Best Epilators in 2019 For Face, Bikini, Legs | Ultimate Buying guide

For removing hairs, electric epilators works the best. These are simple epilators which are charged and then used. Electric Epilators pluck hairs from roots, thus provides several weeks of hair free smooth skin.

Removing body hairs is a century old practice. Society norms demand that women must be having clear and smooth skin.

Hairs on the skin of women do not look good, and thus every woman wants to get rid of it. There are many different methods adopted by women to clean their body parts. Mostly women using razors or waxing. Since razors and waxing are centuries old methods of removing hairs, they have their disadvantages.

While using wax may be expensive, blades are dangerous to apply. Wax may need professional assistance, but razors can result in cuts. Since the scientific revolution, researchers are trying to provide ease in every aspect of life. After waxing and razors, researcher invented epilators which is very handy and time saving.

Here in the list below we review some of the best epilator for women to remove hair easily.

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Best Epilator For Women List:

Here is the list of the top 10 best epilators by customer reviews and features.

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Below are the details of some companies which design high quality epilators for women and men. Since many of the attributes are similar to most of them, there are also some unique qualities of each epilator.

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Braun Silk-epil7 7-561 – Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

Braun Silk Epilator use for hair removel

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The Silk-épil 7 epilator is highly efficient and extra gentle. Since there are some epilators which are waterproof and others are water resistant, this is both. Braun epilators are water tight so that they can be used anywhere. No matter if you want to use it in wet or in dry, the bath or shower this epilator will work correctly. It allows cordless hair removal. It means you don’t have to search electric socket every time you want to use it. One time is charging, and it will work for hours. Pain is a disliked thing associated with epilation.

Many people who prefer wax over epilation reasons of its safe use. While the latter is known for certain pain especially for the first use, the Braun Hair Removal Epilator works comfortably. Pain is an associated feature because when the epilator catches thick hairs, it hurts.

One can’t completely remove this factor, but this epilator has minimized it. If you start using it regularly, you will find your new use more comfortable than the previous one. The epilator offers a high-frequency massage system. It provides extra comfort through pulsating active vibrations during epilation.

While everyone has choices, you can manually turn the massage system on or off. It has 40 close-grip tweezers. These enable the epilator to remove the shortest hairs to 0.5mm. While being efficient, this provides smoothness lasting for weeks. It removes the hairs from deep inside. It increases efficiency as you don’t have to worry for weeks. Taking proper care of all the safety measures will make epilation safer than ever.

One of the main features of Braun epilator is its pivoting head. It follows every contour of your body. It makes better skin contact and gentler performance. A bright light associated with it that gives better vision. No matter if there is an improper light arrangement, the bright light associated with the epilator will reveal even the finest hair. It helps increase efficiency.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Having Close-grip technology
  • Built-in exfoliation
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Short battery life

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Remington EP7030 – Rechargeable Hair Removal System

Professional Remington Hair Removel

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Epilators works just like wax or tweezers. Its primary purpose is to pluck hairs from roots. Epilators differ these methods because it uses spinning discs or springs. It is used to capture hair on the skin level. The rotating motion of moving parts, however, pull away from the hairs from the root to leaves the skin smooth.

This hair removal epilator achieves long-lasting hair removal. It leaves the skin beautifully smooth because of its Remington Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator. It includes a superior coverage epilation system. Making epilation faster, this removes hair from the root in one pass. It also helps reduce pain. Due to improved technology, this epilator catches even the shortest hairs. A massaging cap with Aloe Vera is also included. While massaging cap soothes skin, a precision cap is also included for face and particular areas.

This Remington Hair Remover removes hair from roots. It makes a long lasting effect. The skin remains smooth for about six weeks. While reducing tensions related to hairs, this also saves your time. You only had to give 1 hour to yourself in a month.

While designing the product, particular attention was given to the comfort of the customer. It comes with two speeds. It allows adjusting speed as needed. In certain conditions, it proves very useful. The epilator has an ergonomic design and pivoting head. It provides consistent contact and makes epilating legs, arms and sensitive areas easy. There is a detailed light in the epilator. It reveals even the finest hairs. It increases the efficiency of the device.

The Remington Hair Remover is waterproof, means it can be used both in dry and in wet. While using in dry increases efficiency, in wet, it reduces pain. It works great on the face. While it is not suitable for eyebrows, it gives good results on the face.

Many people feel more comfortable with rechargeable batteries. They find it difficult to attach the epilator with cord every time. For such people, Remington hair remover is the best solution as it is cordless and can be used for several hours once recharged. If you hate hairs on your chin, arms and bikini area then you must use this epilator. It provides very pleasant service. You might feel pain for first few times, but once your hairs become thin, then you will no longer feel the pain.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Long-lasting epilator
  • Charge time more than 2 hour when fully charged
  • Best for thin hair removal
  • 40 Tweezers – Total Coverage
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Good for small areas, for heavy duty you need expensive one (More money more features).

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Braun Silk-epil 5 5-185 – Affordable Epilator For Women

Best Epilator For Legs Hair Removal

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When you shave, your legs (or any other body part) might seem smooth for the first. But after some days, it again feels like a cheese grater. It is because razor only cut tips of the hairs. They cut, what is visible on the skin. That’s why it look perfect for some days, but as soon as the tip overpass skin level, you have stubble again. Epilators, on the other hand, works differently. They take out hairs from the root. This way the hairs take very long to overpass skin level. As a result, the skin remains smooth even when hair is growing deep.

The Braun Silk Epilator comes with amazing qualities. It ensures that you get a gentle epilation experience. To-do-so, the system features a unique Dual Comfort System. It includes both massage rollers and a cooling ice glove. It is to feel you beautiful after epilation.

While epilation is a simple process, this hair remover makes it even pleasant. The epilator comes with two different speeds. First one is soft. It is for gentle epilation. If you want to do it slowly and softly, then try option 1. Increased speed of option 2 makes it more efficient.

Hairs are removed, and not a single one is left. But increasing speed results in some pain. It is, therefore, recommended, to use soft epilation for first few times and then proceed too fast. It comes with a pivoting head which pivots up to 15 degrees. Forward and backward, it helps better adapt to the contours of the body. It increases comfort and maximum thoroughness.

Braun Silk Epilator makes epilation very comfortable and increases comfort. There is a bright light in the epilator which helps you to see even the smallest hairs. Since you want efficient epilation that lasts for weeks, this bright light will help you not to miss a single hair.

The high-frequency massage system brings epilation to next level. It stimulates the skin and soothes the plucking sensation. This way it provides maximum comfort for the user. For the first time, a close-grip technology is introduced. Using 40 tweezers, it is made sure to grip the hairs more efficiently. Even the shortest hairs of up to 0.5 mm are plucked leaving the skin smoother than ever.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • 40 Close-Grip tweezers can remove hair as short as 0.5 mm
  • Washable for better hygiene
  • Pivoting head for ease of use on curves
  • Massage rollers for minimizing pain
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Painful, especially if you are epilating for the first time

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Braun SE7681 – Wet and Dry Epilator

Best Epilator For Girls

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Epilating is a good idea for removing all excess body hairs. Women with dark hairs are often worried about their legs and armpits. Lower back hairs and fore-arms hairs make a dark haired woman feel self-conscious. Using epilator is a solution to this. An epilator removes the hairs with ease and comfort. It effortlessly removes hair from all those areas. On the other hand, if you shave, stubble may un-comfort you. Those small hairs which appear just after 2-3 days of shave seem very annoying.

Braun is well known for designing best epilators. Their epilators provide efficiency along with comfort. This wet and dry epilator aims to use in both conditions. Whether you feel comfort in dry or wet conditions makes you relaxing, this epilator is for you. It works efficiently in both conditions.

Braun epilator comes with 40 close-grip tweezers. It helps to remove even the shortest hairs. Epilation makes your skin smooth and beautiful. It removes hairs from the root. It remains your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks. Since the hair will start growing from deep, you will not experience any stubble.

The epilator comes with cordless usage. The smart battery takes an hour to charge and can be used for about 40 minutes. It is more than enough for a full cordless epilation. Being cordless permits easy removal of hairs in hidden places especially bikini areas. You just had to cap the epilator and use it any way you wish. It is recommended to take a warm shower before epilation. It cleans your skin and makes it ready for epilation. This epilator is designed to be used in shower or bath tub. Anyways you will feel more comfortable, after using this epilator.

When epilators are known for pain during their uses, Braun is associated for more comfortable epilation. It is so designed to minimize any discomfort or irritation. This epilator is designed to pluck the hairs from roots. It avoids stubble in future and provides smooth skin for about 4 weeks.

When used regularly, it makes the hairs thin and softer. So after some use, epilation will become more and more comfortable. For women who are concerned about their skin, in the long run, this will make your hairs so thin that epilation will just be a simple exercise for you. It high-frequency massage system adds to the comfort.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Close-grip technology
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
  • Extra-wide head removes hair faster
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • More attachments would be nice
  • Short battery life

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Panasonic ES2113PC – Facial Hair Trimmer For Women

Best Facial Hair Trimmer For Girls

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Waxing is an excellent solution for people with dark hairs. They wax their hairs and removes them comfortably. But there is a major disadvantage with waxing. It does not work on small hairs. For wax, your hairs need to be about ¼ inches long. It means you had to wait for them first to grow and only then you can remove them.

Looks very unpleasant as you will only enjoy some days of smooth skin and then a couple of weeks with stubble. In contrary, epilator works on all type of hairs. These could be as small as 1 mm or even more. It means you don’t have to wait for them to grow first and had an unpleasant look for weeks. Since epilation removes hairs from roots, your face shines for weeks, and you enjoy smooth skin.

Using Panasonic Facial Trimmer, one can easily remove unwanted hairs from the face, chin, neck and body. It is quick, convenient and gentle to use. Unwanted hairs are no more a problem.

This is specially designed for women to use as a face shaver, eyebrow trimmer or brow shaper. It can also be used to remove hairs from private body parts such as bikini area. If you are sensitive about your body and do not want anyone to see your body parts, then this facial trimmer is for you.

You will have your beauty salon at your home. This Epilator best work for face and any other parts of body, powered by one AA size battery, No power issue.

Panasonic Facial Trimmer is known for comfortably remove unwanted hairs. The smooth pivoting head that swings 10 degrees to the left and right. It makes the trimmer to glide easily along the natural contours of your face for close and comfortable hair removing. Its natural appearance makes it easy to use.

Many epilators are purpose specific, one is better for one type of skin, then it is not suitable for another type. But Panasonic Facial Trimmer is gentle for every skin type. It is equipped with ultra-thin, hypo-allergic stainless steel blades and a unique rounded blade tip.

The trimmer provides gentle and precision trimming on even the most sensitive skin. These blades are designed for optimum results when used dry. This means that you do not need to apply soap or lotion before using. If you are having to make up and want to trim, then this is the best option for you. This Facial Trimmer works perfectly over makeup.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Best Facial Hair Trimmer
  • Convenient and gentle to use
  • AA size battery, No power issue
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • More feature would be great

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Panasonic ES-ED90-p – Wet/Dry Epilator And Shaver

Salon Trimmer For Hair

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Going to Salon is very expensive and time-consuming. Every time you want to get ready, you had to take the time to visit a salon. Even if you wax at your home, you will have to invest on wax and other related creams and much more. Epilator is an excellent replacement for it.

Epilator is an only one-time investment. You had to buy it, and then it is free to use. No worry about anything else, just charge it and you are good. Panasonic ES-ED90-P is one of the best Panasonic epilator and shaving system. Its premium performance is well known for hair removal. ES-ED90-P includes 6 attachments to increase personal care convenience.

[wpsm_tabgroup] [wpsm_tab title=”Dual-Disc Epilation Head“]It has a large, contoured epilation head attachment. Dual wide disks and 48 precision rotating tweezers are included with it. These make sure to firmly capture, hold and extract hair cleanly from the root. It makes the hair removal maximum and reduces discomfort to a minimum.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Dual Speed Modes“]The epilator comes with dual speed modes. It means you had the power to control it. Either way, you are comfortable, you can change the speed according to your ease.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Hypoallergenic Stainless-Steel Blades and Foil“]This epilator uses ultra-sharp and extra durable blades. A protective foil cover is also included. It is designed so as to protect sensitive skin for irritation-free shaving with a large surface area which makes it an ideal leg shaver.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”100% Waterproof“]The Panasonic shaver and epilator are fully immersible and 100% waterproof. The makes it easy to use with your favorite gel, foam or soap. You can also use it wet under the shower or in the bath. It also suits if you want to use it dry. Since it is 100% waterproof, you can wash it under running water.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Built-in LED Light“]The epilator is very efficient. It plucks even the shortest hairs. To increase efficiency and to enhance vision, it includes a built-in LED light. It makes visible lighter, thinner and hard to see hairs. Through this feature, you can have a quicker, easier shaving and epilation.[/wpsm_tab] [/wpsm_tabgroup]

A travel pouch and a cleaning brush store are also included with the package. It suits it for personal use. It makes it an excellent alternative to wax because of its time and money saving features.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • 48 precision rotating tweezers for superior hair removal
  • Six different head attachments
  • Washable for easy cleaning
  • Wet and dry hair functionality
  • Includes rechargeable base
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Only runs for 30 minutes on a charge
  • It can be painful to use first time

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Philips HP6401 Satinelle – Best Epilator For Money

Cheap Epilators For Home Use

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Philips Satinelle Epilator is designed for beginners. It gives you soft and smooth skin from head to toe. These are not like razors which just cuts hairs from skin level. Philips epilator removes hair from the roots to make it even smoother. An ergonomic grip makes the handling comfortable. Epilation system is very efficient and removes hair as short as 0.5 mm. 21 hypoallergenic discs and a removable, washable head ensure best hair removal experience.

Multiple length hairs can be epilated with Philips Epilator. It can epilate short hairs of up to 0.5 mm length. For long, the hairs should not exceed 1.5 cm in length. The hairs of about 3 to 4 mm are ideal for cutting with this epilator.

Since it gives variety, it ‘s nice to use this epilator. You don’t have to worry if some of your hairs are large in length while others still are small. This epilator can epilate different length hairs all in one. This way it provides you an efficient way for easy operation and cleanup.

Before using, make sure that your skin is clean and dry. You had to follow some directions for proper usage. First, place the epilator head at a right angle to the skin. Then, move the epilator slowly against the direction of hair growth.

Philips hp6401 comes with a fully removable, washable head. It makes cleaning easier as you remove the head and place it under water. Once cleaned, fix it again at the place and is ready to re-use. It also have an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling. Its rounded shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand which makes hair removal easy and convenient. You can easily use it even if it is your first time.

Also includes 2 speed system to ensure you get the desired operation. It can be operated in either way you desire. It has included only 1 accessory; this epilator makes itself the most economic epilator in the market.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Optimal performance for short hair
  • Epilator has 21 tweezers
  • Removable and washable head for easy cleaning
  • Efficiency cap for sensitive skin
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Heats up in use
  • Not cordless

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezers Head

Best Emjoi Espilato Reviews

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Epilators are used to remove body hairs by yourself. This means you do not need any assistance from a professional. If you are sensitive about your body and do not want anyone else see your body parts, then epilation suits you. It is a safe method. There is no danger of getting cuts or any other harm. Removing body hairs is a centuries old practice by women. They love smooth skin and epilation provides modern techniques along with the classic societal norm.

The Emagine from Emjoi is a ground breaking hair remover. It comes with 72 tweezer heads. These removes hair quickly and comfortably. The number of passes required is reduced to achieve the benefits of epilation. These are smooth and silky skin.

Emjoi comes with a patented “Glide Technology”. This lifts up the hair for quick and easy removal. The skin is stretched to increase comfort and efficiently remove hair during epilation. The Emagine is the first epilator in the world to offer Silver Ion Technology which provides antimicrobial protection from bacterial infections.

The Emagine features 72 tweezer heads. These help remove hairs without the need for multiple passes. Its glide technology lifts the hairs up and enables the tweezers to skate over the skin. This helps to minimize irritation. Since hairs are plucked from roots, you don’t had to worry about them for next 4 to 6 weeks. This epilator provides relaxation from stubble and make your skin smooth.

One of the major cons of epilators is the microbial growth. But Emagine Epilator is so designed, to pamper your skin and keep you safe from infection. Infections and viruses are no more issue for you. Emagine is user friendly and is comfortable to use. A handle is engineered that balances in your hand to ease the maneuver all over your body. It is also great comfort to remove hairs on the legs, bikini line and underarms.

The epilator features a dual speed control. This lets you customize each operation, depends if you want a soft and safe epilation or a fast and efficient. Any time you can control the speed. Along with this, it comes with a plug in operation. This ensures you don’t had to worry about replacing a battery.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Best Affordable Epilator under $100
  • Dual Opposed Staggering Heads
  • Can be used with or without cord
  • Highly versatile And Comfortable Grip
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Doesn’t pull short hairs so well
  • This Epilator is loud
  • Not any more efficient than older models

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 – Best Cordless Epilator

Best Cordless Epilator Reviews

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Epilators requires a high initial investment. As compare to wax or razor, their prices are high. If you want to buy a durable epilator, it will cost you much more. As a first sight, it might seem like a problem. For long term use this, however, changes to an advantage. The money you had to invest is just one time. It means you don’t have to spend on it every time like wax. Once you buy, an epilator will work for long. In many cases, customers recover more than double of its total price.

Braun Silk Cordless epilator comes with 40 percent wider head. It ensures that more hairs are captured and removed in one stroke. The Micro Grip Tweezer Technology increases epilation performance. It’s wider, longer and deeper tweezers will remove 4X shorter hairs than wax does.

Since the epilator plucks hairs from roots, you enjoy 4 weeks of smooth skin. Just apply for a time, and then you have 4 tension free weeks. This epilator works in both wet and dry which means you can use it in shower or bath. While in dry it increases efficiency, using in wet surely decreases pain.

Moreover, pain is reduced with regular use because regular plucking makes your skin hairs thinner and softer. The epilator includes a bright light. It is helpful in seeing even the smallest of hairs. The smart light contributes in increasing efficiency of the epilator.

The package also includes a special Braun facial brush which is used to remove makeup and pore deep impurities. Using this brush is 6X better than manual cleaning. The epilator is designed to be 100% water proof. It is to enable a comfortable utilized in the shower.

What else you want, this epilator works everywhere. Use it on legs, underarms, lips, bikini line and any other body part. The epilator comes with a large head trimmer electric razor. It is for those women who are not daring enough to try it on the bikini line.

For those people, just use other attachment heads available with it. It comes with 7 extras. These include a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand for an always charged device. A Bonus facial brush is also included.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • User-friendly
  • This Epilator has 40 tweezers
  • Affordable Price
  • Extra-wide head removes hair faster
  • Good for getting all your grooming done with one device
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Razor may take a few passes

[wpsm_box type=”transparent” float=”none” text_align=”center”] Philips HP6306 Satin – Perfect Cordless Epilator

Best HP Epilator Reviews

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Using epilator is a good practice. Many women are afraid of removing hairs from bikini areas. It is because it’s hard to treat with that much efficiency. But a slim epilator is useful in this regard. You can use it to remove hairs from bikini areas. It will be painful during first uses, but the pain will reduce after some time. It is not just because you will get used to it; this is because hairs will become thinner and softer after multiple uses.

The prefect textured ceramic discs and wide head will help to remove hair in 1 stroke. It gives you the ultimate epilation experience. This deluxe model comes with 4 attachments. A pair of illuminating smart tweezers is also included for the best in head to toe solutions.

A built-in smart light reveals even the finest hairs. The 2 speed setting gives you optimal speed control. Enjoy cordless epilation for up to 40 minutes. If you want long-lasting smoothness for up to four weeks, then use this epilator. It will make your skin smooth in minutes.

Philips satin has hypoallergenic and textured ceramic discs. They are used to remove even the finest hairs quickly and comfortably. Your skin is left smooth for up to 4 weeks. The epilator contains an efficient battery. It provides 40 minutes of usage on one charge. The charging time of the battery is just 1 hour. The cordless design ease mobility of the epilator. This means you can put it in a suitcase or a gym bag and can carry it anywhere.

There is no good cleaner than water. The Satin Deluxe Epilator features a removable, washable head. To keep the epilator clean has become quick and easy. You only have to remove the head and wash it under running water. Since the epilator is 100% water proof, it will not get affected.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • This Epilator is 100% water proof
  • Active massage system
  • Shave, trim, and style attachment
  • Washable epilation head
  • Gives 40 minutes of usage on one charge
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Not suitable for facial hair
  • Not as efficient as previous models

Epilator Buying Guide

Before coming to a discussion how to use an epilator? how does it works? We need to first know what an epilator is.

This guide will help you know all the necessary information about an epilator, its usage, cleaning and benefits. So, let’s start!

Using an epilator is a good practice, remove hairs with ease and provides a relatively economical way of cleaning. You can use it both in dry and in wet. Cleaning the epilator is never a problem. You just place it below a tap and clean the waterproof feature makes it best hair removing the device.

What is an Epilator

An epilator is a device which is used to remove unnecessary hair or hair that don’t look good on body. In other words, an electrical device that removes body hairs in a range of ¼ inch to 3mm by tweezing action. Grasping the hairs and pulling them out with roots, mechanically is the basic functionality of an epilator.

It comes in different designs, made u of different materials. There is a huge market of hair removing devices, epilators are considered to be one of the important machines. It is different from other devices like shaving machine, razor and plucker etc.

How Epilator Works?

Using an epilator is an easy job as compared to doing waxing and shaving. All you have to do is following the precautions carefully. It is quite spontaneous and facile process. First thing first, find yourself a good epilator, from good I mean best quality and less expensive. You now have an epilator, which for sure is the best one.

Epilate a night before going anywhere, charge it, it is annoying when you start epilating and it is not charged therefore fully charge it.

Peeling off the Dead Skin: Now have a good massage of your skin, rub it, exfoliate it with a glove or a scrub. It is important because it lessen the pain and removes the dead skin. There are types of epilators some dry others are wet, the first one is used before shower while latter one is after shower. So, in both cases peeling the dead skin gives best sensation.

How to Holding an epilator: It looks scary at first but calm down. Holding an epilator to skin for the first time is frightening, sometimes you hold back yourself rom tweezing your hair. So get confidence and hold it perpendicular to your skin, that means at 90 degree. It will help plucking your hair more easily with minimum pain.

Don’t Press Hard: Your job is just to hold the epilator in the right direction, now it is their part. The tweezer will pull out your hair from the roots, you don’t need to press them. If you are still pressing it against your skin it might pinch you, and you may bleed so simply don’t do that.

Glid: The epilator has these specific tweezers, which is helping in removing your hair, you have to glide it on your skin in circular motion, mostly it is from bottom to top, but keep in mind the direction of hair growth.

Use in Opposite direction: Important! While epilating, keep in mind you have to do it in opposite direction to the hair growth, if done in same direction then you just gain pain, and no hair is removed. So slowing glide it in opposite direction, YES! you have achieved it. There is also a chance of ingrown hair which at times makes it difficult for removal so notice them.

Slow and steady: You guessed it right, that slow and steady wins the race is the perfect phrase, you have to do your epilating in accordance with this. If you rush the hair will just cut, not removed. It takes more time than shaving, so you have to take out time, else not possible. Going to a party, beach or any other place, before the arrival of the date you must time yourself. If you are in a hurry, don’t epilate because rather looking than sexy you may look scary. So, in slow manner your every hair will be vanished, magic but steady you go.

Stop even alternate: If you are epilating for the first time then it is possible you may get tired, take a break. To squeeze time, turn the music on, it will help the time in passing easily. Alternate between your legs and arms; this changing of position might help. Stop means break not quitting. For your second try you will be faster and energetic.

Epilating verses other hair removal methods

Epilator is a good device for getting rid of extra body hairs as compared to waxing and shaving etc. it requires less time than both the stated manners as it is easy to use and easy cleanup. Moreover, it is safe and convenient. In comparison to this waxing is super expensive so it is way cheaper method and the result is almost same. It removes the thinnest hair as well as remove hair from the fragile most parts of the body. The result is quite good lasting up to a month. Unlike waxing which require hair to be at certain growth it can remove smallest hair, so it is a better choice.

Like wax it result in less body hair over time and growing rate is lowered with this method of removal.

Referring to epilator usage, “Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice.” It is safe to use an epilator as often as you feel necessary, though most people need to use an epilator every three to six weeks.

What Epilator You Should Choose?

choosing an epilator for yourself is hard task. you should look the features before buying any epilators.

Look For Number Of Tweezers: The more tweezers any epilator have the more hair will be pulled out in less time. it will save more time and also clean large area while epilating.

Look For Flashlight Features: Flashlight is amazing feature if any epilator have. Because it helps you to see every single tiny hair on your skin and easy to clean up.

Look For Wet/Dry Epilator: While buying epilator you must look for wet/dry features if pain bothers you when epilating hair in shower.

Look For Price: Last but not the least price is the major feature you should look for. The cheap epilator will have less features while expensive one will be long lasting and also have many features than cheaper one. So, look for the one that suit your desire requirements and spend money on which you like the most.

Extra Features In Epilator

What to look for extra features when buying an epilator. There are many features you an epilator has, the more feature an epilator have the more it will be convenient and useful.

Here are some main feature an epilator have:

[wpsm_tabgroup] [wpsm_tab title=”Cordless“]

A cordless epilator can be used every where, can use while traveling. Cordless does not need any electricity to operate that’s why these epilator are used more than any other epilators. These are convenient and can store easily.

When going to buy cordless epilator in 2019 must look for one which last for at least 50 minute charge. More long lasting epilator is a good sign otherwise if charge finish then charging can be difficult. So be careful while choosing. Mostly women prefer cordless epilator it’s handy, stress free and no tension of electric plug, use anywhere.

[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Corded“]If you going for corded epilator make sure cord is long enough to reach every part of your body. These epilator work faster and remove every tiny hair you want to remove. On the other hand you will be using this in bathroom otherwise no use. Bringing corded epilator while traveling is a tough choice. You won’t find much easier electric plug to charge. A corded epilator can’t be used for dry epilation.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Wet And Dry“]This feature is also good  if you buying epilator which has wet and dry function. To less your pain while epilation you must moisture you body and boost efficiency.[/wpsm_tab] [wpsm_tab title=”Message Function“]Some women prefer epilator which has massage function. Sometime epilation is a painful process if your epilator does not have reduce pain features. At this time massage epilator comes into play which helps soothe the skin during epilation to reduce discomfort during epilation.[/wpsm_tab] [/wpsm_tabgroup]

Is epilating your hair painful?

The answer may vary from one user to the other, it totally depends on your experience. Though it is not as painful as waxing. To have a painless hair removal you need to take care of the following things. Epilation suits sensitive skin more and it is gentle too. When you start to epilate after a minute you are hurt, but the next minute it is lessened. Pain totally depend on your hair growth and thickness, so shorter the hair less will be the pain, same goes for thickness. Epilate in a week hence it helps in reducing the pain also most beautician recommends Braun SILK-EPIL 7681, it is gentle.

Tighten your skin: While epilating hold your skin tight, else it will bleed. If you are cleaning your underarms, then stretch to the fullest of your stamina and raise your hand higher. It will help you in reducing the pain. Stretching and tightening your skin is the kay factor in reducing the pain in epilation even for ingrown hair.

Epilate at night: Whenever you are in a mood of plucking your hair, waxing and epilating, make it a night practice. Redness is the side effect of all of these therefore the skin require time to get back to its normal tone. At times a bump appears or a red dot, for this apply aloe vera gel. If you don’t have access to it then simply apply any moisturizer. Your skin will look silky and smooth in the morning. Shine with no hair perfect skin.

Disinfect: For any hair removing device, make sure the hygiene. It is necessary because makes the device bacteria and germ free. After epilating your hair clean the epilator for the next usage and REMEMBER don’t share your epilator. For dry epilator, sponge the brushes with alcohol. For wet epilator, rinse it. Dry with a towel and keep it in a safe place, away from kids.

HOW TO: Remove hair with an EPILATOR!

A complete guide by AndreasChoice watch the whole video and Andreas will show you how to use epilator for removing hair and also show you caution how to prevent your skin from damage.

We like this beginner guide for epilator and how to use epilator and also Andreas explain it very well. Watch and learn to remove unwanted hair if you are beginner or use else but want to lean more. Then this is for you.


Can epilator be used to remove facial hair?

The answer to the question is definitely yes! There is a variety of epilators which are specifically for facial hair, while other have mode of use for hair on face. For the face apply the same procedure as for the other body parts. Wash your face, ensure that your face is makeup free and you are not applying moisturizer even. Make sure it is oil free too, next step exfoliate, have a good scrub.

Now point out the places where there is hair but remember it should be at least ¼ of an inch. Place the epilator perpendicularly, don’t press it and move it gently in circular motions. Face is a sensitive area so be careful with that, as slow as you can. BaRun silk-epil is best for facial hair. Also, man should not remove their facial hair with epilator as they are coarse and much thicker so it will hurt more as compared to shaving. As far as women are concern, they do not have much facial hair, so epilator is a good choice.

Removing hair from pubic area

Pubic hair removal is a sensitive thing, so you need to be extra careful there. With an epilator you can remove pubic hair. It is good because you can do it yourself, cheaper and best way to get rid of these hair.

Bikini line, armpits and pubic area are fragile areas of body so the first thing when epilating is to buy a best quality epilator. The hair follicle can be inflamed too so be gentle, redness and pain are possible symptoms, but you need to be steady here. Try not to damage your skin, minimal bleeding in pubic area is okay, because it is gentle area so at times the hair follicle bleed. So, don’t panic here.

Clean your skin. Rub it, it helps to warm your skin and hair follicle which ultimately makes it easier for hair removal.

Clean the epilator while using it for pubic hair

Pubic hair are there to prevent the genitalia from germs and bacteria, therefore use a clean epilator to avoid sexual harmful diseases.

After you have done with epilating the pubic hair, take a minute or two; now apply aloe vera gel. Avoid other creams which may irritate your skin.

Wrapping it Up!

Enough of the epilator talk.

Last but not the least when buying epilator you must have to consider Size, Shape And Features. Most of them are not waterproof. But look for the one that your choice or need.

If we still didn’t include some features Contact US.

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