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Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note X is Coming With Snapdragon 855 SoC

Samsung is not taking breaks in releasing new phones to the market coming up with new Galaxy Note X. If you see last month Samsung announced Galaxy s10 but it looks like Samsung is not done yet. Samsung is going to launch a new Note series Galaxy Note 10 later this year, But this time … Read more

Difference Between Modem and Router

Modem vs Router – Know The Exact Difference

If you are a regular internet user, then you must have heard the terms modem and router. You might not be an expert in the field, but you probably know how to use them. But what most users fail to understand is the difference between the two devices. Some of them out there consider them … Read more

Best Internet Speed You Need For Gaming

Internet Speed You Need for Online Gaming | Definitive Guide

If you are into online games, web streaming, or you work from home, you know your internet speed is essential. You might be wondering how much speed you need for online gaming? How much speed do you require for streaming smoothly? It’s not an easy question to answer since Internet access is a moving target. … Read more

Best Tablet To Buy

5 Reasons To Buy A Tablet in 2021 – Definitive Guide

A tablet is one of the great inventions that fill the gap between smartphones and laptops. Yet there is a downfall when it comes to tablets, mainly due to the advancement in technology and the recent uprising of smartphones. People have forgotten the importance of tablets and how they benefited them in the past and … Read more