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Are you looking for the best pen tablet for drawing or office work? Still confused on which one to buy.

Let me help you find the best tablet for you. But first, you should know which tablet are you going for.

There are five basic tablets types graphic tablet, Tablet PC 2in1, Slate Tablet, Convertible tablet, and Tablet monitor.

First, you must know about how these tablets work and how to find your best choice.

Have a look.

Graphic Tablet

A graphics tablet is a computer input device. It lets a user draw images, animations, and graphics by hand. It is done with a special pen-like stylus.

This method is similar to the way a person draws an image on a paper with the help of a pencil. These tablets allow one to capture data or handwritten signatures. You can also trace an image from a piece of paper through it.

This tablet consists of a flat surface that can be attached to a computer monitor. A user may draw anything he wants on this surface. The user can also trace an image by using the attached stylus which is a pen-like drawing apparatus.

The image is then displayed on a computer monitor to which the tablet is attached.

Some graphics tablets are also presented as a replacement for your computer mouse. They will replace the use of a computer mouse as a primary pointing device for computers.

Tablet PC 2 in 1

This is a type of art tablet that features both as a tablet and as a laptop. The tablet mode is helpful for media consumption like making drawings, arts, and other non-intensive tasks.

But if you want content production, then you can switch to tablet mode and work simply.

This tablet has a detachable tablet made for the tablet. The keyboard may have some additional features for easy work or will simply help in typing also depends on the model type. Some displays can be free-standing on the hinge while others may need some external support for them to stand.

You can draw on the screen of this tablet. The keyboard is available both in the bundle or available separately. Some companies sell it separately to reduce the starting price but you can always have one.

Slate Tablet

A slate tablet is a computer that looks just like a big screen. It has no visible means of input like keyboard, mouse, or any touchpad. They are thin and may offer a few ports along the outer edge just like smartphones.

If you study design, these tablets are meant to hold in one hand and use them on the other hand. A slate tablet has a touchscreen interface and everything you need is available right on the screen including essential shortcut keys and a digital keyboard.

You can perform a wide range of operations on a slate tablet. This includes working in spreadsheets, editing photos, making drawings and much more using its touchscreen.

Special app stores are designed for this kind of tablet so more and more apps and games are supported for this version of tablets.

These are usually not meant to connect to a computer and have an operating system of their own. A slate tablet usually comes in Android OS, iOS or Windows OS. Google offers a wide range of Apps and games with its Google Play Store offered in Android.

Convertible Tablets

A convertible tablet is also a type of computer. It functions either as a simple touchscreen device or as a notebook which has a keyboard attached physically.

You can use this device either as a tablet or as a laptop. These tablets have the ability to rotate, fold, or slide the keyboard behind the display in any convenient form. Most devices provide the hinge at the junction of the display screen and keyboard.

A convertible tablet usually comes with Windows OS. This is the reason these were not so common in earlier days. When Microsoft launched Windows 8 in 2012, it was the first OS that was having complete support for a tablet PC. Windows 10 has further made it easy for a user to use his PC both as a laptop and tablet.

Tablet Monitor

Unlike a graphics tablet which was having a simple screen, this one has a complete monitor. You can also use it as a secondary screen for your PC.

The idea behind is that you draw efficiently on the monitor display of the tablet which needs to be connected to a PC or a laptop. Professional artists use this one because they are more easy to use. A tablet monitor comes in a wide variety of sizes and qualities.

Apart from using in the drawing, a tablet monitor has other useful functions too. We most often need to look at two screens at a time for copywriting or other tasks. A tablet monitor gives you an additional display to work easier.

Have a look at the pen tablet infographic below.

What tablet is best for digital art

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