaming clothes. A small mistake may either damage the cloth or may harm you physically.

Maximum care is required when steaming corners. You need to ensure the safety of your hands on a priority basis. Pressing edges of clothes is easy. When ironing, you need to adjust the fabric manually. Since in steaming you can’t change it time to time to ensure you have an approximate pressing of corners.

Though it may seem as cons of using clothes steamer it is not. If proper care is done, steaming is still a better option than ironing. Deep penetration makes clothes look like a new one, and this is an important feature which is missing in iron. On the contrary, iron on specific occasions leaves a stain on cloth making it more difficult to wash.

Pure Steam Fabric Steamer is a portable cloth steamer. It will make you fall in love with your clothes. You no need to worry about ironing more, Pure Steam is ideal for removing wrinkles from fabrics. Though it is small but is very quick in providing you wrinkle free clothes.

Using the fabric steamer is very easy and convenient. It is perfect for use on multiple occasions like work, picnic or parties. It ensures you get perfect look on any occasion. With all the amazing attributes, Pure Steam has won the trust of its users.

Some of the reasons why users love it are:

Quick Heat – Heating the water tank is a rapid and essential feature for clothes steamers. Consumers like steamers which saves their time on any occasion. These fabric steamers get heated just within two minutes and steam for 10 minutes continuously. Ten minutes are enough to steam the majority of daily clothes that’s why Pure Steam always stands on top in consumer’s choice.

Portable design – Experts at Pure Steam are well aware of portability and gave a unique and compact design to this steamer. 8-foot cord makes it perfect to use for clothes in the hanger. With its long cable, you do not need to misplace your clothes and can steam with much ease and support. Overall, steaming clothes is entirely more comfortable with Pure Steam’s fabrics steamer.

New nozzle design – Of all the essential features, nozzle design stands best. It distributes steam powerfully and is very consistent in its job. This way it removes hard wrinkles from clothing, drapery, bedding, and many other fabrics. Safety is ensured you can use it on any cloth without the fear of damaging material. While the design is good looking in view, it provides high-quality work.

Auto shut off protection – This fabric steamer has a compact design you can store it easily. It also includes an auto shut-off safety protection. The steamer automatically gets shut off as soon as it gets too hot. It also gets off if the water level tends too low. Overall using this Fabric Steamer is very safe and the safety of the consumer is ensured.

Rowenta IS6300 Garment and Fabric Steamer

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A garment steamer is very easy to use. Except for the proper care, it doesn’t require any professional training or aid. You must only be conscious of some common safety points, and your pressing will turn pleasant.

Steamers have a quick start-up, it time ranges between 20 seconds to 60 seconds. After this time, your device is ready to use on any fabric. For a steamer, it is possible because it penetrates deep into the cloth and can output the desired results something that is sorely missing in iron.

From quickly removing wrinkles from your clothes, you must try Rowenta IS6300. It is a powerful garment steamer and is applicable for any fabric. Rowenta cloth steamer is perfect for steaming hanging garments, curtains, upholstery and many other similar things.

Unlike other steamers, it not only smooth wrinkles but also kills germs. It works well for sanitizing, reducing dust mites and removing smoke odors from fabrics. Rowenta steamer has vertical support which offers a flat surface for materials to press against. This feature helps to hold them in place while steaming.

Rowenta is an innovation in press steamers. With its latest technology, it has many qualities which makes it a classic steamer.

Top of the list features are:

Tilt and Roll System – Till and roll system is an essential feature in Rowenta IS6300. It enables easy transportation of the product. It has back wheels and handles which help in moving the machine and also ease in rolling. Portability is an essential feature in modern-day equipment, and this cloth steamer is fully portable.

Removable Large Transparent Water Tank – Rowenta cloth steamer provides a clear view of water level. It is easily removable so can be refilled with ease. The tank holds 81 ounces of water. It can be used for up to 1 hour of continuous steaming and need to refilled then. It transparent tank gives full control of the steamer to the consumer.

Telescopic Pole with built-In Hanger – Height is usually an issue with vertical machines. Different height of people faces difficulty in handling difficult products. But in Rowenta IS6300, height is adjustable means you can adjust it to the desired length. This increase in comfort level and the product can store easily. A built-in hanger is also included in the package which makes steaming fabrics very easy and comfortable.

Foot Operated On/Off – Experts at Rowenta are keen in increasing comfort level of this steamer. They want to make it to the level where using the product will be very easy and time-saving. For this reason, it has a foot pedal on/ off which is specially designed to increase comfort. Using a clothes steamer was never easier. Indicator light indicates whether it is in operated form or apart.

It has a high steam output and wide diffusion. Having large steam head enables it to quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles. Quality is never compromised, and it provides high-quality service.

Steam Fast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

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Choosing the right type of garment steamer is an important step when buying a garment steamer. There are different categories of steamers available. Some work fine on tough fabrics while others are suitable for soft fibers.

On the other hand, there are some steamers which have different steam levels. If you know that you have a specific type of job, then you should choose a customize steamer. If your task is random pressing, then steamer with different steam levels should be your choice, which makes you in full control because you can always change between different levels.

Steam Fast SF-407 is very useful and a reliable steamer, the need of every laundry room. It has a large 40-ounce removable water tank. It provides 45 minutes of steam time and has minimal heat time. The water tank is ready to use in just 45 seconds, this way it saves time.

Hot steam is very helpful as it penetrates deep into the fabric to make it relaxing. Wrinkles are removed in no time to get the freshest impact in seconds. Steamfast handheld steamer is less expensive and very much safer than dry cleaners. It doesn’t require any chemicals which make it safe to use. It ensures safety, kills germs and removes dust stains.

It has many other essential features.

Up to 45 mins of continuous steam – Mostly people like products which require little or no maintenance. Maintenance is something that many people try to avoid. Steamfast steamer is having 45 mins of continuous steam, means once you fill the water tank, it will work for 45 mins. Long usage time is, what makes this handheld steamer differ from others.

100% chemical free freshness – Chemicals tends to increase freshness. But the negative part is that they are harmful to the environment. Steamfast is keen to provide environment-friendly products. It gives freshness to fabrics without using any chemicals. In this way, it eliminates the use of harmful chemicals.

Steamdfast SF407 features a 40-ounce water tank, easily removable. This feature is beneficial in easy refilling.

PurSteam PS-910 Review – Heavy Duty Steamer

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Garment steamers do not require any ironing board for pressing clothes. You can press clothes hanged in a hanger. All you need to do is to move the steamer on the cloth so the steam from the head will penetrate the fabric.

This makes you tension free because when you iron, you always need an iron board. Without a smooth board, you cannot use iron, and the flat board is many times difficult to locate. Steamers, however, gives you ease of usage.

PurSteam PS-910 is a powerful, sturdy and robust steamer. The design team has worked hard to make it best without compromising on ease of use or essential features. It has many attachments which make the product suitable for a specified job. These attachments are useful for steaming purpose.

It has an adjustable hanger which is useful in eliminating wrinkles from a different type of fabrics like jackets or daily use clothes. A handheld steam board also includes in a package which is helpful in removing lines from pesky collars, tight pockets, full sleeves and much more.

PurSteam Fabric Steamer has many great attributes, of them some worth mentioning are:

Large Capacity – Pursteam steamer has a large water tank, has a capacity of 61 ounces and heats in just 45 to 60 seconds. Which makes it perfect use for consumers and many people like those type of products which are always ready to use. This ample space is enough to provide 60 mins of steady steam for your use. This way you need rare refilling of the water tank.

Stop Ironing – 248 degrees Fahrenheit steam is ideal for the press. It penetrates deep into the fibers and relaxes them. Pursteam can handle thick fabrics and removes wrinkles much faster than ironing. Steaming also freshens clothes by killing much of the germs, is something missing in iron. That is the reason experts recommend steaming your clothes rather than ironing.

Money Back Guarantee – PurSteam is a leading name in everyday appliances. People trust the trade name of PurSteam and the company has always tried to keep the trust of their customers. When you buy PS-910, Pursteam ensures you money back guarantee this is done to increase your confidence in the product.

NOSIVA Garment Steamer

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Steamer use for all type of clothes. The danger of burning cloth is minimum. Because you are in full control of the amount of steam exerted. If water tanks move to a low level, then it is dangerous for clothes.

Many steamers had auto shut off the system for such conditions which ensures safe pressing. A water tank can be removed and refilled before you can reuse your product. Overall, a garment steamer is liked by many consumers because it saves a lot of time.

Nosiva handheld portable steamer is top quality clothes steamer. With its innovative design, it is perhaps the unique of its kind in the market. The nosiva steamer is very powerful and is gentle for all types of fabrics.

Nosiva portable steamer is having 1000 watts of power, has a 20-second heat up a feature about half of the time of many other clothes steamer. Steam time is 8 minute and is sufficient for many daily usages. After that, you need to refill the water tank of the product to keep your work continued.

Safety by this garment steamer is guaranteed it won’t harm your clothes. The critical point is that it used for all type of fabrics: these and many other classic features which includ in Nosiva Clothes Steamer.

Top of the list attributes are:

Electric pump for continuous steam – Continuous steam is a factor which many clothes steamers fail to achieve. Though they claim to have constant steam none of them is 100% efficient. Nosiva, with its latest technology, is truly proficient in its type. The electric pump has made continuous steam possible.

No need of ironing board – Since it works on clothes attached in the hanger, you no need an ironing board. This feature from Nosiva makes you tension free because no longer you will be searching for the iron board. Pressing dress is very more comfortable with these clothes steamer. You need to move the product near the clothes to steam from the machine head will press the fabric.

Remove wrinkles and clean germs – Nosiva uses the latest technology for pressing clothes. This way, it not only removes wrinkles from clothes but also kill bugs. Cleaning dust and much more features are made possible by using hot steam. These features make Nosiva ideal for daily use because it not only ensures good look but also take care of health issues.

Portable and compact size – many consumers like Nosiva because of its design. Small in size and efficient in function, this cloth steamer does all the tasks that others cannot. It fits perfectly in your suitcase and can be moved along with you to any place. Hence, Nosiva Clothes Steamer is a perfect companion.

How does the clothes steamer work?

The working principle of clothes steamer is straightforward. Hot steam penetrates deep into fabrics, and while doing so, it relaxes inner fibers. This way it removes wrinkles faster than ironing. Since it penetrates deep inside fibers, your clothes are left fresh in just a matter of seconds. Fabric steamer works gently on most of the fabrics and is also equally best for other heavier materials.

Cloth Steamer Buying Guide 2019

Portable clothes steamer is designed to do difficult jobs. Iron works perfect for soft fabrics and is very efficient when it comes to removing creases. But on tough fabrics, iron does not work correctly. Ironing requires very much time to be done, so you need to be conscious of not damaging the fabric.

A clothes steamer is a solution to all these problems. It removes wrinkles from any fabric and works perfectly on tough materials. If you need to do bulk work, then ironing should not be your choice. A professional clothes steamer saves your time because you just had to steam fibers on the clothes hanging on the hanger.

Price is another factor which needs to be taken into consideration. Quality iron costs much less than a quality steamer. If you want to do everyday domestic work, then you may want to go with iron. But if you had to press dresses in bulk and had to tackle tough fabrics, then professional garment steamer is the only and most efficient solution for you.

You must check out this video on How to use cloths steamer. If you don’t know how steamer works then this video is highly recommended for you.


After all reading you may have clear idea of what are the best clothes steamers to buy. We clear every single point of each steamers above.

Hopefully, our list of steamer will assist you in picking the best possible Handheld Cloth Steamer.

If you still have any question related to garment steamer please comment below we will answer your questions.

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