Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2020 For Every Budget

Brushing your teeth is a part of your daily life routine. Everyone brushes teeth every day before going to work or going out from home.

Brushing teeth manually is an old method. Now people don’t have the time. They brush their teeth with electric toothbrushes to save time as well these electric toothbrushes power away plaque better than manual brushes.

With so many models in the market and different variety in electric toothbrushes (Size, Shape, and Price Range), choosing the right one for yourself is a challenging task.

After weeks of research and testing these toothbrushes, we choose the best toothbrush for you to buy. But keep in mind these toothbrushes we review are not for everyone. Some are high in price, while some are different from other features. Be careful in choosing an electric toothbrush in 2020.

Electric Toothbrush For Sensitive Teeth

If you believe that you are fine with a regular toothbrush, then don’t run and go for an electric one. But if you think of improving your healthy lifestyle and brushing habit could improve, then an electric power toothbrush is a smart investment.

Generally speaking of a power toothbrush, the more expensive the toothbrush, the more it has features. So how much you are willing to spend on an electric one that has some features which you can’t live without it.

Here is the list of 10 best electric toothbrushes of 2020 we review for you. We also review some toothbrushes for kids, as well.

My choice of choosing an electric toothbrush based on user-friendly, battery longevity, feel of the brush on my teeth and gum, and how clean my mouth will be after regular use.

Have a look.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Care – Best Electric Toothbrush in 2020

Best Toothbrush For Adults

Most people do not brush regularly. It is either because of their laziness or sensitivity or any other reason. For all such people, it is critical that when they brush, they brush thoroughly. It will make sure to remove any dirt stuck in the corners of the mouth. The electric toothbrush is an excellent solution to this problem. It’s moving head makes sure to reach every corner of the mouth.

Philips Soni cares Diamond Care uses powerful Sonic technology to clean teeth. It does up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute. Its sweeping motions drive fluid deep into the tight spaces in your mouth. These are between your teeth and along your gum line. It results in a cleaner and healthier mouth. Philips Electric Toothbrush has many important features. Some of them are:

Improves Oral health – Philips Soni care ensures whiter teeth in just one week. Along with teeth whitening, it also improves gum health in 2 weeks. When compared to a manual toothbrush, it removes 7x better plaque. Philips Soni care is also good at removing stains. It will gently remove stains build up from coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, and tobacco.

It will tend to brighten your smile in just one week. Its gentle brushing action helps to prevent gum recession. The diamond-shaped, medium stiffness bristles from this electric brush are very efficient on the plaque. It efficiently and gently scrape plaque away. When compared to a manual toothbrush, Philips Soni’s care removes 7x more plaque.

Five Modes Offer a Custom Cleaning Experience – Electric toothbrush offers five different cleaning modes. You can decide which style is useful for you, which one suits you best. Philips Soni care Diamond Clean has an illuminated display to indicate the selected mode. Later it becomes invisible when power is off. These five modes are:

  • The first one of them is a clean style. It is a two-minute standard way and is helpful for an exceptional every day
  • A two mins whitening method is there. It removes surface stains plus 30 seconds to brighten and tends to polish front teeth.
  • The polish mode brightens and cleans teeth for a bright
  • The gum care method is similar to a clean way but for an additional minute. It is used to stimulate and massage gums gently.
  • The fifth mode is named sensitive, gently clean teeth and gum.

Smart timer and Quad pacer Simplify Brushing – Diamond Clean makes it easy to care for your teeth. It uses two timers to keep you on track. Dentists usually recommend brushing for 2 minutes. The smart timer included with Soni Care encourages you to brush for a full two minutes. It makes sure all of the four quadrants of mouth receives regular brushing. For this, it has a Quad pacer, which beeps in 30-second intervals. Thus regular and similar brushing is ensured with this Philips Soni care Diamond Clean.

  • Best Electric Toothbrush by Philips in 2020
  • Elegant Design And Convenient Casing
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life, Almost three weeks
  • Best to remove tea, cigarette and wine surface stains
  • Not So Cheap
  • Con 2

Oral-B Black 7000 – Advance Electric Toothbrush

Affordable Power Electric Toothbrush

There are many advantages of the electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush. Most important of them is its rotating head bristles. It helps brushes to reach every corner. The combination of motion and equal pressure is also an essential feature of an electric brush. A similar function is a critical element of an electric toothbrush.

During manual brush, one cannot put equal pressure on each of the four quadrants. A right-handed person cleans his left mouth side more thoroughly than the right side and vice versa. Electric brushing is a solution to this problem. It ensures equal pressure and thorough cleaning for the whole mouth.

Technology is taking over the world very fast. More and more things are shifting to technology. The Oral-B 7000 Smart Series is the world’s first toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity. It has many advantages. The importance of it is that Bluetooth allows the brush to connect with your smartphone. This way, it will give you real-time feedback on your brushing habits.

The professionally inspired design of the Cross Action brush head surrounds each tooth with bristles, angled at 16 degrees. A 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break plaque up. It tends to break and remove 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

It comes with a pressure sensor. It enlightens if you brush too hard. It is to prevent harmful over-brushing. Oral-b 7000 comes with attractive features. Notable of them are:

16 Degree Angle – This electric toothbrush features the professionally inspired Cross Action brush head. Cleaning tooth by tooth is critical. The round head in Oral-B 7000 is specially designed for this. The Crisscross bristles set at a 16-degree angle. It is beneficial to reach deep between teeth. It lifts and powers away up to 100% more plaque for a superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. Hence it provides excellent cleaning and maximum freshness.

Compatible with all Oral-B Brush Head Refills – Oral-B comes with many different types of brush heads to meet your needs. These include Cross action, Floss Action, Precision clean, deep sweep, Dual Clean, and many others. Every type has its pros. One had to decide which kind of Brush head suits him the most.

The Oral-B Black 7000 Smart Series with Bluetooth is an excellent invention. It is compatible with a wide range of Oral-B electric toothbrush heads. This way, you can get the clean you need, every time.

Real-Time Feedback with Bluetooth – The Oral-B Smart Series has a revolutionary new way to take care of your oral health. It features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that helps eliminate doubt. You had to download the Oral-B app on your smartphone and connect with Bluetooth.

You will get real-time feedback on your brushing habits. Since the brush communicates while cleaning, you will have a better idea of how good you are cleaning.

  • Advanced Technology Electric Toothbrush
  • Sensor Mode Will Alert You When Brushing Hard
  • Six different modes
  • High-Quality Performance At Low Price
  • Long-Lasting Battery With Guarantee
  • Warranty And Money-back Guarantee (If Didn’t Work As Describe)
  • Long charging time, can go up to 24 hours

Philips Sonicare Essence – Budget Electric Toothbrush in 2020

Best Toothbrush For Long term use

Teeth are an essential part of your body. Taking care of teeth is also vital. If you take proper care of your teeth, they will help take care of you. Powerful and healthy teeth help you chew the right food to give you balanced nutrition. They help you speak clearly. Properly cared white teeth make you look best.

Brushing was not as easy as it is today. People neither had proper toothpaste available and nor there were new toothbrushes available. As a result, teeth were rotten in old age.

But now, as science advanced, it improved the teeth care facilities. People now had full control over cleaning their teeth.

Taking proper care of your oral health is more comfortable with the Philips Soni Care Essence. It is a rechargeable electric toothbrush. It featured soft contoured bristles and patented sonic technology.

It helps in removing plaque from hard to reach areas. A two-minute Smart timer is there to ensure you brush thoroughly. Philips Soni Care has many other features; some of them are:

Gently Cleans Teeth with Sonic Technology – Philips Soni care removes up to two times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. It uses power Sonic technology to clean teeth with up to 31, 000 strokes per minute. Its sweeping motions drive fluids deep spaces between your teeth. It also protects your gum line. The essence is helpful on many teeth. It is gentle enough to be used on veneers, braces, implants, and sensitive teeth.

Two Weeks of Power on a Single Charge – Charging your electric toothbrush is always a problem. One can’t travel freely because of the charging issue. Essence has solved this problem. The toothbrush can last up to two weeks between charges. This way, you can even leave your charger at home for your travels.

Two weeks are enough in many cases. A soft travel case and a hygienic travel cap also included for assistance. The toothbrush displays the remaining battery life through an indicator. It blinks when you need to recharge.

Warranty – The Philips Soni care Essence is available with a 2-year warranty. It also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on certain conditions.

Smooth Start and Smart timer Simplify Brushing – When guiding this toothbrush on your teeth, you only need to apply light pressure. Through its high-speed bristle motion and dynamic cleaning action, Essence will do the work for you. It has an easy start option. It gently increases the toothbrush’s power over the first 12 uses. It helps you adjust to using a power toothbrush.

Proper time is vital. Dental professionals suggest brushing for about 2 minutes. Any less than this does not clean properly and more than 2 minutes is dangerous for oral health. Essence features a Smart timer that sets brushing time to 2 minutes. After that cycle, the toothbrush shuts automatically.

  • Gentle Cleaning Of Teeth (Many Consumer Love It)
  • High quality performance at low cost
  • Shut After Specific Time What You Input
  • Come With 2 year Warranty And 90-day money-back guarantee
  •  Quite bulky compared to other electric toothbrushes

Foreo ISSA – Sonic Pulse Technology Electric Toothbrush

Top rated ToothBrush Reviews

Electric toothbrush enhances cleaner and whiter teeth. For removing stains, they are very useful. If one uses a manual toothbrush, then it is quite obvious that it will not brush uniformly.

Using an electric toothbrush, however, ensures uniformity. It’s equal pressure and 2-minute timer make it perfect for regular use. If you want proper brushing and thorough cleaning, then you must opt for an electric toothbrush.

Foreo ISSA (Electronic Sonic Toothbrush) is more than just an electric toothbrush. It is a complete oral care solution. It features a combination of Sonic Pulse Technology with a unique silicone design. It helps clean and whitens teeth like never before.

The Foreo ISSA effectively brushes teeth and gums in an entirely gentle manner.

Foreo ISSA is a very effective toothbrush. It is stronger on plaque yet gentle on gums. It’s completely silicon brush head, increase the efficiency of the toothbrush. It features modern technology and many outstanding functions; some of them are:

Sonic Pulse Technology – Nowadays, it is the technology era. Everything shifts to technology. Professionals try to provide more ease to consumers through the proper use of modern equipment. Sonic pulse technology is a new approach to brushing. The ISSA’s silicone bristles have high-intensity pulsations per minute to create micro-sweeps. These used to efficiently and gently clean the teeth and gums.

Extra gentle Silicone – Brushing your teeth is very important for good oral health. There are many dangers to gums or tooth enamel to get damage because of improper brushing. The ISSA brush heads, however, consists of soft and flexible silicon bristles. These do not scratch tooth enamel or damage gum tissue during brush. You will feel amazing to brush with Foreo Electronic Sonic Toothbrush.

Ultra- Hygienic – Clean brushing is a necessary feature of every toothbrush. A good brush is one who gives 100% protection against germs and bacteria, that too for a long time. Foreo ISSA is made of quick-drying, no- porous silicon that resists bacteria build-up. It is an ultra-clean way to brush your teeth. It carries up to 10, 000 X fewer bacteria than toothbrushes with bristles.

Smart Swedish Design – Most efficient toothbrushes do not have a good design. While thinking about their efficiency and quality, the professionals compromise on the design. The design is a significant factor for a toothbrush. It not only makes the toothbrush good looking but also provides ease in using.

Foreo ISSA is designed around your life. It is designed to make it completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower. With eight speeds, the ISSA is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold. It has a built-in time feature to make sure you brush for 2 minutes. It is the recommended time for cleaning by dentists. The 3D adjustable brush head helps reach every part of the mouth to provide a thorough cleaning.

Many modern and outstanding features make this toothbrush best to use by professionals.

  • Long-lasting, more hygienic silicone bristle that can last for one year
  • Comes With Extra Gentle Silicon
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Built-in Time Feature (Brush For 2 Minutes)
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Some Consumer find silicon bristle to be uncomfortable to use

Sterline Sonic Pulse – Toothbrush For Hygiene

Socic Care Toothbrush Reviews

An electric toothbrush is good for gums. They contain pressure sensors. These sensors sense for if too much pressure applied to the toothbrush. This way, you are in total control of your teeth. They get to the areas between the teeth. A manual toothbrush can’t access this place. This way, it does better cleaning.

Its vibrating motions help in the effective cleaning of enamel. Apart from this, the actions also provide a unique massage to the gums. Thus stimulates the flow of blood in gums. Electric toothbrush, in short, guarantees for good oral health and is recommended by dentists around the globe.

Sterline Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush is suitable for every type of teeth. Whether you are looking for a toothbrush for sensitive teeth or everyday use, this should be your choice.

With UV Clean Technology, it is the perfect toothbrush for any home. With multiple brushing modes and various brush heads, Sterline Electric Toothbrush will fulfill all your dental needs. It has many outstanding features.

Some of them given below:

Ultra-Violet Light Sanitizer – It features an Ultra- Violet Light Sanitizer. The UV light sanitizer helps kill up to 99% of germs on your toothbrush head. Just place the brush head inside, close the cover and let it do all the work. No longer do you need to worry about how clean your brushes are.

Three brushing modes – Sterline Electric toothbrush features three different brushing modes. It includes a regular mode and used for everyday use — a soft mode to be used by anyone with sensitive teeth and gums. A pulse mode also featured for gentle gum stimulation, which promotes optimal oral health.

Multiple Brush Heads – Sterline Electric toothbrush features a different type of brush heads. Every person has his/ her needs so they can choose what suits them. It includes Slim Sonic Brush Head, which promotes naturally whiter teeth by gently polishing off surface stains.

Professional Brush Head, which adds extra-fine bristles. It helps remove plaque from uneven and hard to reach spots. Interdental Brush Head, which is ideal for cleaning braces, crowns, or any space between poorly aligned teeth.

Two Built-in Timers – Sterline Electric toothbrush comes with two built-in timers. One of them is an automatic 2-minute timer. It shuts the brush automatically as two minutes complete. Since two minutes is the ideal brushing time by dentists, Sterline follows international standards.

Another one is the Interval timer. It is a 30-second timer that allows you to clean all four quadrants of your mouth evenly. One may change the quadrant of the mouth after every single alarm. It makes sure that every quadrant of mouth receives equal time.

Powerful Cleaning Technology – With 31,000 brush strokes per minute, this is one of the most powerful toothbrushes on the market. Freshness to the mouth is guaranteed. It will leave your mouth clean after every use.

Sterling Toothbrush comes with a 2 Year Warranty. Performance-wise it is one of the best electric toothbrushes. If you want your teeth to be super clean, then this is an ideal toothbrush for you.

  • Comes With Ultra-Violet Light Sanitizer
  • Also Comes With Different Brush Heads
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Comes With 2 Year Warranty
  • Not So Cheap
  • Expensive
  • 24 Hour charge time

Dr Jim Ellis Sonic – Best Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Best Toothbrush For Cleaning Teeth

We are taught to brush thoroughly. Despite our maximum efforts, many parts of the mouth are left by. Manual Brush is unable to reach the spaces between teeth. Thus this place provides a home to bacteria.

Electric toothbrush, on the other hand, is specially designed for a thorough brushing. Plaque is left behind, or the enamel is damaged in many cases while brushing manually.

Soft bristles of an electric toothbrush, however, ensures a safe brushing. It takes good care of your gums and thoroughly cleans all mouth parts. These include teeth, tongue, and gums.

Dr. Jim Ellis is a dentist. He knew many of his patients would get benefit from his toothbrush. While prescribing his patient’s electric toothbrush, he always wondered about its high prices. So he decided to invent one himself.

While creating a toothbrush, the price was the main thing that he considered. So it will be easier for many of his patients to buy it. This electric toothbrush has 3 brushing modes. These are clean, white and massage. Many toothbrushes at the same price only feature a single-mode.

Ellis sonic electric toothbrush, however, is made for every of his patients. One will use the method which suits him and will take maximum benefit from the toothbrush. Hence the toothbrush is the right combination of efficiency and economy. It is because being very efficient in quality; the toothbrush is quite economical in price. The toothbrush comprises of excellent features.

Take charge of your oral hygiene – Manual toothbrush has limited applications. It cannot remove all dental plaque and tartar built up between your teeth. Many times the bristles are not angled correctly. Our hands, on the other side, don’t exert enough motion.

The Sonic Electric Toothbrush is designed by a practicing dentist Dr. Jim Ellis. It enables you to get rid of 5 times more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. The toothbrush features 3 variable speeds, innovative angled bristles and 40, 000 oscillations per minute. It enables the power toothbrush to ward off tooth decay that leads to pain and periodontal disease. This way you can significantly improve your oral health.

Sturdy, portable and durable – The Sonic Toothbrush is best for cleaning teeth. It pulsates, oscillates and massages to clean, whiten and stimulate your teeth and gums.

The toothbrush features two different types of timers. One is the automatic 2-minute timer. It automatically shut off the toothbrush after 2 minutes interval. It is to ensure the international standard of 2 minutes set by dentists. The other one is a 30-second quadrant timer. It is a 30-second timer that enables you to clean all four quadrants of your mouth evenly.

Many people mistakenly give more time to one quadrant and quite less to another one. The Quad timer, however, is a solution to this problem. It ensures every part of the mouth gets equal time.

This toothbrush has an IPX7 waterproof rating for resilience. Dentists often advise changing the brush head regularly every 6 months. The Sonic Toothbrush comes with 3 brush heads, so you’ll have 18 months of excellent dental hygiene at home.

The toothbrush features a long-lasting battery. It carries a charge for up to 2 weeks. It makes it ideal to take with you during trips. You do not have to worry about charger or charging when you are out of the home. This toothbrush is designed to be efficient oral care at home, at work and even on the go. Designed by a practicing dentist, this is the best toothbrush available.

  • Best Powerful And Durable Electric Toothbrush
  • This Electric toothbrush is designed by Dr Jim Ellis. As an actual dentist with real patients, Dr. Jim knows what every patient needs to have when it comes to cleaning teeth
  • Comes with 3 brush heads
  • With this toothbrush get rid of 5 times more plaque than a traditional toothbrush
  • Expensive in the long run
  • People claim it stops working after six months

I Brush Electric Toothbrush – Long Battery Life Toothbrush

Ibrush Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Using an Electric toothbrush can help you get rid of bad breath. Bad breath is often caused by food particles stuck between teeth. Their manual toothbrush can’t reach. The manual toothbrush may be good on top or insides but had no effect on the small place between the teeth.

For this and thorough cleaning of all the 4 quadrants of mouth, an electric toothbrush is a much-needed device. It helps you get rid of bad breath. It is done by removing food particles between teeth. Once the stuck particles are removed, you again breathe fresh.

Taking care of your oral health is now easier than ever. With the help from iBrush Sonic Wave toothbrush, you can better take care of your oral health.

The toothbrush designed by a dentist is entirely according to your dental needs. Proper care was taken during its design. It was then, engineered to provide the best results. It makes iBrush Sonic Wave toothbrush best choice for consumers.

If you are looking for a quality toothbrush at a  price, then iBrush must be your first and last choice. With its elegant design, iBrush outperforms its rivals on the market. The sleek design is paired with its high plaque removing abilities. It will make you feel as if you just walked out of a visit with your hygienist! Low price and excellent quality make this toothbrush unique from others.

Super- Efficient – To enhance effective brushing, the iBrush features up to 48, 000 strokes per minute. It will scrub away plaque very fast. You will wonder how effective the toothbrush is. Quality is never compromised by iBrush.

Multi-Operating modes – It comes with 3 different operating modes. First, one is Normal and is for regular usage. Most of the people find it ideal for them. The second mode is soft. It quite helps for people having sensitive gums. 3rd mode offered by iBrush is massage.

Well, this is not often used by individuals but is quite helpful for a particular type of public. If you have problematic gums that could use the extra circulation, this would be an excellent feature. You can adjust the toothbrush to any level in which you feel comfortable.

Two types of Timers – iBrush Electric toothbrush comes with two built-in timers. Two minutes is an ideal time for brushing and is recommended by dentists around the globe. One of them is an automatic 2-minute timer. It shuts the brush automatically as two minutes complete.

Brushing every quad of mouth is also entirely necessary. Most of the time it is seen that a right-handed person focuses more on his left side and ignores the right one and vice versa. The 30 min quadrant timer is the solution to this. It ensures you give equal time to every quadrant of the mouth.

Economical choice – iBrush is designed by keeping an eye on your financial needs. An electric toothbrush is an excellent invent, but they are often very expensive in price. IBrush is made to solve all these problems. With good quality, iBrush is about 70% less in price as compared to another electric toothbrush in the market.

It also has 3 brush heads included in the price. It means after buying a toothbrush; you do not need to search for a new one for about one year. If you want quality and a low price at a place, then iBrush is an excellent choice for you.

  • The soft, normal and massage operating modes make it an ideal brushing choice for clients with different gums
  • Has QuadSense pulses which allow you to brush all the areas of your mouth for two minutes
  • All bacteria present in the head of the brush are killed by the UV sanitizer
  • The brush has been designed and perfected by a professional dentist who is conversant with all the dental needs of the client
  • Despite all the features that come with the iBrush, it may not give you as powerful a scrub as its competitors. If in need of a powerful scrub, you may need to spend more
  • Some users may not like the pulse that stops the brush for every 30 seconds—some prefer a beep that would allow a continuous brushing without any interruption

Wellness HP-STX Ultra – High Powered Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Cheap Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Many people develop gum diseases. It is because they are unable to clean certain mouth places. As a result, germs continue to gather in that particular area.

After some time it transforms into a proper disease. A manual toothbrush cannot solve the problem because the same person will brush the same place every time.

For fighting against gum and other oral diseases, an electric toothbrush is an important weapon. It will ensure to reach each and every quadrant of the mouth. The place in between teeth is also cleaned thoroughly by an electric toothbrush. Hence electric toothbrush is best for oral health.

Ever imagined of enhancing your smile every day. That too without giving up the staining foods and drinks you love! The Wellness HP STX will make your dream real. This electric toothbrush is proven to remove up to 100% more stains for whiter teeth in just 1 week.

Wellness toothbrush heads have rounded bristles that are medium stiff. These are used to effectively yet gently scrape away plaque. This Wellness electric toothbrush provides exceptional cleaning. As compared to a manual toothbrush, your teeth will become whiter. Wellness HP STX Ultra has many important features. Top of them are:

Removes up to 100% more stains than a manual toothbrush – This electric toothbrush is proven to remove up to 100% more stains for whiter teeth in just 1 week. Between teeth and along with the gum, it provides optimal cleaning for improved gum health in just two weeks. It gives a superior cleaning in between teeth.

The amount of plaque removed is also significant from a manual toothbrush. Wellness sonic electric toothbrush’s unique dynamic action gently and efficiently. This way it reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline. When compared to a manual toothbrush, a wellness electric toothbrush removes up to 100% more stains.

Two-way timers – The toothbrush features two-way timers. One is an automatic 2-minute timer. Its purpose is to shut down the brush after 2 minutes automatically. This way it ensures you brush just according to dental standards.

Another timer is a 30 seconds quad timer. Proper brushing and thorough cleaning of each part of the mouth are very important. For this purpose, a 30 seconds quad timer is set. It will ensure every mouth part got equal time.

Safety and freshness are the main benefits of Wellness Oral Care.  The Wellness HP STX meets all security and quality standards. You can say, it is best for oral health.

  • Built-in Time Feature
  • This Toothbrush Remove Plaque 5 times more than manual toothbrush
  • Comes with 2 year warranty
  • 3 cleaning modes – whiten, massage and clean
  • Instructions aren’t the best
  • High power toothbrush which could hurt the teeth and the gums

Unique And High-Quality Toothbrushes For Kids

Oral-B Frozen Kids – Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Best Toothbrush For Kids Reviews

An electric toothbrush is always effective for children. Children who require special care will find it best to use an electric toothbrush. While cleaning their teeth, they will get the most important thing, care. Manual toothbrush often hurts gums or enamel of their young teeth.

Kids don’t like to do toothbrushes. Many times, kids refuse to brush after a bad experience. Using an electric toothbrush is a solution to this problem. Soft bristles and 2 minutes timer of electric toothbrush ensure they only clean their teeth without getting hurt.

Despite no compromise over safety, an electric toothbrush also provides maximum cleaning.

Oral-B Frozen toothbrush is specially designed for kids of a young age. Using this toothbrush will bring joy to their routine. The toothbrush is a perfect kids’ toothbrush for a healthy, thorough clean. This electric toothbrush has a waterproof handle.

It can be used with Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Sensitive Clean toothbrush heads have a gentle brushing experience. Use with the Disney Magic Timer App that will help the children to brush 2 minutes.

The toothbrush is compatible with the interactive Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B. It is the best feature. It helps your kids to brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes to provide them complete and safe cleaning.

Some important points include:

  • Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. rechargeable toothbrush is ideal for kids.
  • Reveal the secret to brushing longer today with Oral-B Frozen toothbrush and the Disney Magic Timer App.
  • Help kids to brush for 2 minutes. The Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B ensures thorough cleaning.

Other notable features include:

Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B – This is a timer app specially designed for kids. It features many cartoon characters, so kids will enjoy brushing. It ensures that kids will brush for long. The timer app makes brushing enjoyable from start to end making proper brushing a routine for your child.

Get an enchanting smile – The Frozen Kids toothbrush is perfect for cleaning teeth. It does the job with an excellent level of protection and comfort. This way kid enjoys brushing all the time. Clean white teeth make him smile openly. Fresh breaths are a way to happiness for kids. The shape of the toothbrush is designed to surround every single tooth. This way maximum freshness is ensured by Oral B. In short, it is a perfect toothbrush for children.

  • Equipped with 16 different melodies
  • Small enough for children’s hands and mouths
  • Attractive Design For Kids
  • High Quality Material Used
  • Fully Charge Can Last For 5 Days, Need To Bring Charger With You While Traveling

Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Electric Toothbrush For Kids

An electric toothbrush is more expensive than a manual toothbrush. Portability is also an issue. If you want to buy an electric toothbrush, then charging and discharging time are must-see objects.

If you purchase a toothbrush with small discharging time, then during the whole trip you will be afraid of its battery. If it is a battery-operated toothbrush, then searching for a new battery is quite difficult. You had to keep a backup with you for any time you might need it.

Cost is also an active factor. Changing the electric toothbrush head is quite expensive if we compare it with buying just a simple manual toothbrush.

Oral B Pro Disney is specially designed for kids. Children need special care for their brushing. Their new teeth and soft gums require being brushed with even soft bristles. Proper caring if not done, will damage the growth of their teeth.

Its battery toothbrush is compatible with the interactive Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B. It is the best feature because it helps your kids to brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes. Oral-B Pro Disney Princess Kids has many essential functions, important of them are:

Rotating Power Head – Thorough cleaning is a vital feature. For kids of little age, oral health is very necessary. Clean teeth will lead to good health. For this rotating power head of Disney, Princess’s toothbrush is very important. It reaches, surrounds and cleans multiple surfaces in 6 ways. It ensures a thorough clean.

Soft bristles – Kids have soft gums. They require more oral care than an adult. Their gums and teeth are in the growing stage and are very sensitive. Soft bristles of Oral B toothbrush are clinically proved to be safe. It provides cleaning as gently as a soft manual brush.

Batteries included – The toothbrush is designed to encourage children to brush. It includes additional batteries as a backup. The toothbrush is suitable for children of age 3 and up.

In short, it is the best toothbrush for kids. Proper oral care and thorough cleaning make it perfect for children of growing age.

  • Perfect For Kids to Clean Teeth
  • Low-cost but Amazing Quality toothbrush For Kids
  • Best Suitable For 5-7 Years Olds
  • Head Of This Toothbrush In Not Replaceable

Electric Toothbrush Buying Guide

Many people are unaware of an electric toothbrush. It is a type of toothbrush which has an automatic angle set and is operated by electric power. According to Thesaurus “An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that makes rapid, automatic bristle motions, either back-and-forth oscillation or rotation-oscillation, to clean teeth.” Many electric toothbrushes had timers set for them. There are countless benefits of using Electric Toothbrush which makes it superior to a regular brush.

The most important one is a thorough cleaning. While brushing manually, you cannot clean thoroughly and comprehensively. It is a normal practice that a right-handed person often misses a good part of his mouth. It is a serious problem if you are missing the same part of the mouth over and over again. Germs will gather, and you might catch gum disease or any other oral disease.

An electric toothbrush will help you there. It will fight against those germs. It is because it is designed so and by using its 30 seconds quad timer (featured by most of the electric toothbrush), you will have full control to brush the teeth evenly. This way you eliminate the chance of germs party.

An electric brush simply does the manual work for you. It is a fact that old generations had a habit of brushing their teeth themselves. But it is also a fact that once you clean your teeth through electric toothbrush, you will like the quality of service it offers.

The simple moves and switchable modes will suit best for the type of teeth you have. Since you have thoroughly cleaned your mouth, now you will enjoy fresh breath for an extended period.

Many people complain about bad breath. It is caused if some food particle remains stuck in between teeth. It is the shortcoming of a manual toothbrush that it cannot clean the place between teeth. For cleaning that area and removing stuck particles, an electric toothbrush is the best solution. By eliminating them, an electric toothbrush ensures fresh breath to you.

Below are details of some great electric toothbrush. They are designed by dental professionals, and proper service to your teeth and gum is ensured. After reading all these reviews, you will have a better idea about what electric toothbrush is, what they offer and also which type suits you.

What Makes Electric Toothbrush Good

What constitutes the best electric toothbrush that you looking for. Many consumers look for some old fashion toothbrushes while many of them looking for whistles and bells.

Here are some important features in an electric toothbrush you must look for before buying any.

  1. Easy Grip – Look for a toothbrush that anyone can hod and grip especially adults.
  2. Small Toothbrush Head – Look for this feature mostly because small head is easier to maneuver into hard-to-reach areas.
  3. 2-Minute Timer – This is a must feature to make sure you brushing for the recommended time.
  4. Long-Lasting Battery Life – Charge must last for several days before charging.
  5. Warranty – When you buy an electric toothbrush must look for a warranty, most have a 2-year warranty. What if unexpectedly you broke yours, so you can easily replace it.

When Buying Electric Toothbrush For Kids Must Consider These Features.

  1. Small Handles – Handle must easily fit in kid’s hands because of “Small Hands”.
  2. Small Brush Head – Kids need small brush head, kids have a small mouth so need a small toothbrush.
  3. Consider Age – Kids of different ages require different toothbrushes.


These were the review of the greatest electric toothbrush. Every type has its pros and cons. If a toothbrush is excellent in quality, it might be quite expensive in price. On the other hand, there will be a toothbrush which will be quite economical in price but will not be of dental standards.

Some electric toothbrush which was both cheap and cost-efficient. There come priority and requirement. After reviewing all these, it now depends upon you which one do you select. Color, design, bristles, timer, Oral B app, price and there are many other factors that should be kept in mind before deciding to buy a particular type of toothbrush.

Once you choose a toothbrush, it is recommended to test it first. If you like it, then recommend it to others too. An electric toothbrush is no doubt an excellent technology. Brushing was never so easy before. But proper care must be taken before buying them.

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